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There has been significant volume changing hands at the high of this range (see volume profile). A breakout from this range would be the next sign to look for.

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Disclosure and Disclaimer: Moralis Research is education research material. It is not financial advice. It is not legal advice. Moralis is not your financial or legal adviser. We are educators and researchers. All products being featured are considered intellectually interesting and are not at all being endorsed by Moralis or any of its employees. Moralis is not registered as an investment adviser or broker-dealer in any jurisdiction. Moralis will take no responsibility for any action made as a result of content presented in this report. Any profits you make, or losses you suffer, are completely your own responsibility. Moralis will always make every reasonable effort to ensure that our research is factually accurate, but we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented. For any input on trading and investing please contact a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, or legal advisers. Thank you for reading these important disclosures and disclaimers.

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