The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry thriving. With growing interest and enthusiasm in Web3 technologies, investors and developers need to stay on top of the news. For decades, radio stations have provided the latest news on world events and entertainment for music lovers. Later, podcasts, then known as audio blogs, would provide news, entertainment, and talks on all sorts of topics. Now better known as podcasts, listeners can take advantage of the technology to listen to their favorite topics at any given time. There are over two million podcast channels in the world and counting. Crypto podcasts provide a unique view of what a digital and virtual society would look like. Crypto podcasts are a source of education, entertainment, expertise, and opinions. With so many options available, crypto enthusiasts may be wondering which crypto and blockchain podcasts to listen to. While there are many crypto podcasts to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 crypto podcasts to keep on your watchlist. In no particular order, read about some of the best crypto podcasts below. Later, we’ll take a look at how the integration of blockchain technology could revolutionize streaming platforms.

Top 10 Crypto Podcasts in 2023

For years, podcasts have been a source of inspiration, information, entertainment, and education. With so many podcasts to choose from, listeners can read about their latest interests, catch up on the latest news on their favorite topics, or simply listen to crypto podcasts for entertainment. Crypto and blockchain podcasts have made a significant contribution to the crypto and blockchain communities by providing news, entertainment, and educational content for listeners of all backgrounds. If you’re wondering, “what crypto and blockchain podcasts should I listen to?” Check out our list of top 10 crypto podcasts. We’ll discuss each one in more detail below. 

How Podcasts Got Their Start

The term “podcast” comes from the combination of iPod and broadcast. Affordable software, weblogs, and iPods sparked the beginning of online radio. In 2004, Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer built a program to enable people to download audio blogs onto their iPods. This new technology became known as the iPodder and quickly became a hit. Soon after, Ben Hammersley published an article about this new system and coined the term “podcasting” by joining the words “iPod’ and “broadcasting.” Within a year, Hammersley’s newly coined term, “podcasts”, was trending on Google with over 100,000 hits. 

By 2005, Apple Inc. incorporated a “podcasts” application into its iTunes Music Library. In a presentation that year, Steve Jobs demonstrated how anyone could create a podcast using their Mac laptop. Soon after, the search term “podcast” became the word of the year and in just eight years, Apple announced over 1 billion podcast subscribers.

Podcasts gained traction very quickly. In 2005, President George W. Bush delivered his weekly speech in the form of a podcast. By 2007, Ricky Gervais set the world record for the most downloaded podcast with an average of 250,000 downloads per episode in the first month. By 2022, podcast ad revenue is projected to surpass $1.73 billion. 

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US Podcast Revenue and Forecast

The Top 10 Crypto Podcasts

Now that we have an understanding of where podcasts got their start, let’s take a look at some of the best crypto podcasts. While there are hundreds of excellent crypto podcasts to choose from, we’ll discuss our top 10 crypto and blockchain podcasts to listen to in detail in the following sections.

Coindesk Podcast Network

At the top of our top crypto podcasts list is the Coindesk Podcast Network. Coindesk provides valuable information on all things blockchain and crypto. They’ve got the latest prices, crypto trends, and breaking news. Coindesk provides its audience with global crypto policy, technology, Web3 and blockchain education, and so much more. Coindesk is not limited to only podcasts. They’ve got a wide range of videos, educational content, and webinars all for free. 

Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible provides a collection of Bitcoin podcasts that listeners can download or listen to right on the homepage. Categories range from crypto policy, economics, cryptocurrency market, bitcoin astronomy, consensus mechanisms, and much more. An interesting feature of the Bitcoin Audible channel is that listeners can vote on what they want to hear about. Listeners can also download audiobooks about Bitcoin, blockchain, privacy, technology, energy, and a plethora of other subjects. 

Crypto News Alerts

Next on our top 10 crypto podcasts list is Crypto News Alerts. This podcast is great for crypto enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned trader, you’ll find Crypto News Alerts a valuable source. This podcast channel is about all things blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. At Crypto News Alerts, stacking sats is a way of life. They provide top crypto news daily.  


If you’re looking for the best crypto podcasts without the dose of hopeium, Unchained might be a good one to tune into. Unchained is a crypto podcast channel hosted by crypto journalist, Laura Shin. Every Tuesday, she gets together with crypto developers and enthusiasts for an hour-long interview. On Fridays, she hosts a Q&A to share the hottest news in crypto. 

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Cryptocurrency for Beginners 

A great option for those just getting into cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency for Beginners provides information and how-to videos on crypto. Hosted by Crypto Casey, the podcast helps to break down concepts into simple, digestible content for budding blockchain enthusiasts. Crypto Casey takes on questions from listeners and presents the content in a way that all listeners can understand. She has over 157 episodes about all things blockchain and crypto. This podcast channel is on our list of top 10 crypto podcasts especially for those just starting out in blockchain and crypto.

What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack hosts the What Bitcoin Did podcasts where he interviews experts in the crypto and blockchain field. No topic is off-limits for this podcast host as challenging opinions are encouraged. Launched in November of 2017, the What Bitcoin Did podcast now has over 450 episodes with a guest list that is diverse and knowledgeable. With such a great track record, it’s no wonder this channel landed on our list of best crypto podcasts. 


The Bankless podcast claims to be the ultimate guide to crypto finance. This podcast features all things crypto, blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. Bankless aims to educate its listeners about digital currencies while sharing the latest news in the crypto market. Listeners can join in on this podcast via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or right on the homepage of Bankless’ website. 

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Bryce Paul and Pizza Mind are Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum advocates who share a guide to cryptocurrency for the average consumer. They have over 506 episodes spanning a variety of blockchain and crypto topics. Crypto101 is a great top 10 crypto podcasts pick for those who are interested in investing in crypto and want a guide on how to do so. 

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup 

Another podcast by Coindesk, Markets Daily Crypto Roundup is hosted by Adam B. Levine and Adrian Blust. Not to be confused with the famous singer, Adam B. Levine joined Coindesk in 2019 as the editor of its new audio and podcast division. This top 10 crypto podcast discusses all of the latest news in the cryptocurrency market, what’s happening behind the scenes, and the policies surrounding cryptocurrencies. Markets Daily Crypto Roundup has a new episode every day, listeners can tune in wherever podcasts are available.


Opinionated is a branch of Coindesk podcasts that focuses mostly on the social and sometimes controversial aspects of crypto. This podcast is set in a roundtable discussion format where contributors discuss crypto culture, celebrities, and the latest casual controversies surrounding the blockchain industry. 

How to Pick the Best Crypto Podcasts 

Virtually anyone can start a podcast. All it takes is an internet connection, inexpensive hardware, and quality content. The key to a successful podcast is to provide accurate and objective facts that answer the most in-demand questions. For example, a brand new crypto enthusiast may be wondering which cryptocurrencies to invest in. In that case, there are crypto podcasts that are specially designed for beginners, like Cryptocurrencies for Beginners and Crypto 101. Another example, a listener might have an interest in a crypto podcast that delivers the latest news and alerts. Podcasts like Crypto News Alerts and Market Daily Crypto Roundup may be great options to tune into.

Crypto and blockchain podcasts provide much insight into the latest news in the blockchain and Web3 landscape. Whether you’re wondering, “who created Bitcoin,’ or “what consensus mechanisms are most energy efficient?”, you’ll find the answer in a crypto podcast. With so many crypto podcasts to choose from, how do listeners know which one is the best crypto podcast to tune in to? As we’ve listed above, each crypto podcast channel serves a different purpose. Some crypto podcasts aim to educate budding crypto enthusiasts while others aim to discuss the development of the blockchain industry. Whichever aspect of blockchain technology you’re interested in exploring, our detailed list of top 10 crypto podcasts above can help you narrow down your search.

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Blockchain and Podcasts

Perhaps one of the most intriguing developments in the podcast industry is its integration into the blockchain world. Spotify, a leading podcast platform, recently announced that it’s adding blockchain technology and NFTs to its platform. While the integration is still in development, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could provide the platform to pay artists directly. This brand new feature would be especially useful for international artists and content creators that are across international borders. 

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, stated in a podcast interview that the use of blockchain technology on its platform could open up massive opportunities. For example, a user in Germany could pay a creator on the other side of the world, in Mexico. “That opens up huge opportunities for how we can further our mission,” he said. 

In Summary

Well-crafted crypto podcasts can deliver quality content that is educational, inspirational, and entertaining. Thanks to the thousands of crypto podcasts that are available today, listeners can tune in at any time of day or night, no matter what part of the world they are in. Some of the distinct advantages of podcasts are portability, flexibility, and availability. Before the age of podcasts, listeners would tune in to radio stations, tied to a plugged-in device only to catch their favorite episode at one particular time. Podcasts, or audio blogs, as they once were called, have come a long way since then.

Any content creator with valuable information in their minds can create a podcast and make it available to listeners around the globe. Podcasts provide a way for listeners and hosts to connect on issues that matter most to them. Furthermore, they provide information, opinions, and views that listeners otherwise wouldn’t have access to without the podcast technology. 

Crypto podcasts deliver information on the fundamentals, technologies, and the latest developments in the blockchain and crypto landscape. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for hands-free engagement so that listeners can tune in while doing other tasks, like driving, cooking, or exercising. 

Integrating blockchain technology with podcasts could begin a brand new era for sharing art and music around the world. The use of cryptocurrencies can create opportunities for budding artists to sell their content in a global marketplace without leaving their home or having to sign a deal with big record companies. Moreover, the possibilities of blockchain technology are infinite and podcasts help to relay that fact.