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There are many NFT formats from which to choose. The most well-known is in the realm of digital art. But NFTs also come in games, collectibles, PFPs, metaverse assets, music, digital land, historical artifacts, and utility. Be assured the list will continue to grow.

When looking at the skyrocketing prices of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), one has to ask, what is the most expensive NFT sold? After all, isn't NFT art just a collection of JPEGs or animated GIFs? What's unique about digital art anyways? Furthermore, how can it be unique if anybody can snap a screenshot and save it on their computer?

Crypto art has been a relatively big talking point in 2021. The coming together of art and blockchain is still a relatively novel concept to many. However, blockchain art is quickly becoming one of the most exciting areas of the crypto industry. The proliferation of art NFTs has introduced a wave of new artists creating digitally verifiable art NFTs. Furthermore, this includes works from emerging artists, crypto natives, and traditional artists alike!