By using Moralis Money, we were able to predict most recent HEX crypto price rally, well before it began. We even tweeted about it back on March 1, 2023:

On March 21, 2023, HEX crypto reached $0.10 after reversing from its low at approximately $0.017. In the following days, HEX was even above $0.13. And, there were many Moralis Money users who pocketed very nice gains:   

If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t worry. The markets are just starting to turn and the next bull run will reward you if you prepare properly. But the time to get ready is now!

Remember that the best way to make the most profits with crypto is to find tokens before they pump. That’s true for somewhat established tokens like HEX crypto and for newly minted ones. 

So, use Moralis Money to ride those 50x-70x gains that the average altcoin offers during the bull run! Be sure to check out the HEX token page on Moralis Money for all the latest on-chain statistics!

Predict the HEX Crypto Price Yourself

Accurately predicting prices can be a complex task, especially for new coins. Instead of focusing on their prices, it’s more important to focus on the on-chain data. After all, the latter precedes any moves in the crypto sphere. 

Predicting crypto prices is all about spotting on-chain activities before the markets reflect them. And, the best tool to get actionable on-chain real-time data is with Moralis Money! Try it out yourself in our interactive Moralis Money widget below:  

With this powerful tool, you can focus on filters that display tokens that are either gaining or losing momentum. The former indicates that it might be time to enter your position or go long. While the latter tells you that now may be the time to exit your positions or go short. 

So, you can use the different filters to understand how interest in HEX crypto and other tokens evolves. 

Of course, it’s smart to combine the power of on-chain data with technical analysis (TA). After all, TA is the way to predict prices, levels of support and resistance, etc. And, you don’t have to master technical analysis to start investing in crypto; the basics can already get you quite far.

Looking at the weekly HEX crypto chart above, you can see the aforementioned rally, followed by a retrace after hitting a major resistance at approximately $0.118. You can also see that the price is still above all major EMAs, which is quite a bullish indicator.

All-in-all, if you are interested in entering HEX, the range around $0.07 might be a good opportunity. Though this retrace could also retest the support at the $0.05 range. So, make sure to use Moralis Money to determine HEX’s on-chain activity. That is the way to properly time your entries!

What is HEX?

HEX, an ERC-20 token launched in 2019, is not just a cryptocurrency, but also a wider project. The mastermind behind HEX is Richard James Schueler, also known as Richard Heart, a philanthropist, author, serial entrepreneur, and YouTube personality who also founded PulseChain. By the way, PulseChain recently released its final testnet, so now’s the time to get ready for the PulseChain mainnet launch.

HEX's aim is to be the world's first-ever cryptocurrency Certificate of Deposit (CD). In a traditional banking system, CDs offer a slightly higher return than standard savings accounts in exchange for a fixed lock-up period. Similarly, HEX CDs offer returns to investors who agree to lock up their HEX crypto holdings for a specific duration ranging from one day to several years.

HEX's proof-of-wait protocol removes the need for miners. Instead, investors can generate new coins by holding HEX during the predetermined waiting period. Once the waiting period is over, the HEX smart contract generates new coins to compensate the holder. The latter then becomes a "miner" in the system. 

HEX is a kind of off-chain layer-two (L2) solution created on Ethereum and driven by a smart contract that governs the minting and distribution of tokens to investors. Currently, the annual percentage yield (APY) offered by HEX is approximately 40%. The percentage fluctuates depending on the duration of the holding period.

Before investing in HEX, you should decide whether you want to trade HEX or invest in HEX's CDs. Regarding the latter, be sure to visit the official HEX website ( and review all of the information available. Focus also on HEX's FAQ section and whitepaper, which claims that is superior to Bitcoin. 

Going Beyond HEX Crypto Price Prediction

By this point, you know that HEX crypto still has a lot of room to grow. As such, feel free to use Moralis Money to focus on spotting the best entries and exits for this token. However, HEX has been around since 2019 and it already experienced those insane gains typically reserved for new coins.

As such, it is important to be honest with yourself. So, are you in HEX because you are a huge believer in this particular project or is "how to get rich quick?” your main driver? 

If the former is what you’re after, limiting yourself to HEX may not be the most optimal way.

Instead, you may rather focus on finding the next big crypto coin. After all, the secret to riding those 50x-70x gains that the average altcoin offers is to find new coins early

Plus, it’s worth pointing out that many coins do a lot more than 70x. With proper timing, you can even make 100x and 1000x on your investment. Just look at the charts below.

So, are you ready to go beyond the HEX crypto price prediction? Are you ready to learn how to find the best crypto to buy right now at any given moment? Yeah, you are!

But first, we want you to understand what’s so special about Moralis Money.

Why Use Moralis Money?

Moralis Money is the best and the simplest tool to significantly increase your chances of properly determining what crypto to buy now

This tool comes from our in-house team of traders. It allows casual traders to use accurate raw, real-time on-chain data to help them make better decisions when it comes to altcoin investing. 

Unlike other on-chain tools that offer countless advanced charts that cause information overload, Moralis Money presents results in a simple and actionable manner. 

Moralis Money’s power comes to life through its three main features - Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. They are also a direct response to the three most common hurdles that altcoin traders face - FOMO, scams, and lack of time. 

Here’s Moralis Money’s three core features:

  • Token Explorer helps you overcome FOMO. By identifying crypto coins that show a lot of promise early, you are able to position yourself properly before the rally begins. Hence, you don’t end up FOMO:ing into a token at the top just to experience the price dump. 
  • Token Shield helps you avoid rugpulls and exit scams. On every query you make, this feature automatically checks the tokens’ security aspects. Thus, the results contain security information presented in a user-friendly manner. You can even filter out tokens that pose a higher risk!
  • Token Alerts allows you to set up email notifications for your saved on-chain queries. This means that you automatically detect and receive an alert whenever a new token matches your search criteria. So, with Token Alerts, you save hours that you’d otherwise spend searching for these kinds of opportunities. 

How to Predict the Future Price Development of All Hot Coins

Instead of relying on an influencer to tell you whether it’s a good time to buy HEX crypto or what other tokens to invest your hard-earned money in, take control in your own hands. And, with Moralis Money, you can do that in seconds!

Moralis Money
Stay ahead of the markets with real-time, on-chain data insights. Inform your trades with true market alpha!

The following are the steps to find new coins before they moon.

1st step: Go to the Moralis Money website and open Token Explorer.

2nd step: Add the Coin Age filter and set its parameter to view the coins minted in the last X days. For example, here’s how to get a list of all tokens created in the last three days:

A single filter that you apply in seconds provides you with ALL new coins on the selected network. It's that easy! 

But as you probably already know, you should be vigilant to avoid newly minted garbage coins. They definitely don’t deserve your attention. So, how to filter out those coins?

Moralis Money offers you several options to focus only on tokens that are gaining some traction. A great example is the “Holders” filter.

Step 3: Apply the Holders filter. For instance, you can get a list of tokens that have at least 60 new holders in the last 24 hours:

So, with just two simple filters, you are able to get a list of new tokens that are gaining some traction! Do you see how powerful this is?

Of course, you should always aim to refine your list even further.

Step 4: Mix and match additional filters. Finding your unique combination of filters is the key to making the most of raw, on-chain data. Essentially, you just need to rinse and repeat the following five-click process:

  1. Select a metric 
  2. Select a filter
  3. Enter a value
  4. Select a timeframe
  5. Run your query

Avoiding Scams

The Token Shield feature does its thing on autopilot. So, whenever you hit the “Run Query” button, the tokens that match your criteria go through Moralis Money’s security check. And, you can see the results of this check in the form of color-coded shield icons with a score inside:

Then, it’s up to you to consider your risk appetites and utilize those results. Those of you who want to minimize risk should focus on green shields. This is an excellent complement to doing your own research about the coins.

Another way to use Token Shield is by applying the Security Score filter. The latter enables you to refine your results based on tokens’ security scores. For example, let’s say you decide to filter out all tokens that have a security score below 80:

Spotting New Opportunities on Autopilot

If you’ve tried finding crypto gems in the past, you know how time-consuming it can be. But Moralis Money’s Token Alerts revolutionize that issue. With this powerful feature, you can set up a crypto watch that informs you the second new opportunity arises. 

To use Token Alerts, you need to connect your favorite Web3 wallet to Moralis Money: 

If you don’t have a Web3 wallet yet, press the “Get a Wallet” button and follow the instructions. 

Once you successfully authenticate yourself, Moralis Money creates your free account. Then, you can save your unique queries:

Keep in mind that the free account limits you to three saved queries. So, if you wish to save more unique filter combinations, upgrade to the Pro plan. 

Once you’ve successfully saved your favorite filters, you get to view them via the “Account” option. There, you’ll see the bell icon next to each saved query. To set up email notifications, you need to click those icons.

Cross-Chain Crypto Price Predictions

Ethereum was the first of its kind - programmable blockchain - and is still ahead of the other blockchains in terms of adoption. However, many other networks were born and gained popularity over the past few years. What’s more, younger chains tend to offer even greater opportunities for those extremely high gains.

With that in mind, don’t forget to explore other supported chains. Moralis Money lets you switch to any other popular EVM-compatible chain with just two clicks. 

The number of supported networks is continuously increasing and Moralis Money already supports some of the leading Ethereum scaling layer-two (L2) networks. So, you now have a chance to find gems on Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and several other chains!

How can you switch between networks? Either on the home page or on the Token Explorer page, you’ll see the network selection field. By clicking on that field, you’ll open the network drop-down menu. Then, simply click on the network you want to explore:

HEX Crypto Price Prediction - Understanding What's Next for HEX - Summary

In today’s article, you learned that timing your entries and exits into crypto tokens is far more important than their prices. You now know that by focusing on real-time on-chain data, you can spot opportunities before the price reflects them.

So, whether you want to focus on HEX crypto or other altcoins, you want to use the tool that gives you that edge. And, this is where Moralis Money enters the scene! 

Not only is this the best way to spot coins before they pump, but it also allows you to detect when coins start to lose momentum. With proper use of Moralis Money, you no longer have to be in the dark about why crypto is crashing.

A free account is enough to help you understand what’s next for HEX and other altcoins. However, if you want to be ready to seize opportunities on even shorter timeframes (hourly, daily), make sure to lock in the Pro plan today!