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The second week of 2021 saw a significant correction in the price of Bitcoin, following the premier cryptocurrency’s frantic rally to new all-time highs. Although Bitcoin’s price has since recovered somewhat, it initially fell from a high of over $41,500 to nearly $33,000. Perhaps even more interesting is how the Ivan on Tech BSI Indicator was able to predict this Bitcoin dump several days in advance. Read on for the full breakdown of how a cryptocurrency trading indicator predicted Bitcoin’s January 2021 dump!

When you’re looking at a cryptocurrency price chart for the first time, it can be a little confusing. So many numbers, lines, and colors, can appear overwhelming initially. You may have heard people refer to “chart patterns” and various other cryptocurrency trading indicators that help traders and investors make choices based on the probability of outcomes, rather than gut feeling and chance. Crypto trading indicators are an essential tool for making the most out of the markets.