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Hedera Hashgraph was built to provide decentralized governance at scale using the hashgraph consensus mechanism. By harnessing the power and utility of byzantine fault tolerance consensus with the innovative gossip about gossip protocol, Hedera Hashgraph is separating governance from consensus using patented technology. This is thanks to the Hedera Governing Council members, a team of leading companies including the likes of Google, IBM, and Deutsche Bank. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has become an essential part of many industries. With the use of advanced cryptography, it is now possible for businesses and individuals to safely store data and transact using a trustless, immutable public ledger. However, the hashgraph consensus mechanism has some key distinctions from blockchain consensus. For those who are wondering “what is Hedera Hashgraph?” and “what is the HBAR token?” - let’s find out!

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