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Did you know that MATIC crypto, now one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies, used to trade under a cent? Many traders and investors had a chance to get a decent bag of this altcoin while trading at such a low price. However, with the price no longer being traded at such a discount, is MATIC a good investment?

When traders believe the price of BTC and ETH has gotten too high, they instead often look for undervalued "altcoins". This article takes a closer look at some of the altcoin projects that have traders talking.

Rebranded from “Matic Network” in February 2021, Polygon is a layer-2 network designed to bring mass scalability to Ethereum and interoperability between other blockchains. Retaining the MATIC cryptocurrency ticker, Polygon is evolving into a platform to help developers bring products to market quickly. This is achieved using customizable, modular blockchain network tools and services that harness the power of the Ethereum network, without the drawbacks associated with high transaction fees and network congestion. As such, layer-2 solutions are drawing a lot of attention as the crypto industry looks to expand and interoperate.

New and exciting DeFi projects launch all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. More specifically, understanding project fundamentals, the services they can offer to users, announcements of partnerships and integrations can all seem abstract. Matic Network, on the other hand, a Layer-2 scaling solution utilizing Plasma side chains, has a very concrete use case. Put simply, Matic Network is a scaling solution underpinning dApps and DeFi applications, addressing some of the Ethereum Network’s scalability challenges.