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Crypto Liquidity Crisis

Crypto Liquidity Crisis: The Domino Effect of the FTX Saga

A crypto liquidity crisis is causing havoc throughout the industry in the wake of the FTX collapse. Financial ties between companies are causing multiple crypto exchanges to pause withdrawals as companies scramble to cover customer deposits. The crypto liquidity crisis is exacerbated by the downturn in investor confidence and the subsequent devaluation of crypto assets. Furthermore, many investors have lost significant amounts of money by holding their assets on centralized exchanges, prompting many to consider using a non-custodial wallet.

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Crypto Offers

Crypto Promotional Offers: Are They Any Good?

There are plenty of ways to earn crypto for free if you know where to look. Several prominent platforms offer a range of crypto offers, rewards, bonuses, and promotions. Some require you to complete various tasks, whereas others allow users to earn crypto rewards by learning about various emerging crypto projects.

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Blockchain Phone

Taking a Closer Look at Blockchain Smartphones

Blockchain phones allow users to interact with Web3 apps on the move. Also, blockchain and crypto phones provide next-generation privacy features and make it easy for users to secure their digital assets. Leading smartphone companies are already jumping on the bandwagon, with a range of innovative offerings already on the market.

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Cardano privacy network

Exploring Cardano Privacy Blockchain: Midnight

With respect to its latest roadmap stage, Cardano’s Voltaire era reveals a brand new sidechain. The Midnight blockchain network could revolutionize privacy and regulation in the blockchain landscape with the introduction of the DUST privacy coin.

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best crypto podcasts

Crypto and Blockchain Podcasts to Listen to

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 crypto podcasts, how podcasts got their start, and how blockchain technology could start a brand-new era in the podcast and streaming industry.

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Companies Entering the Metaverse

Top Companies Entering the Metaverse

Through the metaverse, users will be able to shop, work, mingle with one another, create brand-new worlds, gain new job skills, and so much more. Tech companies are revolutionizing the way we interact with the world. Check out all the latest developments and news about the future of virtual experiences.

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blockchain certification

Why You Should Get Blockchain Certified

Blockchain certification is the best way to stand out in the crowd when applying for Web3 roles. Web3 companies are growing and creating new positions to fill even in the most bearish market conditions. However, the competition among applicants is increasing, with a growing number of employees seeking Web3 education as a way to future-proof their careers. Furthermore, blockchain developer certification is one of the easiest ways for Web2 developers to transition into Web3 development, making it an ideal way for them to make the leap.

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Black Friday

Learn Crypto: Black Friday 2022 Sale Offer

The Bitcoin Black Friday event is where the Web3 industry gets to showcase the advancements in crypto payments and celebrate the adoption of decentralized technologies. If you’re looking for Black Friday crypto deals, you won’t need to look far. Big brands and online retailers enable shoppers to get discounts on goods and services when paying with cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the Crypto Black Friday event is the best time to get hot deals on first-class blockchain education.

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Bluesky Social Media Platform

Exploring Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social Media Platform

In order to survive the demands of the market, businesses must be willing to adapt to new technologies and solve current problems. Bluesky does just that. It gives users the advantage of creating an online experience that is governed by their own set of rules and regulations. But it comes with some disadvantages that still need to be tackled.

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