Terms like Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency alone can feel intimidating to some people, others though may feel excited to hear about it. Blockchain is a relatively new technology given to us by an anonymous developer(s) known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and is still in the ‘early adoption’ phase. As such, there is still some fear or confusion around the subject, due to a lack of understanding and education. Some people, however, are intrigued about the subject enough to dig a bit deeper, and will start searching the internet for Bitcoin courses to learn more – if you are one of those people, welcome! 

In this article, we briefly cover what Bitcoin is, and how it functions to give context for your next stage of learning. We explain why people are buying Bitcoin, and why more and more people are wanting to take that next step of education in the crypto and blockchain industry, before suggesting the best course to start with that’s right for you. We will also give suggestions of what to do after completing one of the Bitcoin courses, from continuing your education to creating your own start-up!

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to be developed using blockchain technology, and was launched in early 2009. Blockchain technology is a form of distributed ledger technology that creates an open-source, transparent, and immutable database of transactions.

On an atomic level, Bitcoin is simply pieces of code, that are transacted and verified mathematically through huge computational power from thousands of nodes (computers) in a network around the globe. 

Each node holds a copy of the database that is updated in real-time and must reach a consensus that a transaction is valid before it is processed. When the transaction is processed it is put in a block that is appended to the blockchain, and normally another 6 blocks must be appended before the transaction is confirmed.

Bitcoin is the first cryptographically secure form of electronic payment that can be accessed and transacted worldwide within minutes. It’s borderless, censorship-resistant, and nondiscriminatory. Bitcoin doesn’t care who you are, where you live, or who you vote for. Anyone can own Bitcoin. The recent increase in Bitcoin ATMs means those without the means to open a bank accoun now have somewhere to save money, and create an electronic store of wealth with the use of the QR code paper wallets distributed by the ATMs. 

The QR codes can be scanned at any Bitcoin ATM to show the BTC balance, with the option to buy more Bitcoin with cash or card, with some ATMs offering a cash withdrawal service too. 

There are a plethora of reasons for one to invest in Bitcoin, for some it may be a way of making gains, others, it may be a way to survive in a hyperinflationary economy. Other use cases for Bitcoin in western societies is as a store of wealth and a trading opportunity to make profits.  

Why are People Buying Bitcoin?

Citizens in countries such as Argentina or Zimbabwe are converting as much of their fiat into crypto as they can, as the value of their native currency is being debased daily. Investing in Bitcoin can offer a hedge against inflation, and preserve wealth in times of economic crises. 

MicroStrategy, one of America’s largest business intelligence companies, has made over $100 million in profit since first investing in Bitcoin in August and September of this year. This move of converting company assets into Bitcoin has paved the way for a long list of other publicly traded companies now following in MicroStrategy’s footsteps. Institutions are questioning the value of the dollar and the house-of-cards stock market that could fall any day. 

Investing in either Bitcoin or gold would be the logical choice to keep the value of your assets secure, however, with gold comes many inconveniences and impracticalities when storing and transporting it. Bitcoin can technically be stored in the mind (if you can remember your seed phrase!) and transported wherever you go and can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection.

Finally, as more large investors convert a percentage of their portfolio into Bitcoin, and an increasing amount of crypto exchanges become available through banks, people are beginning to realize the scarcity of Bitcoin. There can only ever be 21 million BTC mined and approximately 4 million are already lost through losing passwords or hardware.

Greyscale alone holds approximately 3% of all circulating Bitcoin, and there are thousands of other businesses across the globe that will be wanting a piece of the Bitcoin pie. History has shown that, as the demand rises, so too does the price and value of Bitcoin.

Why Learn About Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology?

First and foremost, educating yourself even on the basics of Bitcoin and how blockchain technology works will give you an unfair advantage over fellow peers and colleagues, as this is still a relatively new and niche area of technology. 

Technology companies are propping up the stock market, and have been driving society towards a digital age since the dot com boom in the early 2000s. The internet and tech industry are not going anywhere, and blockchain is a necessary addition to the mix to add a secure, decentralized open-source layer that can be used for global financial transactions.

Many of the skills you can pick up in blockchain education are transferable to an array of industries. Blockchain technology has become synonymous with Bitcoin, but this revolutionary network of smart contracts and applications can be applied to healthcarefashionmusic, retail and wholesale supply chain industries, art, and insurance, alongside cutting edge financial applications.

The global pandemic has led to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calling for a new ‘Bretton Woods’ style, global money renegotiation. There is too much debt around the world, and too many unemployed people and businesses that need financial support. We are heading towards a new financial system, with countries launching their own CBDCs and potentially seeing a cashless society in the not too distant future. Central bank digital currencies are a step forward in terms of digital financial adoption, however, they do not hold the same properties as cryptocurrencies. The most significant factor is that you have true and verifiable ownership of your Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. With CBDCs, the central bank can easily adjust your account by adding, or removing, funds and interest rates without your permission or prior knowledge. 

Better career prospects

So, what are some other reasons for enrolling in Bitcoin courses? Well, first of all, being a part of or working at the forefront of developing technologies usually pays well. A blockchain developer can earn an average between $125K-$250K per year, working remotely from anywhere in the world. It’s not just developers that can get in on the unfair advantage – you can add your knowledge of crypto and blockchain to your own industry with many different careers available in crypto. From project management and human resources to sales, content creators, marketers, and customer support, many different roles demand blockchain-based knowledge, and these roles generally pay higher compared to a non-crypto or blockchain specific position.

Naturally, your go-to option for enrolling in Bitcoin courses should be Ivan on Tech Academy. Join over 20,000 students already learning about Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto. Let us take a closer look at some of the Bitcoin courses available through the Academy! Remember, you can also get 20% off when enrolling if you use our exclusive promo code BLOG20.

Bitcoin Courses: Where To Start

As the demand for Bitcoin education grows, there are new and different courses that pop up on education sites, with a section on cryptocurrency and blockchain offering video-based courses. 

Ivan on Tech Academy is blockchain-centered and focuses on developing technologies. As part of the courses, you are guided to interact with the community forum, where you can see messages and questions from others in the Academy, and a view of content on the different courses. The Academy has been designed for all different aspects of learning, all in one place, with videos, reading, researching, and interacting with like-minded people. As this is a fast-paced industry, the courses are regularly updated to ensure students are learning the latest standards and protocols. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, how to secure your wealth, or get a career in crypto, the following Ivan on Tech Academy Bitcoin courses are good places to start:

Bitcoin Standard 

In this course, you will learn about why we have money, the difference between currency and money, and the different forms of currencies over the years. With this foundational knowledge, you can further understand the implications and opportunities of Bitcoin. 

Blockchain & Bitcoin 101

If you would like to learn how Bitcoin works on a more technical level, from a beginners’ perspective with no complicated jargon, then this is the place to start. After completion, you will understand how the transparency and immutability aspects of blockchain technology are revolutionary to the current financial infrastructure.

Crypto Basics 

If you understand the ins and outs of UTXOs and the value proposition of Bitcoin but would like to learn how to buy Bitcoin and store it safely, this is the number 1 Bitcoin course for you. With clear, guided video tutorials you will be able to purchase crypto and start stacking sats within minutes, trading altcoins, and knowing the red flags to watch out for to avoid scams. After completion of this course, you’ll be comfortable creating an account on an exchange, buying and trading Bitcoin, and storing funds in an external cold storage wallet.

Bitcoin Programming 101

This course will teach you exactly how Bitcoin is programmed from the ground up. Following the completion of this course, you will understand the tools needed to interact and build on the Bitcoin blockchain, covering multi-sig transactions, timelocks, and much more! 

After Completion of Bitcoin Courses

After completing just one of the above Bitcoin courses, you are almost guaranteed to get the crypto bug and want to continue your learning about the technology, and how it is being adopted across a variety of industries. There is a wide selection of Ethereum courses available, from Ethereum 101 for beginners, to Ethereum Game Programming for people with experience or that have completed previous programming courses.

If you’d like to learn how to code and be a developer in this exciting and fast-moving industry but have no idea where to start with no experience of programming, then we would suggest starting with the Javascript Programming for Developers course – designed for new programmers! 

If you want to pursue an alternative career in crypto then the Blockchain in Business Masterclass Course contains invaluable knowledge about how different businesses can implement blockchain into their current infrastructure. The course is designed to position you to be able to lead a team of developers and be in charge of a blockchain project, be it employed by a crypto firm, or self-employed with your own project. 

Following the completion of just 1 or 2 courses, can get you ahead of your peers and colleagues, and be fully capable of creating your own cryptocurrency project or start-up. A career in cryptocurrency and blockchain can offer significantly better salaries than other industries and allows you to work remotely, from anywhere in the world with total flexibility.


Now is the best time to learn about Bitcoin. Get ahead of the curve before crypto becomes mainstream, and gain an unfair advantage with your knowledge of blockchain technology. 

A recent research survey by Cambridge University concluded there are just over 100 million cryptocurrency users worldwide – if you think that you’re getting in late today, you are actually earlier than over 96% of the global population. 

Blockchain technology is the number one in-demand hard skill in 2020 according to a LinkedIn report, as there is a shortage of educated developers compared to the demand needed. Life doesn’t often present an opportunity like this every day, and investing in yourself, your education, and your wealth now, could position you for a much better way-of-living in just a few months! 

On Ivan on Tech Academy, there are various Bitcoin courses to suit those who want to know more about the programming and technological side of crypto, those who want to learn about the history and value propositions of Bitcoin, and those who wish to invest or trade cryptocurrency, and learn to do so safely and profitably. We have many students that have graduated from the academy within a few months, going from zero-experience in programming to a full-stack developer working as a professional blockchain solidity developer. This could be you too if you decide to take the plunge and invest in yourself and your Bitcoin education today!