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Those who were involved in crypto back in 2016 most likely remember The DAO. While The DAO eventually perished, the memory of this huge project still lives on. Now, Daomatian and its DAO token commemorate The DAO project, and it does so by labeling itself as the first DAO reborn, but as a meme coin. That said, should you buy Daomatian? Read on as we explore on-chain price analytics and the fundamentals for this project and its DAO token!

DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations happen to be one of the most innovative blockchain-based concepts. DAO is also known as DAC or decentralized autonomous corporation. The core philosophy is to create an organization that’s free from centralized control.

Wallem is a new and exciting application that was recently launched, setting off a wave of hype across the crypto community. Perhaps you have already heard of the Wallem app and would like to find out a bit more? The first of its kind, the Wallem app is combining cryptocurrency blockchain technology with augmented reality.