The idea of blockchain technology has been around for longer than you might think. The concept of a blockchain system was born as early as 1991, but it was far from a working system. Moreover, this early prototype was far from what the technology entitles today. Since blockchain is both a complex type of technology and an attractive new industry, a way to understand it better is to enroll in a crypto academy.  

First, however, a bit of backstory is necessary. It was not until 2008 that the technology gained traction and became a known phenomenon. Many consider the Bitcoin whitepaper, authored by the anonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the real “birth of the blockchain”. It was actually due to Bitcoin that blockchain became more popular and spiked the business world’s interest. 

But still, some people are in the dark and have no idea of the technology, or have never heard about blockchain at all. Moreover, most of the people who have actually heard about blockchain do not actually know what blockchain really is and how it works. Since the technology is growing at a rapid rate, it is vital that more people get educated in this field. The growth is also positive for the developers since more businesses are looking to implement blockchain into their systems.

Demand Exceeds Supply for Crypto Developers

The sudden increase in interest for blockchain has created a gap in the market. Blockchain technology has an enormous application scope, which means that the demand for this technology has increased drastically. 

Supply, on the other hand, has fallen behind when it comes to blockchain. It has been impossible for supply to keep up with demand, causing problems for the companies that seek blockchain developers. But someone’s problem can be an opportunity for others. 

The fact that demand drastically exceeds supply means that the equilibrium for the supply and demand curve is somewhat strange. It means that the intercept of the two curves is placed where the number of suppliers is low; meanwhile, the price will be high. 

The lack of suppliers and the excess in demand create significant opportunities for programmers and developers. Since demand for blockchain is so high and the numbers of suppliers are so low, the few developers with the right skill set can take high wages. It will also start a bidding war between the people in demand, which will drive the crypto developers’ salaries. 

Another positive is the fact that this will create a lot of opportunities for developers with blockchain knowledge. There will always be a substantial amount of work available since the demand is so high. This basically means that there is a lot of work available at a high wage, or that the crypto job market becomes a “sellers market” for blockchain developers.  

Blockchain is More Than Crypto

Since blockchain underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the technology gained traction through Bitcoin it is often associated with crypto. One big area where blockchain is used is, of course, cryptocurrencies – but there is a lot more to it. 

The massive area of use for blockchain is one of the reasons that the demand has outgrown the supply in a fast manner. One of the areas where blockchain is predicted to grow really big is in finance.

The systems of today are slow and centralized, which blockchain technology might be able to change. The system would allow us to cut out the middleman and make transactions between people so much easier. It would also save banks and other institutes an enormous amount of time since it would cut down the administration costs

Blockchain is also going to help with fraud in the financial business. It is hard to tamper with, for example, financial records on a blockchain since it is decentralized, and every transaction needs to be verified. 

The decentralization is also good since it will store the information more securely. All the information does not exist in one single place, so if something gets leaked or hacked, only a small part of the information would fall into the wrong hands. 

Another example of where blockchain can do good is in the world of medicine. Storing sensitive information such as, for example, medical records is great on a blockchain since it is such a secure system. It would mean that it would be hard for this confidential information to leak. 

Crypto Academies 

Knowing that there are many opportunities, not only in the form of a lot of work but also in the fact that there is a lot of money in blockchain, it might be interesting to learn what it actually is. 

The go-to place when wanting to learn something and get certified within a field is traditionally a university. If you aspire to learn something new and have something to show for a university degree, it would be ideal. The problem with the university is the fact that there are few courses relating to blockchains. Universities are slower to adapt since they are bureaucratic and require a lot of administration work. The fact that the phenomenon is relatively new is also part of the problem for universities; they have not yet been able to offer a lot of crypto courses yet.

Instead, you might want to look into crypto academies online. There are a lot of different online crypto academies out there where you can learn the ins and outs of blockchain technology. The online academies are also what some might call “the gold standard” for blockchain education. 

Benefits of a Crypto Academy

Academies online are also great since they have a lot of benefits compared to regular education. Since both courses and programs from an online crypto academy are actually adapted for the online environment, they are perfect for the current situation. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many universities to start teaching online, which has been a struggle for many. Exams have been canceled, and lectures are held online instead. These online academies are already prepared for that since they were made with the purpose of teaching people on the internet.

Most of the academies do not even have requirements for enrolling, and everyone gets accepted. This means that everyone, no matter what background they are from or what prior education they have, are able to take courses. 

The fact that education is online also makes it possible to take courses from anywhere in the world. This means that you can enroll in a class or program regardless of where you live, giving everyone the same conditions. 

Blockchain Courses

Even if you are a blockchain beginner or an experienced programmer, there are courses for you. It is important, though, to go through the basics, in the beginning, to be able to develop a deeper understanding of how this technology works. 

The different online crypto academies offer different aspects of learning blockchain, but one crucial thing is to make sure that the academy can deliver what they promise. Some online courses are not up to standards, which means that they can’t promise that you will become good at blockchain development. It is, therefore, important to do the right research so that the blockchain courses and the academy as a whole are on par. 

The best thing to do when learning about blockchain is to find an academy that will only focus on blockchain development. There are several options out there that have a broader focus, which will give you an understanding of what blockchain is but because they do not only focus on blockchain, this is how far they will go. If you instead enroll in an academy that concentrates solely on the blockchain, you will receive a better understanding of what and how blockchain works.

It is better to focus on blockchain and become an expert on how it works than taking more broader courses. The reasoning behind this is that experts will be in higher demand and more expertise in this area is going to land more jobs. 

Also, make sure that an expert teaches the course that you are taking. It does not make sense to learn from someone that is not good at what they are teaching. It’s like you would not learn economics from someone who has not studied it themselves. 

Why Enroll in a Crypto Academy Now? 

There are several reasons why you should educate yourself now. The first and probably the most compelling reason is that you will fully understand how this amazing technology works. We are all experiencing the midst of a technological revolution, driven by the advent of blockchain technology. Being on the train when the train leaves the station is something that will be beneficial. 

Getting the right education is the key to develop a great sense of how blockchain works and a great way to become part of the new revolution. 

Previously in the text, we talked about the excess in demand that exists for blockchain developers. This is the second reason why you should become an expert. The high demand means that there is a lot of work with top pay, which we all approve. 

If you are already a software engineer with some skill, becoming an expert on the blockchain is a significant career step. It will not only make you more attractive in the marketplace, but it will also increase your salary. 

One way to become an expert on everything blockchain is to enroll in a crypto academy. It is easy to do, and when enrolling in a legit crypto academy like Ivan on Tech Academy, you are sure to develop the right skill set for the market. 

Timing is everything in business, and learning blockchain at this time is perfect. The market for blockchain developers is increasing like never before, which is amazing timing. 

Make Sure to Get a Certification from a Crypto Academy

An essential part of becoming a developer and acquiring a job is to make sure that you receive a certificate. When applying to jobs regarding blockchain, a blockchain certification will act as confirmation that you actually possess the right crypto skillset. 

Getting a certificate will require you to actually learn exactly how blockchain works, which is great for your future. It is just like a certificate for attending university, and a well known online crypto academy will work as a good indicator that you are the right person for a job. 

Ivan on Tech Academy will issue a certificate once you are done with a course or program. This is great when you are applying for a job. 

These certificates are also necessary for future employers. It will ensure any employee that a candidate for a position has the knowledge required to do the job. A guarantee makes it easier to select the right man/woman for the job. It will also make the employment process faster since it is much easier to distinguish who knows what. 

This means that getting a certificate will be both beneficial for the employee and the employer. A great way to make the hiring process a lot smoother. 

Summary of Crypto Academies

The fact that blockchain is becoming more critical in the future is undeniable. This can be seen, for example, when looking at the supply and demand curve for blockchain developers. The excess of demand compared to supply means that there will be a lot of opportunities if you are educated when it comes to blockchain. This also means that companies will be looking to hire, which will start a bidding war. This will drive up the wages, which is extremely beneficial for blockchain developers. 

The high demand originates from the fact that blockchain can be utilized in several areas, not only in crypto. Blockchain is so much more than just crypto, which only speaks in favor of getting an education to understand blockchain. 

Several academies and several courses are available out there, and now is the time to really educate yourself. Getting a certificate is important because some companies will require this as confirmation that someone truly knows what blockchain is and how it works. 

Ivan on Tech Academy

Ivan on Tech Academy is an excellent example of a crypto academy that provides all this and is the best in the business. Many different courses are offered, and they will make you certified and verified.

The course is taught by people that have the right knowledge and are experts within the field of blockchain. Furthermore, Ivan on Tech Academy is rapidly becoming one of the premier sources of blockchain education content.

Ivan on Tech Academy has over 20,000 satisfied students and several different real-life success stories. One of these stories is about a man called Giovanni. He was once a student at Ivan on Tech Academy, and now he is the Head of Blockchain at the telecommunications giant Ericsson. 

Another great story is Peto, who took courses on Ethereum Programming and then went on to become an employee at IBM. 

But the great thing about Ivan on Tech Academy is the fact that no prior knowledge is needed. You can, therefore, enroll right now and start your journey to become an expert on blockchain. Good luck!