Many missed out on massive gains during the past bull market. But let's forget about the past and instead focus on how you can find the best crypto to buy right now so you can benefit from 50x or 100x in the upcoming cycle!

How? Well, there’s a new powerful tool on the block: Moralis Money

This tool provides you with real-time blockchain data in seconds. Plus, it does so in an easy-to-understand and actionable manner.

No more information overload. No more analysis paralysis. 

Moralis Money offers the simplest way to determine the best crypto to buy right now!

Feel free to experience the power of Moralis Money right on this page using the demo below. Getting a list of tokens that might be the next big crypto coin only takes a few clicks. You just need to select a metric, filter, enter a value, select a timeframe, and hit the “Run Query” button. Or, just use one of the preset filters!

What is the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now?

Crypto never sleeps and is often extremely volatile - large moves happen fast. So, opportunities come and go quickly. The only way to discover the best crypto to buy right now - or at any moment - is by looking at real-time data.

Sure, technical analysis (TA) can be helpful for already established assets. However, as you may already know, the biggest opportunities lie in new altcoins, and these coins do not have enough price history for reliable TA. 

If you look at the past cycles, you can see that the average altcoin experiences 50x - 70x gains. But, in many instances, altcoins even experienced 100x or even 1000x. For example, just look at FTM and MATIC:

  • Fantom (FTM) experienced a 2236x rise in less than 15 months:
Example Chart of FTM Crypto
  • Polygon (MATIC) rose by 5544x in less than 15 months:
Polygon MATIC Price Volatility Chart

It’s due to this extremely large upside potential in relatively short timeframes that altcoin investments are also the best answer to the "how to get rich quick?” question. However, timing is the key! You need to find new coins early to make those massive gains.

That is why Moralis Money is so powerful - it helps you find tokens before they pump.

Knowing that the next bull run is upon us, now is the right time to get ready with this innovative tool!

Man Pushing Stone Uphill Illustrating the Challenge of How to Find the Best Crypto to Buy Now

The Three Primary Obstacles When Buying Crypto

Even though the average altcoin offers 50x-70x gains, many fail to profit from these cryptocurrencies. Why is that so?

Well, typically because of the following three obstacles:

  1. FOMO – Inexperienced traders usually don’t have the proper tools and systems to trade without involving their emotions. Their emotions get behind the steering wheel, which causes them to chase the hype. Consequently, they FOMO into coins at the top just to experience a massive price dump!
  1. Scams – Like any industry, there are bad actors seeking to scam people. A casual trader can unintentionally invest in a sketchy project that rug pulls or scams its investors. 
  1. Lack of Time – Tracking crypto markets typically requires a full-time commitment. However, most casual investors don’t have the luxury of spare time. In other words, they don’t have the time to identify the best crypto to buy right now.

Is there a way to overcome these challenges? 

Moralis Money’s Response to FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time

In direct response to the above-outlined obstacles, the Moralis team of experienced traders and Web3 developers built Moralis Money. With this tool, even less experienced traders can spot the best crypto to buy right now. All it takes is a few clicks!

Moralis Money’s direct response to FOMO, scams, and lack of time comes in the form of three core features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts

  • Token Explorer - This feature is Moralis Money's answer to FOMO. It allows you to spot altcoins with high potential early. By doing so, you have a chance to enter your position before the coin takes off.
  • Token Shield - Avoid scams with Token Shield. This feature performs automatic security checks and returns security information on altcoin projects. By using this data, you get to avoid scams and rug pulls. 
  • Token Alerts - This feature enables you to set up alerts for your saved on-chain queries. You get to detect new coins that match your search criteria without actually performing research. With Token Alerts, you can listen to on-chain data in real time and get notified the second new opportunities arise! 

If you’ve used other on-chain tools, you know that they present you with many unactionable advanced charts. That’s because these tools are created by data scientists with zero experience trading altcoins. As a result, you experience information overload and analysis paralysis.

However, Moralis Money returns clear and actionable results. Finally, simplicity and power are under the same roof!

How to Find the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now - Use Moralis Money

How to Find the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now with Token Explorer

The best crypto to buy right now is normally an altcoin that hasn’t taken off. As pointed out above, you need to learn to identify new coins with potential early. But how do you find an altcoin that may go on a 50-100x run in the near future? 

1st step: Access Moralis Money Token Explorer.

2nd step: Add the Coin Age filter to focus on coins created in the last X days. For example, let’s say you want to get a list of all coins minted in the last three days:

How to Find the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now - Step 1 - Open Moralis Token Explorer

How easy is that? With just five clicks, you are able to generate a list of new coins! 

Of course, not all newly created tokens deserve your attention. After all, many of them are garbage coins. So, you can further refine your search with an additional filter to focus on tokens that are gaining traction.

There are several filters you can use for that purpose. For example, you can focus on an increase in holders.

3rd step: Apply an additional filter. The Holders filter is a valid choice to identify tokens that are building some momentum. For example, you can focus on coins with an increase of at least 60 holders in the last day:

Additional Step - Apply Various Filters for Hot Crypto

Now you have a list of new tokens that may deserve your attention! Do you see how powerful and time-efficient this tool is? 

Token Explorer lets you find the best crypto to buy right now for some potential gains!

4th step: Utilize other available filters to further refine the results. With your unique filters, you’ll be able to make the most out of raw, on-chain data and pinpoint your winners. Essentially, rinse and repeat the following:

Moralis Money

Stay ahead of the markets with real-time, on-chain data insights. Inform your trades with true market alpha!

  1. Select a metric 
  2. Select a filter
  3. Enter a value
  4. Select a timeframe
  5. Run query
Filters Outlined to Find the Best Crypto Right Now

Preset Filters for an Even Quicker Start

In case you need an even quicker start, use the preset filters. These await you on the homepage. There, you just need to click on the “Apply Filter” buttons under a preset filter that interests you. By doing so, you’ll land on the “Token Explorer” page. There, you’ll be able to explore the results:

With the Token Explore feature, you’ll start identifying great opportunities. This also means you’ll be front-running data provided by crypto explorers like CoinGecko and any social media hype. 

Reducing Risk with Token Shield

Above, you learned that Token Explorer lets you find the best crypto to buy right now. However, you also saw that (depending on your filters) the list of potential candidates can be quite extensive. 

You can and should further shorten your list by focusing on tokens that pose a lower risk. With Token Shield, you get to do that pretty easily. 

To activate Token Shield, you don’t have to do anything. Moralis Money automatically performs token safety checks whenever you run a query. You get to see the results of the safety check in the form of color-coded shields and a DEXTool score:

Projects with higher numbers are less risky. On larger timeframes, we recommend focusing on tokens with green shields. 

By applying the Security Score filter, you can even refine your results based on those numbers inside the shields. For example, let’s say you only want to view coins that have a security score of 80 or higher:

Use Token Alerts for More Time Freedom

If you want to use the Token Alerts feature, you must authenticate yourself with a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask). This step creates your free Moralis Money account allowing you to save your favorite queries.  

So, once you find a combination of filters that consistently provides you with a quality list of “best crypto to buy now” tokens, you want to save that query. Then, you need to access your account page and hit the bell icon to set up your email alerts.

With alerts in place, your email inbox will notify you whenever a new coin matches your criteria. Essentially, with Token Alerts, you keep track of the live on-chain changes without any additional time investment.

Best Crypto to Buy Now Across Multiple Chains

Ethereum’s dominance remains unchallenged; however, we now have several popular chains. If the past cycles taught us anything, it is that new chains tend to offer great opportunities. As such, you need to check for the best crypto to buy right now across multiple chains.  

Fortunately, Moralis Money allows you to do that in two clicks:

  1. Click on the currently selected chain.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the network you want to switch to. 
Find the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Various Blockchain Networks with Moralis Money

Moralis Money already supports many EVM-compatible chains, including several up-and-coming layer-2 (L2) networks. So, you can use Token Explorer to even find Arbitrum gems.

Moralis Money Guest vs Authenticated Users

By accessing the Moralis Money website, everyone can use this powerful tool for free. The Token Explorer and Tokens Shield features are available to booth guest users and those who connect their Web3 wallets. As for the Token Alerts, you need to have at least a free account to set your notifications.     

Authenticated users get to see their wallet portfolios automatically on the “Profile” page. As such, they can view their total balance in USD, tokens, NFTs, and transaction history:  

Looking at the above screenshot, you can see that the “Profile” page also includes a search bar at the top. The latter allows you to explore portfolios of other wallets. You can perform this kind of portfolio peeking even as a guest on the “Search” page:

This option can be extremely practical if you want to explore the wallet addresses of experienced traders and whales. For instance, you can view Vitalik Buterin’s portfolio:

Daily Rewards: Moralis Beans

Another reason why you may decide to connect your Web3 wallet to Moralis Money is to start collecting Moralis Beans. All authenticated users get to collect this Moralis Money reward daily by pocketing 500 Beans every 24 hours:

If you are wondering what the purpose of Moralis Beans is, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. However, the Moralis Money team will announce this info in due time. Given the fact that the core Moralis team tends to provide great value in everything they do, it seems smart to collect your Moralis Beans today. 

Taking Moralis Money to the Next Level

When using Moralis Money as a guest or with your free account, your filters are limited to weekly and monthly timeframes. This can be enough to spot many opportunities. However, it may also result in you being late on certain occasions.

After all, crypto never sleeps, and a lot can happen in a day or even in an hour. If you want that extra edge that lower timeframes offer, upgrade to the Moralis Money Pro plan!

Pro Plan with Additional Features to Find the Best Crypto Right Now for Purchase

The Pro plan offers some additional benefits, including extra Moralis Beans, more saved filters, premium filters, and more. 

For most of you, the Pro plan will be more than enough to find the best crypto to buy now. However, if you are looking to approach your altcoin investing as an enterprise, you may want to consider the Enterprise plan. You can find more details regarding Moralis Money plans on the Pricing page:

Best Crypto to Buy Right Now - Summary

So, what’s the best crypto to buy right now? Well, there's no simple answer. After all, the crypto market changes quickly. As such, the best way to go about this question is to learn how to utilize real-time blockchain data yourself. 

Doing so allows you to spot opportunities in altcoins early enough to avoid FOMO. The best tool to obtain simple-to-understand and actionable on-chain data is Moralis Money. With this tool, you get to find altcoins with high potential early.

So, instead of losing sleep over concerns such as “is it too late to buy HEX?” or any other assets that have mooned, get acquainted with Token Explorer. That way, you’ll make the most of the upcoming bull market. Nonetheless, if you find the HEX project interesting, you should also consider getting ready for the imminent PulseChain mainnet launch.