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What is FTX Token?

What is FTX and the FTT Token?

Several major cryptocurrency exchanges are competing to capture the growing demand for digital assets amid a wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. Some exchanges use an exchange token to provide customers with financial incentives and exclusive rewards to gain the upper hand against the competition. One example of doing so is the FTX exchange and the native FTX Token (FTT).

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Passive Investing vs Active Investing

Passive & Active Investing: What is the difference?

There are many different forms of savings and investment styles, including bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts, stocks, etc. However, investment methods can be broadly categorized as “active investing” and “passive investing”. To read about the pros and cons of active investing vs passive investing, read on!

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How to Connect MetaMask to Fantom (FTM)

There are lots of features that make the Fantom network appealing, such as network speed and low gas prices, to name a few. But the Fantom network requires a compatible crypto wallet to make transfers. One of the most viable options is the MetaMask wallet.

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Bitcoin Mixer

What are Bitcoin Mixers, and How Do They Work?

Crypto mixers are commonplace within the blockchain industry, with many uncertainties and questions surrounding the legalities of use. A Bitcoin mixer can be centralized or decentralized and functions to obscure or “mask” transactional histories on a public blockchain. Unfortunately, this leaves crypto mixers vulnerable to use in unlawful activities.

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staking pools

Staking Pools Explained

When users stake tokens, they lock up assets for a certain period. A way of doing so is to participate in staking pools. These pools are an excellent way for investors to earn passive income by staking their tokens. Furthermore, staking pools only require a fraction of the coins involved compared to investing alone. However, what is a staking pool exactly? Follow along as we have staking pools explained herein!

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Crypto Crash

What Happened to LUNA? The UST and LUNA Token Crash Explained

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the crypto markets recently, odds are you’ve noticed the LUNA crash and the de-pegging of the UST stablecoin. The ripple effect of the most prominent crypto crash in years can be felt throughout the DeFi space, leaving many asking, “what happened to LUNA?”.

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Polkadot vs Cosmos

Polkadot vs Cosmos: What is the Difference?

As the conversation around interoperability continues to evolve, many investors and developers are turning their attention to cross-chain blockchain networks and are comparing the differences between Polkadot vs Cosmos. On the surface, these platforms appear to share many similarities. However, there are subtle architectural quirks that make each of them unique.

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Benefits of Liquid Staking

Deep Dive: Liquid Staking and its Benefits

Specific to the crypto industry, “staking” is a way of earning passive income on assets while potentially supporting the security and operations of a blockchain network. Liquid staking protocols offer the same benefits as regular proof-of-stake (PoS) staking but reduce the potential drawbacks.

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Coinbase Wallet

What is Coinbase Wallet and How to Set It Up?

With nearly 90 million users, the Coinbase Global Inc. ecosystem comprises various aspects of its business model. This includes the publicly traded centralized crypto exchange, Coinbase, and its non-custodial wallet service, Coinbase Wallet. With compatibility across the most popular blockchains, Coinbase Wallet is one of the fastest-growing Web3 wallets in the crypto industry. If you’re wondering how to set up the Coinbase Wallet extension or as a mobile application, look no further!

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