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Top 5 NFT artists

Top 5 NFT Artists You Should Know About

From CryptoPunks to NBA Top Shot, NFTs really took off in 2021, with individual pieces selling upwards of $69 million. However, who’s behind these creations, and why are these art pieces so valuable? Read on as we dive deeper into this topic!

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NFT Tickets

NFT Tickets – The Future of Live Events

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are among the biggest drivers of adoption in Web3. One of the latest use cases for this technology is NFT tickets. NFT tickets are helping to stamp out fraud and ticket scalping. Plus, they provide advanced insights for marketing and fan engagement opportunities.

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NFT 2.0

NFT 2.0: New Era of NFTs

NFTs exploded on the crypto scene in a relatively short time. According to Reuters, NFT sales for 2021 hit $25 billion. Furthermore, some projections see that figure growing to $147 billion by 2026. Even more impressive is the relatively small number of committed purchasers that drove so much volume. The sector certainly has its share of diehard fans, and NFTs have evolved since their inception. Even though many people dismissed them as a fad early on, NFTs have proven staying power.

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WAGMI United

WAGMI United: NFTs Joining Forces with Football

Football is already a lucrative business globally. Even so, the blockchain can help expand its income channels via the sales of collectible NFTs. Moreover, WAGMI United is a shining example of a firm taking a historic football club and diving headlong into NFTs to help build a global community of fans. When it comes to the international king of sports, the game Americans call “soccer” reigns supreme with approximately 4 billion fans globally. Such a burgeoning fan base makes WAGMI United’s endeavors even more notable.

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Exploring CEEK VR and the CEEK Token (CEEK)

CEEK VR is a blockchain-powered virtual reality platform that connects artists and continent creators in the metaverse. Users can participate in the CEEK VR token economy to buy virtual events tickets that give entertainers frictionless royalty payments. But, what is CEEK VR and how does it work?

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Nft Art

How to Assess Value on NFTs

There are many NFT formats from which to choose. The most well-known is in the realm of digital art. But NFTs also come in games, collectibles, PFPs, metaverse assets, music, digital land, historical artifacts, and utility. Be assured the list will continue to grow.

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Exploring the Rent-to-Earn Concept

While play-to-earn (P2E) is a relatively novel concept in the gaming world, rent-to-earn is even newer. Thanks to the technological breakthroughs of the blockchain, game developers introduced P2E elements into their offerings. With P2E, gamers can earn money while engaging in their favorite pastime – gaming. In other words, some Web3 games pay players for their time and level of advancement.

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Top 5 Celebrity NFTs

Celebrity NFT collections are helping artists to reach audiences in new and exciting ways. Also, some of the top celebrity NFTs are encouraging non-crypto-natives into the realm of Web3 and blockchain technology. Likewise, many crypto-natives are paying close attention to media personalities who advocate for NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

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