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As more and more startups and developers are joining the Web3 bandwagon, the blockchain industry is rapidly growing and will never return to what it was before. If you want to explore this industry further and perhaps find a Web3 career, the best way to learn and truly understand it is to take a Web3 developer course.

Blockchain and Web3 are becoming increasingly popular. With growing demand and utility, innovation in the blockchain space is greater than ever before. However, there are several blockchain adoption challenges the industry must address before it can become mainstream.

Quickly learn the skills necessary to successfully start your Web3 career, in 3 important steps.

As blockchain continues to achieve mass adoption, the demand for blockchain education is higher than ever before. As such, there are now several universities with blockchain courses available worldwide.

As two of the top-performing assets throughout 2021, many people are evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of Cardano vs Solana to decipher which blockchain is best. Some focus on the profit-making of Cardano vs Solana, while others look at Cardano vs Solana from validators’ perspectives and the speed to market. But, which one is the best blockchain?

Constellation Network is a cutting-edge and innovative project incorporating various elements of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The project operates using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture, the native DAG coin, and elements of blockchain technology. As such, Constellation Network operates a multi-layer framework for developers to build, deploy, and manage customized decentralized applications (dApps). Further, the infrastructure is purpose-built to process vast amounts of data, offering utility to big data corporations and artificial intelligence (AI) databases. This is possible with the novel proof of reputable observation (PRO) consensus mechanism incorporating machine learning protocols to cater for international-scale data validation. Also, Constellation Network presents the Hypercube development suite for building on the project’s Hypergraph transfer protocol (HGTP) or the Hypergraph network.

Flux is a blockchain project working towards building a decentralized internet offering various blockchain as a service (BaaS), computing, development, and asset management services. By catering to both developers and end-users, the Flux network offers a secure, chain-agnostic development space - FluxOS, run by holders of the native FLUX token. As such, the Flux ecosystem exhibits true decentralization, with project governance operating through the Flux governance XDAO. Further, the global community of FluxNodes is responsible for powering the Flux network. But, what makes the Flux blockchain so special? What are the value propositions of the FLUX token?

How many times have you queried Google “how does blockchain work?” and not really understood the various explanations given? As a niche and adapting technology, people often explain blockchain in a complicated way, using complex terminology and a technical language, leaving beginners confused. If you are in that position, don't worry, our "Blockchain Explained" article has you covered!

Blockchain is on the lips of everyone, from individuals to institutions these days. Analysts are calling the advent of blockchain (together with other cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and virtual reality) the fourth industrial revolution. However, exactly what is blockchain? This article breaks it all down in a comprehensive “what is the blockchain 101” report.