Most blockchain careers don’t require a formal degree or participation via a traditional education path. However, they usually require a firm understanding of the blockchain industry. Blockchain education is pushing the industry forward and facilitating innovation on an unprecedented scale. Whether you’re looking at universities with blockchain courses or at a dedicated blockchain and Web3 education platform, learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies has never been more accessible.  

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of blockchain education. We’ll discuss some of the top universities with blockchain courses. Also, we’ll explore some of the alternatives to university education to help you find the perfect career in blockchain. Furthermore, we’ll explore the broader impact of blockchain education in the Web3 landscape and how it influences the blockchain industry.

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How Moralis Academy and Universities Influence the Industry with Blockchain Courses

Cryptocurrencies have achieved widespread adoption in recent years. The underlying blockchain technology that powers these digital assets has become a hot topic for academics and researchers in several fields. Furthermore, the rapidly growing interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and other crypto trends have introduced new avenues for learning and education.

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Not long ago, few educational establishments thought of having blockchain as part of their curriculum. Despite the revolutionary properties of this groundbreaking technology, most crypto jobs don’t require formal blockchain certifications. This is because, until recently, these qualifications didn’t exist. However, some of the top international universities have begun offering various blockchain and Web3 education opportunities.

Universities with blockchain courses are helping to create a higher baseline understanding of the increasingly complex world of Web3. Thanks to the many high-quality educational institutes preparing for the Web3 movement, it’s easier than ever before to find reliable, consistent educational materials and learn how to become a blockchain programmer.

Even people with no experience can go a long way within the blockchain sector. With a little dedication, anyone with valuable skills can learn how to apply their craft in the blockchain sector. The knowledgeable and culturally diverse Web3 community is bringing people together to innovate and collaborate in a way that is accelerating the industry. Moreover, blockchain education is enabling businesses of all descriptions to implement blockchain into everyday practices and operations. 

Moralis Academy – The First Name in Blockchain Education

Moralis Academy (formerly Ivan on Tech Academy) has been at the forefront of Web3 and blockchain education since 2017. Since before mainstream education took a shine to decentralized technologies, Moralis Academy has delivered the highest quality educational content in the blockchain space to students worldwide.

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A university is often the natural choice for anyone looking to expand their education. However, if you have a full-time job or other responsibilities, a university may not be the best avenue for gaining an education in blockchain. Moralis Academy lets students work at their own pace. Also, their team of industry-leading experts is always on hand to offer guidance, support, and mentorship.

As a remote-first education platform, Moralis Academy enables every student to access top-tier blockchain education from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Moralis Academy is substantially more accessible than universities for most people because it doesn’t charge high tuition fees. Also, most universities use a static curriculum. This can make it challenging for them to keep up with the latest developments in the frequently changing blockchain industry. However, Moralis Academy is fully committed to the blockchain industry and provides a world-class education that evolves with the latest industry trends.

What’s more, the academy blog provides articles on a daily basis completely free of charge. This is an ideal opportunity to understand what’s happening in the blockchain space and learn about the latest news and insights. If you want to learn how to become a blockchain developer but have little or no experience, check out the JavaScript Programming for Blockchain Developers course at Moralis Academy. Here, we teach students how to build a decentralized exchange (DEX) using JavaScript. Regardless of your current level of knowledge or experience, Moralis Academy has all the tools and resources you need to become blockchain certified in no time. 

The Top 5 Universities with Blockchain Courses

Although most blockchain jobs don’t require a formal degree, several top universities are now offering blockchain courses to meet the growing demand for blockchain education. In October 2021, CoinDesk published a report that ranks the top 230 universities with blockchain courses. Researchers from CoinDesk, Stanford University, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) assessed 230 universities worldwide and scored them on five criteria. Each criterion was split into subcategories. A final score was given to each university based on their performance in each category.

Universities with Blockchain Courses - Graduating ceremony digitalized

Scores considered the scholarly impact of each university from academic publications in the blockchain field between 2019 and 2021. Also, the report scored universities on their existing blockchain courses, clubs, and societies. Furthermore, the report took into consideration the number of graduates that go on to full-time employment in the blockchain industry, the overall academic reputation of the university, and the cost of attending courses.

The university ranking highest was the National University of Singapore. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology came second place, followed by the University of California Berkeley, the University of Zurich, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Out of the top 50 universities with blockchain courses, 13 are situated in the US. Each university boasts a range of collaborative projects and research initiatives. Plus, some offer remote study options and part-time courses.

The fact that there are so many universities with blockchain courses suggests that legacy educational institutions are taking the Web3 movement seriously. However, the majority of these universities offer a limited selection of courses. Also, the fees for attending are substantially higher than those at dedicated blockchain education platforms such as Moralis Academy. Furthermore, the static nature of these courses often means that new and emerging technologies are difficult to integrate into the syllabus in a timely manner. 

Why is Blockchain Education so Important?

There has never been a better time to learn a new skill in an emerging tech field. Blockchain and Web3 are at the forefront of a new paradigm in finance and technology. The use of blockchain is becoming increasingly prevalent sector-wide. Accordingly, blockchain education is highly sought after in the job market. Understanding blockchain and Web3 could give you an unfair advantage in the job market and help you excel in your existing career.

Blockchain courses is being incorporated into universities curriculum.

Furthermore, blockchain developers can earn a handsome salary. Plus, as the industry continues to expand, a broad range of career opportunities are opening up for non-developers in the blockchain space. From human resources to marketing and management, the blockchain industry is bursting with opportunities.

Despite the many employment opportunities afforded by the blockchain industry, understanding the inner workings of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies could help to preserve your wealth and purchasing power during times of economic uncertainty. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can help to hedge against inflation and provide a censorship-resistant alternative to fiat currencies. Suppose you want to learn how to protect your wealth and take control of your own finances. In that case, blockchain education can help you to understand how to better navigate the current financial and socioeconomic landscape.

How Does Blockchain Education Influence the Industry?

In the early days of crypto, misinformation was rife. Thanks to the rising number of blockchain experts, it’s becoming pretty easy to dispel and cross-reference information. Because blockchain education has become so accessible, the broader public is gaining a greater awareness of blockchain’s benefits. Accordingly, blockchain education is helping to promote the mass adoption of decentralized technologies.

The more people who understand the fundamental properties of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the easier it is for healthy conversions to develop throughout the industry and beyond. Instead of dispelling rumors and hearsay, the blockchain community can focus on bigger, more important topics, such as creating revolutionary and empowering technologies outside of the legacy financial ecosystem.

Moreover, blockchain education is increasing the perceived legitimacy of the Web3 space for regulators and investors. Blockchain education is more consistent and streamlined than ever before. Instead of piecing together bits of code from multiple dubious Reddit posts, developers have access to certified high-quality learning materials. As a result, developers can create much higher-quality applications at an earlier stage in their development.

With Moralis Academy, blockchain education is borderless. Anyone can learn remotely from anywhere in the world. The global nature of blockchain education is helping to build communities and connect people around the world. This promotes innovation and collaboration in a way that is absent in most industries.

Blockchain Education for Business and Enterprise

Business and enterprise adoption of blockchain technology is driving innovation throughout the Web3 realm. Several major companies use blockchain to optimize business practices in multiple ways. One of the most prominent use cases for blockchain in business is supply chain management. Supply chains play a part in almost every industry. Understanding how distributed ledgers can improve the day-to-day operations and increase transparency throughout supply chains could help you to grow your business in a cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, blockchain education liberates merchants and vendors worldwide by enabling them to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In countries where national currencies are unstable, a basic understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies enable businesses to thrive regardless of economic turmoil and local currency devaluations.

As Web3 companies continue to expand, non-programmers benefit from learning about blockchain because of the growing number of positions and team members needed to cover the various roles within a thriving tech company. Currently, blockchain plays an essential role in a number of industries. This includes music, art, fashion, real estate, energy, finance, and insurance, to name a few.

Blockchain can easily be incorporated into existing business infrastructures. Plus, major global companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Coca-Cola are already implementing blockchain to optimize business practices.

The Top Universities for Blockchain Studies – Summary 

The benefits of blockchain and decentralized technologies are becoming hugely recognized sector-wide. It has never been easier to get high-quality education in this revolutionary field. However, several options are available to those who live too far away from the top universities with blockchain courses. Moralis Academy enables students to work at their own pace. That means you can complete courses quickly when you have the time, and you can take a break whenever you need to. Furthermore, our syllabus is far from static. We update courses regularly to stay updated with the latest trends and narratives.

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If you’re an experienced programmer, design specialist, marketing expert, or simply an advocate for decentralized technologies, education in blockchain will position you to make the most out of this shifting paradigm in finance and technology. Understanding how to take control of your own financial well-being is crucial in these uncertain times. In many parts of the world, blockchain education can help entire communities to lift themselves out of financial turmoil and create generational wealth.

To truly understand what the future of finance could look like, it’s important to understand where we’re coming from. To learn about the history and evolution of money, check out the Bitcoin Monetary Revolution course at Moralis Academy. This course covers the various financial systems used throughout history and the critical role of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the future of finance.

Whether you want to become a blockchain developer or simply wish to take control of your own financial freedom, Moralis Academy is the place to become blockchain certified. In addition, check out our “DeFi Explained” and “How to Invest in Crypto” articles to further expand your blockchain knowledge. Start your blockchain journey today with Moralis Academy!