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The Ultimate Guide to OriginTrail

Global supply chains lack transparency and accountability. Powered by the native TRAC token, OriginTrail aims to solve this problem using blockchain-based technologies. Also, the Trace Alliance, Trace Labs, and the OriginTrail team form a vast network of businesses and organizations devoted to expediting the mass adoption of blockchain technology via trusted data exchange solutions. OriginTrail partnerships include governmental and regulatory bodies, educational institutes, and global business standard bodies. Furthermore, recent developments include the OriginTrail Polkadot integration, with Starfleet Chain and the OriginTrail Parachain.

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CRO Coin

The Ultimate Guide to and the CRO Token

Since its founding in 2016, the ecosystem has evolved significantly. Resultantly, the platform’s MCO token and CRO token have also changed over the years. Originally an ERC-20 token,’s native cryptocurrency is now referred to as “CRO coin”. This is since the launch of the Chain mainnet alongside the dissolution of the MCO token. The sudden change in token dynamics on was a controversial topic at the time. Following this, however, the CRO token has surged to new all-time highs as the app continues to gain adoption. This could also be due to recent token burnings and staking incentives. The popular card tiers differ with the amount of CRO value staked with the platform. Moreover, the most recent additional utility to the CRO coin is as the unit of account with the NFT marketplace.

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Masternode Coins

Masternodes for Beginners: What are Masternode Tokens?

Welcome to our “Masternodes for Beginners” article, where we’ll be answering all your questions surrounding masternodes, including “what are masternode tokens?” and “how do masternodes work?”. Masternode tokens have shown increasing popularity throughout 2021. As such, leading cryptocurrency market data aggregator, CoinGecko, has created a dedicated masternode coins list. Also, more people are becoming aware of the opportunity to earn a passive income with masternodes. However, not every masternode system will be able to provide a profitable return on investment. As such, it is essential to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency or digital asset.

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Exploring IOTA, the MIOTA Token & the IOTA Ecosystem

The IOTA ecosystem is a community of developers and programmers of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services. Using the IOTA Tangle, an innovative Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and distributed ledger technology (DLT), IOTA Foundation is responsible for developing an array of novel IoT solutions. Also, the native Data Marketplace is a hub for real-time decentralized data streams that can connect to real-world devices. Here, users can access decentralized datasets using the native MIOTA token.

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Decentralized Data Storage

What are Storage Tokens?

Decentralized storage platforms have become increasingly popular as another option to centralized data storage providers. Often run by large corporations, centralized entities lack transparency, are liable to misusing or selling data, and are vulnerable to a single-point-of-failure. Thanks to blockchain technology, various decentralized data storage platforms have emerged. Further, and crucial to each network, are the storage tokens or storage coins. Also, users can often make money with decentralized storage coins by being active in the networks. But, what is the difference between storage coins and storage tokens? If you’re unsure how decentralized storage solutions work or want to know how to make a passive income with decentralized storage tokens, read on!

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Exploring MediBloc and the MED Token?

MediBloc is a blockchain-based healthcare information ecosystem for patients, healthcare providers, and medical researchers. Offering an all-in-one solution, MediBloc is facilitating a decentralized healthcare ecosystem that benefits all parties involved. Founded by Allen Wookyun Kho and Eunsol Lee in 2017, the MediBloc team has introduced several patient-centered applications. This includes Medipass, offering users a streamlined service for healthcare insurance claims.

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What is Coin98 and the C98 Token?

Coin98 Finance is an all-in-one solution for decentralized finance (DeFi). Powered by the native C98 token, which was launched via Binance Launchpad, the Coin98 network aggregates liquidity from multiple decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols. The aim of this is to make cross-chain borrowing, lending, token swaps, and yield farming accessible to all. Also, the Coin98 crypto ecosystem boasts various useful features. These include the Coin98 staking facilities, the multi-chain Coin98 Wallet, and Coin98 Labs, an incubator for promising new DeFi projects. Furthermore, the Coin98 crypto platform features a wide range of tools and services that enable users to access multiple blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols all in one convenient place.

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Hodl Hodl

Exploring UNUS SED LEO & the LEO Token

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) is a utility token that was created to reimburse funds lost when $850 million was seized from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bitfinex. This caused a great deal of controversy regarding centralized exchanges and the custody of assets. The parent company of Bitfinex is iFinex. The Bitfinex LEO token is used to reduce trading and lending fees throughout the expanding iFinex ecosystem, which now includes product offerings such as the “Hodl Hodl” decentralized exchange (DEX).

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RUNE token

What is THORChain and the RUNE Token?

THORChain is a decentralized liquidity network that facilitates cross-chain token swaps using the automated market maker (AMM) model and liquidity pools. Powered by the THORChain RUNE token, the THORChain crypto ecosystem incorporates several interoperable platforms. These include SKIP Exchange, BEPSwap, ASGARDEX, and THORSwap, all of which rely on THORChain technology. Following the recent THORChain hack, the platform lost a reported $7.6 million. However, the project appears to have an engaged following that is keen to see the reparations take place to reimburse the THORChain crypto community. Let us, therefore, examine both THORChain and the THORChain hack!

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