In this article, we’ll kick things off by exploring the HYTOPIA crypto game. From there, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of the TOPIA crypto token. Lastly, to top things off, we’ll show you how to analyze and buy the token using Moralis Money - the ultimate crypto volatility indicator

If this sounds intriguing, join us below as we start by exploring the intricacies of the HYTOPIA ecosystem! 

What is HYTOPIA? Exploring the HYTOPIA Crypto Game 

HYTOPIA is a collaborative crypto video game formerly known as NFT Worlds. You can think of HYTOPIA as a platform for multiple different games and worlds. The game is built by a community of individuals who have long been at the forefront of Minecraft's third-party games and modding ecosystem. And the goal of HYTOPIA is to become ”the next Minecraft”. 

HYTOPIA is a platform developed from the ground up, and it takes inspiration from well-appreciated game mechanics that many have come to familiarize themselves with. Furthermore, HYTOPIA aims to address the gaps and limitations in creative expression that currently exist within the Minecraft ecosystem, all while additionally modernizing the player experience. 

The mission of the HYTOPIA crypto game is to encourage collaboration and innovation among a community of content creators, contributors, and players. In doing so, they hope to create an enchanting gaming experience that they feel Minecraft lacks due to its limitations. 

To achieve this, HYTOPIA plans to create a unified ecosystem of contributors, creators, and players by building a new platform, game, and engine from scratch. As well as integrating technology, resources, and the support the community needs to create a broad range of captivating gaming experiences! 

Notable HYTOPIA Features 

HYTOPIA has many features, and below, we have summarized seven of the most prominent ones: 

  • Free-to-Play: No accounts or game purchases are needed to play HYTOPIA.
  • Web and Desktop: It’s possible to play HYTOPIA in your web browser or directly on your PC.
  • Built from Scratch: The game is made from scratch using RUST.
  • Community Features: With HYTOPIA’s community features, you can effortlessly play with your friends. 
  • Player Expression: The game also features a cosmetic system players can use to express themselves. 
  • Creator-Centric: HYTOPIA is equipped with extensive tooling, allowing developers and creators to build without limitations. 
  • Backward Compatability: HYTOPIA lets users play their favorite Minecraft servers. 

The Vision of HYTOPIA 

The vision of HYTOPIA is to encourage and ignite limitless imagination by creating and empowering the next diverse global community of players and creators. At the core of their vision, they believe that the technology, brand, and platform should be a place where everyone can thrive. 

HYTOPIA builds its tools and foundation with passion, and the players and creators bring the magic to life. What’s more, the organization believes in the values of contributor governance and peer review to actively shape the future of HYTOPIA so that it can benefit everyone involved. They say, "HYTOPIA is ours, and together we push the boundaries of what is possible”.

What are HYTOPIA Worlds? 

You can think of HYTOPIA as an overall platform for multiple different games. However, you can’t freely build a game on HYTOPIA without a HYTOPIA World. HYTOPIA Worlds are digital collectibles, and there are 10,000 of them in total. Put simply, a HYTOPIA World acts as a ticket for developers to build games that are visible and can be played by other HYTOPIA users. 

However, building a new game isn’t all the utility these digital collectibles offer. As such, let’s explore a few more use cases: 

  • Staking: It’s possible to stake a HYTOPIA World in return for a daily $TOPIA reward. 
  • Renting: Holders can also rent their HYTOPIA World for a monthly $TOPIA price.  
  • HYTOPIA Chain Access: Owning or renting a HYTOPIA World allows the developer to deploy smart contracts on the HYTOPIA Chain.

What is the HYTOPIA Chain? 

The HYTOPIA chain is the foundation for the entire ecosystem. It’s a blockchain network that supports the underlying infrastructure and powers all aspects of HYTOPIA. This includes game trading, ownership of digital assets, and much more. What’s more, the HYTOPIA chain ensures that all the aforementioned processes are carried out securely and in a decentralized manner. 

The HYTOPIA Chain is a "semi-permissioned" blockchain where anyone can transact, trade items, and interact with smart contracts. However, only authorized community members can deploy new smart contracts on the network. This is by design, as it helps enhance the security of the HYTOPIA Chain by removing the risk of harmful smart contract deployments. 

Moreover, the network is further secured via periodic checkpoints to the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. 

What is the TOPIA Crypto Token? 

$TOPIA is the in-game cryptocurrency for the HYTOPIA ecosystem. It enables transactions between players, different games, and other interactions. It only has a total supply of five billion tokens, which helps keep the ecosystem stable and provides an incentive-driven platform for both creators and players.

We’ll dive deeper into the TOPIA token in the following two sections. In doing so, we’ll explore its tokenomics and closely examine some critical use cases of the TOPIA crypto. If this sounds intriguing, join us as we kick things off by exploring the TOPIA crypto tokenomics! 


The central consideration for the TOPIA token is to maintain an incentive-driven and stable platform for players and creators. It has a capped supply of five billion $TOPIA, which is allocated as follows: 

  • 35% world staking
  • 24% play-to-earn faucet, grants, and CEX
  • 20% team
  • 10% world owners claim
  • 10% $LP-TOPIA staking
  • 1% avatar staking

Use Cases of the TOPIA Token 

There are multiple use cases for the TOPIA token, and below, you’ll find three prominent examples: 

  • Staking: The first use case is staking, which is used to remove TOPIA tokens from the open circulating supply. Doing so will help stabilize the HYTOPIA in-game economics. In return for staking, users receive loot boxes, cosmetic items, in-game titles, etc.  
  • In-Game Currency: The TOPIA token is primarily the in-game currency of the HYTOPIA ecosystem. As such, it facilitates trades between HYTOPIA Worlds and players.
  • Governance: Owning $TOPIA gives the holder the right to vote on proposals and suggestions for improving HYTOPIA. Moreover, by holding enough tokens, users can even create their own proposals, which the community can vote on. 

Full TOPIA Token Price Analysis 

The TOPIA token was minted on May 17, 2023, and it’s, at the time of writing, trading at about $0.0355. It has an all-time high of $0.045 and a low of $0.0186. Moreover, since the beginning of August 2023, the token broke out and experienced an impressive 150% price rally in only three weeks. Down below, you’ll find a trading chart showing the entire price history of the TOPIA token so far:

Now, will the TOPIA token price continue on this upward trajectory? Or has the window already closed? 

To answer these two questions, let’s briefly look at a TOPIA token price prediction to highlight its potential! 

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$TOPIA Price Prediction

The price of the TOPIA token is closely tied to the HYTOPIA ecosystem. As such, it’s highly dependent on the adoption, success, and continued development of the game. So, if HYTOPIA continues to grow, it’s likely that the TOPIA token price will follow. However, if HYTOPIA fails to see increased adoption, we’re also likely to see the price of the TOPIA token drop. 

Nonetheless, there are several ways in which you can make TOPIA token price predictions. However, since this is a relatively new token, it’s quite challenging since we don’t have sufficient historical data. 

But one way to try to gauge the potential of the TOPIA token is to compare it to another similar project’s native currency. As such, let’s use another blockchain-based game as an example, and in this case, we’ll use Axie Infinity. 

To compare HYTOPIA with Axie Infinity, let’s take the all-time high market cap of Axie Infinity and divide it by the total supply of $TOPIA. Doing so gives us a price of $1.95, which is the price point of one TOPIA token if it reaches the same market cap as Axie Infinity. If it manages to hit $1.95, the price will have increased more than 50x! 

However, the TOPIA token price prediction of $1.95 is, of course, highly speculative. And there’s no guarantee HYTOPIA will grow to the same size as Axie Infinity, which is one of the most prominent names in the Web3-gaming industry. 

Should You Invest in $TOPIA? 

Now, with a brief price prediction highlighting the potential of the TOPIA token, you might be asking yourself: "Should I invest in $TOPIA?".

We can’t give you a straightforward yes or no answer to the question above. This has to do with the fact that we don’t know when you’re reading this. Also, we’re not aware of your altcoin trading strategy or risk tolerance. Consequently, only you can determine whether or not you should invest in $TOPIA, which is why we urge you to continue your own research. And a great place to start is to use a blockchain analytics tool like Moralis Money

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With this information from the $TOPIA token page, you can now base your investment decisions on unbiased, irrefutable, on-chain data delivered to you in real time. As such, this is definitely the best and most straightforward way to determine whether or not the TOPIA token is the right investment for you! 

Safest and Cheapest Way to Buy $TOPIA 

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Summary: The HYTOPIA Crypto Game and the TOPIA Token

In today’s article, we kicked things off by exploring HYTOPIA. In doing so, we learned that HYTOPIA is a crypto game aiming to become ”the next Minecraft”. Furthermore, at the center of the HYTOPIA ecosystem, you’ll find the native $TOPIA token. The TOPIA crypto token is HYTOPIA’s in-game currency, allowing players to transact with one another. 

In addition to exploring the HYTOPIA crypto game and the TOPIA token, we also showed you how to analyze the latter using Moralis Money

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