Program Oracles Using Chainlink

Chainlink Programming 101

Aave, Curve, Synthetix - just some of the big Crypto players that use Chainlink. This advanced course will give you a deep understanding of oracles, off-chain data, and more.

About the Course

Patrick will show you how to leverage advanced Solidity programming tools to customize your Smart Contracts. You'll even make your own decentralized lottery! Completing this course will give you the knowledge and skill to use oracles, off-chain data, and make API calls with Chainlink.

What you will learn:

Blockchain, Programming, Ethereum

Your instructor


Patrick Collins

Patrick is a Chainlink Developer Advocate & Software Engineer, and the Founder and CEO of Alpha Chain, working with blockchain and data infrastructure services. He has previously worked for asset management firm Man Numeric as a software and support engineer. Patrick is well-versed in educating smart contract engineers, an avid open source contributor, and is passionate about helping developers succeed.