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QuickSwap is a popular automated market maker (AMM) offering users a decentralized exchange (DEX) experience. Built on Polygon Network (previously Matic Network) as an Ethereum layer-2 application, the QuickSwap exchange presents a similar trading experience to the number one DEX on Ethereum, Uniswap. However, QuickSwap boasts improvements in certain areas. Moreover, the native QUICK token has seen immense success and adoption. QuickSwap offers QUICK token holders the chance to partake in the Dragon’s Lair to earn Dragon’s QUICK token (dQUICK). In turn, users can earn a passive income with QUICK tokens. Furthermore, the QUICK token is seeing listings across some of the largest crypto exchanges in the industry. This includes listings with Crypto.com, Coinbase, and Binance, among others. But, what is QuickSwap doing to become so popular? Also, how can you earn Dragon’s QUICK tokens (dQUICK) with the QuickSwap exchange?