Lightning Network & Lightning App Programming

Learn how the Lightning Network delivers cheap, fast transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, and how you can build with it. Get a solid understanding of layer two concepts.

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About the Course

Filip guides you through the inner workings of Bitcoin's first layer two (L2) solution, the Lightning Network. This course will show you how to build using the Lightning Network, how it interacts with Bitcoin's application layer (L1), and lots more. It's a great foundation for understanding the concept of L2's in general too.

What you will learn:


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Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan runs Ivan on Tech - one of the most successful and trusted blockchain channels on Youtube and is also an international blockchain speaker and educator. Millions of people all around the world have listened, learned and been inspired by Ivan. Now he has created a course for his followers and subscribers, so that they can get the same knowledge as the big corporations.

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