Radix: Scrypto development

Scrypto is a Rust based programming language that is designed to develop smart-contracts on the growing Radix network

About the Course

This Introduction course provides the core concepts on developing smart contracts on the Radix Public Network with Scrypto, a Rust based smart contract language with asset-oriented features. In this guide, you will learn how Scrypto's asset-oriented paradigm enables a more intuitive, safe, and fun approach to developing smart contracts. These asset-oriented concepts have native resources implemented with a Finite State Machine. We walk through how these native resources expose developers with powerful authorization & authentication, accounts, and transaction models. At the end, the course applies these asset-oriented concepts by implementing a Token Sale design with Scrypto in a code walkthrough. This is a high-level overview course where you can get a flavor and practical understanding of how developing with Scrypto works.

What you will learn:


Your instructor

Jake Mai

Jake Mai

Jake is part of the Developer Ecosystem team at RDX Works. As a community liaison, Jake educates and provides support for Scrypto developers. Prior to working at RDX Works, Jake was working in commercial real estate finance, underwriting and structuring bridge, construction, and institutional loans. He was first exposed to Scrypto at the APE (Alexandria Preview Event) in 2021 and began learning and developing with Scrypto mid-2022 where he placed 3rd in the Scrypto Lending Protocol Challenge and 2nd in the Scrypto Portfolio Management Challenge. Shortly thereafter, he began working for RDX Works as a Developer Community Liaison.