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ETHPad is an initial dex offering (IDO) platform designed by BlueZilla, created on the second-largest blockchain, Ethereum. The project was launched following the success of previous launchpad platforms deployed by BlueZilla. These include BSCPad, and TronPad, among others. In addition to being an Ethereum IDO platform, ETHPad offers an incubation program for up-and-coming projects. The ETHPad network uses the native ETHPAD token as a multi-utility token across the ecosystem, including the ETHPad app. Moreover, the ETHPAD tokenomics system includes influences from Ethereum’s most recent hard fork update. In particular, the EIP-1559 proposal that introduces deflationary aspects to ETH. But, what exactly are the deflationary aspects of the ETHPAD token? Also, how is this Ethereum IDO platform different from other crypto launchpads on the network?

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