Today, you can find new crypto coins early by using Moralis Money. After we’re finished showcasing this tool, you would have wished Moralis Money was available during the last bull market because if it did, you could have caught rides like these:

  • Fantom (FTM) had a total increase of more than 223,500% in the last bull run. That’s a 2236x increase:
Example of Finding a Crypto Coin Doing a 2236x Increase
  • Polygon (MATIC) rose more than 554,300% for a total 5544x increase:
MATIC doing a 5544x price increase

FTM and MATIC are no rare exceptions. Many other altcoins experienced more than 50x increases during our latest bull market race. Even so, it turns out that 50x is the average performance for alts (altcoins) during a bull run. Many traders who were able to find new crypto coins early enjoyed 100x or even 1000x gains. Can you imagine investing $100 and gaining $10k or even $100k? We can because we identified several coins in their early stages before, including MATIC and EGLD.

If you want to find new coins with potential, you just need an emotionless and simple approach. But without the right tools, you'll be like most traders who fall victim to FOMO and scams and spend their entire days with their eyes stuck to their screens. 

Moralis Money Features to Overcome FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time

Moralis Money is a new powerful tool that helps you find true market alpha by looking at on-chain data. Unlike other "on-chain analytics" tools providing complicated charts and information overload, Moralis Money keeps things simple. 

The tool was created by experienced traders who know the altcoin market inside and out. For example, it was Ivan on Tech who discovered MATIC while it was worth just a few cents. Moreover, Ivan is the one leading Moralis Money, and the team behind this powerful tool consists of some of the best developers in the Web3 industry.  

Before we show you how to use this tool to find new coins with potential, we should explore the Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts features. These three features are your key to overcoming the three main challenges: FOMO, scams, and lack of time. 

Token Explorer

Token Explorer is Moralis Money's core feature that lets you quickly and easily find new coins with potential. By creating your own search criteria, you can identify altcoins before they moon. You can even use preset filters to learn which coins whales are buying.

Plus, with Token Explorer, you get your hands on raw, on-chain data and can pinpoint the next market alpha before any social media hype. In turn, you can "front-run" token explorers like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Once you are able to find new crypto coins early, you will automatically avoid FOMOing in too late - no more buying the top for you!

Token Shield

When diving into altcoins, it's important to be aware of potential risks. After all, many have experienced hardships due to being rug pulled or otherwise scammed.

To help you stay safe, Moralis Money includes a Token Shield feature. This special, ever-improving feature lets you reduce risk by marking tokens with signs of commitment and legibility with the green shield icon. This feature also provides information about the total liquidity locked in a project. All in all, with Token Shield, you'll be able to stay as safe as possible while investing in altcoins with high potential.  

Token Alerts

The Token Alerts feature allows you to step away from your computer and stay updated with everything relating to new opportunities in the quickly evolving crypto space. You get to set up customizable alerts that will notify you via email when new opportunities matching your filter arise. With Token Alerts, you can trade based on real-time on-chain data without spending hours analyzing it. Simply set up your filters once and be notified whenever a new coin matches your criteria.

Find New Crypto Coins Early - Use Moralis Money

How to Find New Crypto Coins Early with Moralis Money

With Moralis Money, you can find new crypto coins early in just a few clicks! With this tool, you can also protect yourself from scams and save time with its Token Alerts feature. Before we go into each feature, we encourage you to use the following demo tool:

Exploring New Coins with Potential via Key Metrics and Filters

The previous demo scratches the surface of what can be done with this "crypto coin finder" tool! So, let's dig a little deeper and see how you can find new crypto coins early via key metrics!

  • Coin Age - This metric allows you to find tokens that have been live for less than a specific number of days. This makes it ideal for identifying new tokens.
Illustrative GIF of Finding Crypto Early
  • Liquidity - With this metric, you can filter out tokens that have experienced a certain increase or decrease in liquidity over a specific timeframe (hourly and daily limited to the Pro plan). A change in the liquidity of a token indicates its popularity among traders.
Running Search Query to Find Cryptocurrency Early on Moralis Money Token Explorer Page
  • Holders - This metric gives you a chance to find new crypto coins early by exploring the number of their holders (addresses that hold the token). You can filter tokens based on an increase or decrease in the number of holders in a specific timeframe. 
Moralis Money Table Showing New Crypto Coins
  • Buyers - With this metric, you can filter out tokens that have experienced a certain increase or decrease in the number of buyers over a specific timeframe. An increase in buyers indicates rising popularity, while a decrease indicates falling popularity.
  • Experienced Buyers - Experienced buyers are essentially wallets with a proven track record (the ones that have executed some valid transactions in the past). Hence, this metric allows you to filter tokens based on an increase or decrease in the number of experienced buyers in a specific timeframe. 

Find New Crypto Coins Early by Setting Custom Filters

Now that you know how to implement individual filters, it's time you combine them to narrow down the list of new crypto coins with potential. To do this, you need to use the "Add Another Filter" button. Here's an example that illustrates this sort of method of finding new altcoins that match your unique criteria:

You can also use premade filters. For instance, let's say you want to see which newly minted coins are gaining traction. In that case, just hit the "Apply Filter" button below that premade filter and view the results on the "Token Explorer" page:

GIF Demonstrating How to Find Crypto Coins Early Using the Token Explorer

However, to find new crypto coins early and discover the greatest opportunities, you should come up with and use your own filters. The above animation should give you a good sense of how simple it is to use Moralis Money to get a list of tokens that show potential. You can also see that the results show tokens' names, symbols, chains, and addresses. The addresses also link to DEXTools, where you can do additional research. The rest of the columns focus on coins' ages, changes in the number of holders, buyers, and experienced buyers, and changes in liquidity. These parameters are also the current core metrics:

Moralis Money

Stay ahead of the markets with real-time, on-chain data insights. Inform your trades with true market alpha!

Token Explorer Metric Drop-Down Menu

Note: Keep in mind that Moralis Money is constantly evolving and improving. You can expect more metrics to be added over time.

Saving Your Queries and Token Alerts

Once you start using multiple filters, you will eventually find some combinations that offer you great results. You'll be able to save those queries via the "Save Query" button; however, keep in mind that this option requires you to connect your Web3 wallet:

Note: The Token Alerts feature will launch to the public soon. By signing up today, you can be among the first altcoin investors to use it!

Find Coins Early on Various Chains

In the above examples, we focused on the Ethereum chain. Fortunately, Moralis Money allows you to easily switch to other leading networks. To do this, just click on "Ethereum" and then select the network you want to explore from the drop-down menu:

Chain Network Selection to Find Crypto Coins on Various Blockchains

Staying on the Safe Side with Token Shield

There's no point in pretending that investing in altcoins is not a high-risk venture. So, to make sure that high rewards outweigh the risks, you need to be as safe as possible. The last thing you want is to be rug pulled! This is where Moralis Money's Token Shield comes into play, helping you to avoid scams. Token Shield looks at projects' data, such as total liquidity locked, and marks safer coins with the green shield:

If you hover your mouse over the shield icon, you can see more details regarding the “safety” aspects.

Note: The Moralis Money dev team is constantly improving and implementing Token Shields features across all supported chains.  

Portfolio Tracker, Upgrades, Beans, and More

If you decide to log in with your Web3 wallet and verify your connection, you’ll be able to view your portfolio via the “Profile” option in the side menu:

It also displays tokens, NFTs, and transaction history. As you can see in the above image, you can also explore all other wallet addresses via the "Search by Wallet Address" field at the top. This feature is also available to non-authenticated users via the "Search" option from the side menu:

That way, you can find new coins with potential that whale wallets hold. For instance, here's Vitalik's portfolio:

With the Pro or Enterprise plans, you get an extra edge with access to lower timeframes, a greater number of saved filters, and more:

Plus, when you are authenticated, you also get to collect special Moralis Beans every 24 hours: 

The team hasn't yet revealed the use case of Beans, but in due time it will; so stay tuned to find out more!    

How to Find New Crypto Coins Early - Summary

At this point, you know how to use Moralis Money to find new crypto coins early. If you went through the above sections, you learned all you need to know to start using this powerful tool and find tokens before they pump. It will serve as your edge when investing in altcoins. The key lies in using proper filters, staying safe, and using notifications to automate your "token funneling". So, are you ready to overcome the three main challenges of trading altcoins, such as FOMO, scams, and time scarcity? If so, visit the Moralis Money page today! You don't want to sleep on this opportunity. After all, entering the market on time is the key to catching those 50x, 100x, or even 1000x gains!