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The data is in, and careers in crypto are booming! Anyone watching the financial markets knows that the global economy is roaring back with the surge of COVID-19 vaccine availability, and the crypto industry is leading the vanguard. Specifically, crypto firms have been on a hiring spree the past six months, and demand for crypto talent far outstrips the available labor supply. As such, there has never been a better time to kickstart your crypto career! Read on for a full breakdown of why now is the perfect time to seek a job in crypto. In fact, embarking on a career in crypto could not only land you a six-figure salary, but it's also one of the hottest industries around.

It's no secret that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are fast becoming one of the best industries for career prospects and opportunities. Knowing blockchain was voted the no.1 in-demand hard skill on LinkedIn, and the field offers some of the best salaries around. There are many different crypto career paths available that people don't often think about, and the blockchain careers are becoming widely available across many various industries.

With Bitcoin inching closer to its all-time high and growing more popular than ever, some are naturally focusing on potential trading gains. However, those who are in Bitcoin for the long ride are instead likely thinking about how to get a job in crypto. At the moment, the crypto industry is still in its infancy, and ripe for development. Opportunities like these come about once in a generation, it is a truly exciting time to be involved within the crypto community. Specifically, learning about blockchain technology can equip you with the knowledge to become financially independent, and create a better work/life balance with the ability to work in a specialized role, remotely, or for yourself, getting a foot in the door early to help kickstart your career.