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What is Hashflow and the HFT Token?

Cross-chain communication is an essential feature of modern DeFi protocols. Hashflow is a highly-interoperable multi-chain protocol that allows users to swap tokens without using a token bridge. The native HFT token plays a crucial role in protocol governance via the Hashverse, Hashflow’s gamified DAO. But what is Hashflow and how does it work?

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Convex Finance

What Is Convex Finance and the CVX Token?

The DeFi market brings meaningful innovations that enable crypto users to manage their funds and grow their portfolios. Convex Finance is an innovative liquidity-providing platform for maximizing Curve Finance liquidity rewards.

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Exploring TON and the Toncoin

TON (The Open Network) is a layer-1 (L1) blockchain first launched to streamline crypto payments through the Telegram platform. But, a few hurdles made TON, or Toncoin, shift their attention away from Telegram. This article explores exactly what Toncoin is and what initial challenge TON experienced. Also, we look at all of its unique features!

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Exploring MetaFi: DeFi and Metaverse Converge

Although a relatively novel and futuristic technology, MetaFi brings a new era of trading. Further, it brings together decentralized finance and metaverses and combines Web2 and Web3 applications for a seamless virtual experience.

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SocialFi and the Future of Social Media

According to some reports, more than half the world’s population spends an average of 2 1/2 hours a day on Web2 social media platforms. However, as the Web2 age is passing and traditional social media platforms with it, the rise of a new era approaches – Web3. That said, will social media carry over its current engagement once Web3 reaches mass adoption? Read on as we explore the future of social media and SocialFi!

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Private Key

Understanding Private Keys

You’ve undoubtedly heard about crypto wallets if you’ve dabbled in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, if you’ve used a crypto wallet, you’ve likely run across the concept of private and public keys, even if you didn’t fully understand them. Private keys, public keys, crypto wallets, and seed phrases are all separate items, but they work together, and this article will explain how!

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Solana Dapps

Top 5 Solana Projects

Many of the top Solana projects are experiencing a surge in adoption. Solana dapps (decentralized applications) benefit from extremely low fees and some of the fastest transaction speeds in the industry. This makes them attractive to both users and developers.

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Future of Stablecoins

The Future of Stablecoins

Amidst the crypto winter, news of the TerraUSD stablecoin crash yielded fears for the future of stablecoins and the crypto industry as a whole. Plus, rumors began circulating of a potential USDC collapse which could result in an industry-wide breakdown. To discover whether the rumors of a USDC collapse are true and learn more about the future of stablecoins, read on!

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What is a Governance Coin?

Deep Dive: What are Governance Tokens?

Governance coins and tokens enable holders to vote on decisions to change various parameters within a crypto network or decentralized application (dapp). But, what is a governance coin?

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