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Bitcoin in South America

Market Insight: Cryptocurrency in Latin America

As the crypto market is growing, Latin America is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the popularity of digital currencies. Moreover, an increasing number of Latin Americans are using crypto to solve real economic issues and safeguard their funds from inflation.

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Web3 Trends

The Hottest Web3 Trends in 2022

Development in Web3 is increasing exponentially. As such, there are a growing number of Web3 trends to watch out for. However, with so many different narratives to explore, knowing where to look can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered the essential Web3 trends to watch out for in 2022.

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AML and KYC Crypto

AML and KYC: How it Helps Blockchain Adoption

Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) laws prevent illegal funds from entering financial systems. The same is true in the crypto realm. But, how do AML and KYC crypto regulations protect users, and how do they impact crypto adoption?

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What is Bitcoin Dominance?

What is Bitcoin Dominance?

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, many investors look towards trading indicators like Bitcoin dominance to determine the overall market sentiment and the likelihood of a trend change. But, what is Bitcoin dominance?

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Bitcoin Covenants

Bitcoin Covenants Explained

You might have heard the term “covenants” outside the context of crypto. That’s because people use covenants in the physical world all the time. For example, private property owners can use covenants to restrict land usage. A building’s seller could require the buyer to agree to a covenant restricting them from painting the exterior a particular color or altering historical sections of the interior.

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The Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency’s Next Big Thing

Despite the current crypto bear market, the blockchain industry continues to thrive. Current developments in the blockchain space suggest that Web3 is set to integrate into several industries. Although this spells good things for the industry at large, it makes it difficult to predict what could be the next big thing in cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Reset

The Bitcoin Reset

The “Great Reset”, an initiative announced by the World Economic Forum (WEF), will radically adjust how we interact with financial settlements. Promoting transparency and equality, the Great Reset involves introducing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) into global circulation. However, with many privacy concerns around CBDCs, the concept of a “Bitcoin reset” has emerged. What role will Bitcoin play in the Great Reset? Read on to find out!

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Top 5 Move-to-Earn Apps

What do projects like STEPN, Step App, Genopets, dotmoovs, and DOSE all have in common? The answer to this question is that they are all among the top move-to-earn apps currently taking over the gaming world. Following the success of play-to-earn and metaverse gaming platforms, move-to-earn games allow players to earn cryptocurrency rewards by staying fit and healthy.

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Crypto Mining Electricity

Exploring Proof-of-Work’s Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption from using proof-of-work is a contentious subject at the best of times. However, the global energy crisis prompts the blockchain community to seek sustainable alternatives for crypto mining electricity sources. Crypto mining energy consumption tends to increase as blockchain networks grow, particularly with proof-of-work blockchains. Accordingly, the blockchain community appears to be warming up to alternative consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-stake.

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