VersoView aims to change the way we publish, engage, and reward users and readers of digital media content. Operating in cooperation with the native VersoView token (VVT), VersoView offers a novel decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain-based publishing product. Furthermore, with VersoView’s OpenView thumbnail interface, the platform promises to produce page-turning and engaging content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional publishing services. Also, the VersoView ecosystem rewards its supporters using various VVT token staking pools with up to 70% annual percentage yield (APY). 

In this article, we will dive deep into the VersoView ecosystem and explore its various assets and products. Moreover, we’ll look at the roles and responsibilities of the VersoView token (VVT). Also, we’ll cover the various VVT token staking pools and how to make a passive income with crypto!

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What is VersoView?

VersoView is revolutionizing the social engagement and rewards model hosting decentralized applications (dApps) and platforms offering tokenized social rewards. As such, businesses of all types, educational institutions, and publishers can all take advantage of the services VersoView offers. VersoView can expand each brand’s community offering social rewards for engagement with platform content. In order to achieve this, users of the platform must hold the native VersoView token (VVT). The VVT token is crucial to the VersoView ecosystem facilitating incentivization and rewards initiatives. 

Blog VersoView Token (VVT) Logo

VersoView’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) web application integrates blockchain technology to generate a unique decentralized media publishing platform. Moreover, the VersoView application is the gateway for individuals and businesses alike to network, interact, and reward supporting communities. 

VersoView’s patent-pending AI technology offers users who wish to seamlessly design and publish aesthetically pleasing content a super convenient way to do so. Furthermore, the project converts active and live digital and print material into an effortlessly readable format. This massively reduces editing and design time when publishing with a deadline. 

The VersoView Foundation, founders of the VersoView application and its native assets and applications, have extensive experience with international eight-figure businesses across the globe. Co-founders Stephen Peaple and Julian Jordan previously founded Fish, one of the first web and multimedia agencies in London during the 1990s. Together, they share the mission of reducing friction between traditional business IT structures and blockchain technology. Moreover, The VersoView Foundation aims to “change the way we publish”.  

Publish – Engage – Reward (PER) 

As a proprietary publishing product, the VersoView app can be seen as a combination of various current social media and publishing platforms. VersoView brands itself as similar to the popular self-publishing platform, Medium. However, it plans to incorporate a community discussion approach like Telegram. Moreover, VersoView aims to have a simple-to-navigate publishing design similar to Wix. Also, VersoView takes influence from Google’s approach to analytics, Patreon’s ethos of funding artists and communities, intertwining with Facebook’s (and Google’s) angle of monetization, serving user-specific advertisements. 

Blog VersoView Publish - Engage - Reward

VersoView’s artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain publishing application, or Publish – Engage – Reward (PER), allows any business or brand to incorporate VersoView’s engagement and rewards model into their existing communities. Anyone can do this using the ERC-20 VersoView Token (VVT) to brand social tokens for communities within the VersoView ecosystem.

However, this is only the beginning. VersoView is enabling rich engagement and discussion around content like never before. Brands can host events and engage with said communities, alongside rewarding them for participation with their custom branded social tokens. The VVT token is vital to this rewards model as the incentivizing currency for everyone who publishes, reads, or engages within the VersoView ecosystem. 

OpenView Thumbnail Interface

Offering the same visual language inherent in world-leading publishing software solutions such as Microsoft Publisher and InDesign, VersoView offers users a “one-click-publish-everywhere” solution. Furthermore, users can take advantage of OpenView services at a fraction of the time and cost of competitive traditional services. 

Blog VersoView OpenView Publishing

Versoview’s patent-in-process artificial intelligence (AI)-driven OpenView allows businesses, publishers, and creators to transform PDF form publications in one click. Using AI technology, OpenView converts content into a page-turning, feature-rich, and engaging experience for readers. Moreover, OpenView assists the AI technology with certain elements that may cause it to “stumble” when scanning through documents. This could occur when using text as an image, text overlaid with other text, or a typographical header. Thanks to OpenView, this is not a problem when publishing.

Only users who subscribe to a brand’s platform can comment, share, and discuss content. This is set as default when publishing through OpenView. However, the user publishing content can alter this and other parameters and metrics surrounding users groups, rewards, and publications. 

VersoView Token (VVT) 

The VersoView Foundation values the VersoView token (VVT) as the “lifeblood of the VersoView platform”. As a deflationary currency, the VVT token is the key incentive within the VersoView ecosystem. Moreover, being a multi-utility token, the VVT token holds several roles and functions. 

Blog VVT Token

Firstly, the VersoView token (VVT) is a unit of exchange within the VersoView ecosystem, paying for transactions within the network. Moreover, businesses and brands wishing to mint their own custom social tokens first need to stake the VVT token. The amount varies depending on the chosen tokenomic structure of brands’ social tokens. These social tokens can then interact and transact within brand and business communities as a form of rewarding engagement. Moreover, VersoView’s native VVT token also serves as an incentive to reward network supporters and contributors. This is largely through the various staking options available to VVT token holders. 

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VVT Token Staking

There are various staking options available for the native VersoView token (VVT). Furthermore, VersoView facilitates a novel set of deflationary mechanisms aiming to counteract the VVT token emissions from the staking rewards program. Additionally, these mechanisms are responsible for funding the Ecosystem Rewards Pool. VersoView offers a staking program in collaboration with Ferrum Network, allowing participants to earn rewards for locking their VVT tokens in the staking smart contract for a set period. 

Blog VersoView Ecosystem x Ferrum Network

Each pool offers different staking structures. This includes numerous parameters such as annual percentage yield (APY) rates, staking periods, minimum requirements, and pool size. Moreover, each VVT token staking pool is available to participate in for a short period. The maximum time window is seven days or until the staking pool is full. Staking pool sizes range from one million VVT tokens to unlimited!

Stakers on the platform can choose to withdraw their funds before the full maturity period is complete. Depending on the parameters of the staking pool, this could result in partial to total loss of VVT token earnings. The VVT tokens the early un-stakers agree to forfeit are redistributed among stakers who complete the full staking period. The VersoView platform aims to reward patience and commitment to the platform through various staking pool initiatives. This can be a great opportunity to earn a passive income with decentralized finance (DeFi)

VVT Token Staking Pools

There is a range of VVT token staking pools available for users to choose from. Moreover, VersoView is offering users several holiday-themed pools available during various seasonal holiday periods. This includes “The Pumpkin King Pool” and “Holiday Pool”. 

Blog Pumpkin King VVT Token Staking Pool

The Pumpkin King Pool is open for a 135 day maturity period, finishing conveniently on the evening of Halloween, on 31st October 2021. The Pumpkin King Pool offers a 35% annualized APY, with no minimum amount of VVT token staking requirement. Also, the Holiday Pool doesn’t have a minimum staking requirement, offering 40% annualized APY with a 91 day maturity period ending on 1st December 2021.

“The 22” and “The 99”

Other VVT token staking pools on VersoView include “The 22” and “The 99” staking pools. The 22 pool facilitates 45% APY on staked VVT tokens, with a 177 day maturity period finishing on 1st January 2022. Stakers can withdraw funds early after 30 days. However, they will receive no rewards. Both The 22 staking pool and The 99 staking pools have no minimum staking amount. The 99 staking pool offers 35% APY reaching full maturity every 99 days. 

Again, stakers can withdraw their funds early but receive the minimum 10% annualized APY returns with The 99. The 99 staking pool size is considerably smaller than The 22 staking pool, available for only five million VVT tokens. On the other hand, The 22 staking pool size caters for three times as much, at 15 million VVT tokens.

Community Pools

Further to the aforementioned VVT token staking pools, VersoView offers a Community Pool, Bronze Pool, Silver Pool, and the top-level Gold Pool for staking too. These pools have a minimum VVT token staking amount, starting at 10,000 VVT for the Community Pool and Bronze Pool. Moreover, the pool sizes are much smaller, with the Bronze Pool catering for one million VVT tokens and the Silver Pool facilitating three million. However, the top-tier Gold Pool is unlimited, with a minimum staking amount of 500,000 VVT. Returns for this pool are 70% annualized with a full maturity period of 150 days. 

Why use VersoView?

VersoView is a flexible and malleable application catering to publishers, brands, agencies, and end-user readers alike. From a corporate perspective, VersoView provides subscriber management tools, a range of application programming interfaces (APIs), including DocuSign, with optimal and efficient onboarding of users. VersoView offers rich user data, cryptographically secure privacy and enables community engagement with social tokens and rewards. 

Blog VersoView Ecosystem

From a publishers’ frame of reference, VersoView offers a rapid digital publishing platform with an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI). Furthermore, VersoView provides an opportunity to generate an income stream as a form of passive income with crypto. Publishers and all types of businesses and brands can reach new audiences while gaining valuable user data and social media sharing facilities with VersoView. Also, VersoView caters for audio file storage and sharing and custom branding of social tokens.

Users of VersoView and the platforms it hosts can enjoy seamless navigation of applications, tailored loyalty rewards, and social tokens with the utmost security of personal information. Also, VersoView is introducing VersoPlus – a personalized content discovery network promoting new content based on user demographics and usage. 


The first application to launch from VersoView’s publishing, engagement, and rewards platform cooperates with travel company Garuda International. Named “eColours”, the Alpha application is live and available to download from the Apple Store and Google Playstore. 

eColours is a digital high-quality, image-rich in-flight magazine showcasing the beauty and opportunities through traveling with Garuda Indonesia. Furthermore, with the Garuda Indonesia group operating over 200 aircraft connecting over 90 travel destinations, the eColours magazine anticipates more than two million passenger readers across the globe. 

Blog VersoView eColours

Currently available as a “feature-limited alpha release”, eColours magazine offers Garuda Indonesia flight passengers a novel reading experience. Readers can view the editing history and the publisher’s background on each page thanks to a partnership with WordProof. Also, readers can communicate with brands and businesses using a new form of social engagement and rewards platform. The inflight magazine also features advertising partnerships with leading cryptocurrency projects Ferrum Network and Morpheus Network.

Exploring VersoView Ecosystem & the VVT Token Summary

The VersoView Foundation has extensive experience with multimedia marketing and cutting-edge technologies. As such, the VersoView application and OpenView publishing product is at the forefront of decentralized digital media publishing. Moreover, the key focus is on rewarding all participants with the publish, engage, and rewards (PER) platform model. As a decentralized network operating on the largest smart contract-enabled blockchain, the VersoView token (VVT) plays a vital role within the VersoView ecosystem. 

Blog VersoView Roadmap

Furthermore, VersoView rewards its network supporters with the VVT token, offering many different staking pool options. Also, VersoView’s Alpha release, eColours, has seen successful adoption and interaction with inflight passengers. VersoView is a project to watch, with more updates and releases anticipated as the project develops. 

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