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Scrypto is a Rust based programming language that is designed to develop smart-contracts on the growing Radix network
Learndash course
This course is our advanced solidity course. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to develop a career as a smart contract developer and need deep knowledge about building smart contracts and dapps on Ethereum.

Blockchain Development Courses

Crypto programming and blockchain development are two of the most exciting and innovative areas of Web3 today. Crypto programming is the process of creating software that can be used to secure communications and transactions using cryptography. On the other hand, blockchain development is the process of creating decentralized applications that run on a distributed ledger. These two areas are often used in conjunction with each other, as blockchain technology can be used to create secure and efficient crypto-based applications. Both crypto programming and blockchain development require a high level of technical expertise and creativity. As such, they are often associated with cutting-edge companies and startups. However, both areas are also open to anyone with the right skills and motivation. For those interested in working in either of these exciting fields, our courses are the right way to gain knowledge and experience to succeed.

Crypto Programming Course

Crypto programming courses are becoming increasingly popular as crypto assets gain mainstream adoption. Our courses teach students how to develop applications that can take advantage of the unique properties of crypto assets, such as their decentralization and security. In addition, crypto programming courses also help to understand the underlying blockchain technology that powers crypto assets. With the help of Moralis Academy’s courses, students can develop the skills needed to build the next generation of crypto applications.