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Exploring eCash and the XEC token

Bitcoin Cash ABC, conceived through a Bitcoin fork in November 2020, is now operating under the name ‘eCash’. Marketing itself as a secure decentralized network of sound money policy, the eCash platform offers near-instant transaction confirmations at a fraction of the cost of sending Bitcoin transactions. Moreover, the eCash ecosystem offers a low barrier to entry for blockchain developers to design and deploy their own tokens, using eTokens. The eCash token (XEC) also plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. The XEC token secures the network through staking facilities alongside offering token holders governance rights.

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Atlas token

What is Star Atlas and the ATLAS Token?

Built on the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas is a futuristic space exploration game where players side with factions to create civilizations and intergalactic economies. Using the ATLAS token, players can buy and sell in-game assets to mine resources, buy equipment, and battle in various gaming scenarios in deep-space. Also, the POLIS token is the governance token of the Star Atlas game and gives players control of both in-game activities and changes to the parameters of the Star Atlas crypto game.

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What is Akash Network & the AKT Token?

Offering the world’s first open-source cloud computing platform and decentralized cloud marketplace, Akash Network uses an innovative blend of blockchain and containerization technology. The Akash crypto ecosystem stands to benefit all participants. This includes tenants, providers, and native Akash token (AKT) holders. The multi-utility AKT token plays several roles, including governance and security of the Akash crypto ecosystem.

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Icon blockchain

What is ICON and the ICX Token?

Established by the ICON Foundation and maintained by the ICON Republic, ICON Network is a cross-chain interoperability network that bridges multiple blockchains without friction using the native ICX token. The underlying Loopchain technology powers the ICON blockchain protocol using the LFT (Loop Fault Tolerance) consensus mechanism. Plus, Community Representatives (C-Reps) and Public Representatives (P-Reps) govern the platform, representing native blockchain communities and performing governance tasks for the ICON crypto ecosystem known as the ICON Republic.

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SLIM Token

What is Solanium and the SLIM Token?

Built on the Solana blockchain, Solanium is a decentralized fundraising platform and crypto launchpad. Also, Solanium features a decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by Serum, the number one DEX on Solana. Users can stake the native SLIM token using a flexible tiered system and earn the xSLIM governance token in return. The Solanium crypto ecosystem is one of the latest projects to launch on Solana and is home to some of the most exciting up-and-coming token launch events.

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Decentralized Review Platform

What is Revain and the REV Token?

The Revain crypto review platform is a decentralized review platform operating with blockchain technology. Moreover, the Revain review platform operates a dual-token ecosystem with the native REV token and RVN token. Furthermore, the decentralized review platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prune out reviews containing scams, swearing, or direct insults. Also, the Revain crypto review platform uses differing weighting mechanisms of the authors and reviews themselves to calculate and present the most popular, honest, and helpful reviews. Additionally, authors can receive crypto rewards when providing useful information, engaging frequently, and supporting the project. The Revain crypto review platform offers scaling infrastructure far beyond the sole use for crypto and blockchain project reviews. The decentralized review platform can be a place for authors to write reviews about any business.

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Decentralized Social Trading

What is DeXe Network & the DEXE Token?

DeXe Network, or DeXe, offers a fully decentralized social trading platform alongside a cryptocurrency asset portfolio environment and novel decentralized finance (DeFi) trading tools. Operating on Ethereum, the native ERC-20 DEXE token governs the DeFi social trading application through the DeXe DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization. Benefitting professional traders, applications, and novice DeFi traders alike, the DeXe crypto ecosystem is at the forefront of decentralized social trading, providing state-of-the-art trading resources.

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AuBit Freeway

What is AuBit Freeway and the FWT Token?

AuBit is a next-generation digital asset management platform offering some of the highest annual percentage yield (APY) rewards in the crypto industry. With a strong ethos of leading the developing social finance industry, the AuBit Freeway platform gives holders of the native Freeway Token (or FWT coin) exclusive platform benefits. This includes boosting rewards or reducing platform fees. But, what exactly is the AuBit Freeway platform? How does AuBit Freeway offer such high rewards for users, and how does the FWT coin aid this?

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