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Exploring MetaFi: DeFi and Metaverse Converge

Although a relatively novel and futuristic technology, MetaFi brings a new era of trading. Further, it brings together decentralized finance and metaverses and combines Web2 and Web3 applications for a seamless virtual experience.

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NFT games

Why Gamers Hate NFTs

From the ranks of casual players to professionals, many in the gaming community are rejecting NFTs and other blockchain-based endeavors within the industry. Even prominent gaming companies and developers are hating on NFTs. Such reactions can only lead us to wonder why.

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Blockchain Game Development Platforms

Top Blockchain Game Development Platforms

Blockchain gaming is becoming difficult to ignore. Also, Unreal Engine and Unity Web3 game development are helping to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) throughout the gaming world. However, establishing which of the top blockchain game development platforms is the most suitable for your project depends on the type of games you want to build.

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VR player dives into the metaverse realm!
How Does the Metaverse Work?

How Does the Metaverse Work?

The metaverse combines science fiction, decentralization, and futurism to create an interconnected network of 3D worlds. However, the metaverse is also one of the most misunderstood elements of the blockchain landscape. To truly appreciate how the metaverse works, it’s important to understand the technology behind it. So, before you start querying Google, “how does the metaverse work?” – read on!

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blockchain game development

Blockchain Game Development

Blockchain game development is rapidly evolving, catching the attention of some big-name players in the industry. TechCrunch reported that the blockchain gaming industry grew 2,000% over the past year. Additionally, in the first quarter of 2022, the sector got $2.5 billion in investment capital compared to $4 billion for 2021.

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Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain Gaming Project:

As blockchain gaming and the metaverse quickly evolves, projects such as are also evolving to give creators and investors an edge in Web3’s new ecosystem. Follow along herein as we explore the relatively short history of Seedify and what the platform’s plans are for 2022!

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Top Gaming Tokens

Top Gaming Tokens

With so many crypto gaming platforms available, it can be difficult to know which Web3 games are worth playing. However, to gain a firm understanding of the most popular crypto gaming platforms, it’s worth looking at the top gaming tokens by market capitalization.

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Illuvium: The New Highly Anticipated NFT Game

Axie Infinity popularized the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming phenomenon, and the up-and-coming Illuvium game stands to gain. P2E is a category of blockchain games that offers gamers the chance to earn tokens while playing. The sector saw explosive growth in the NFT ecosystem in 2021. Likewise, gamers can earn native tokens in Illuvium by participating in competitions and tournaments.

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