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The blockchain-based digital identity project Ontology was created to remove barriers between businesses and blockchain technology. This has been made possible through the use of both the Ontology Gas (ONG) and Ontology (ONT) tokens, powering the Ontology blockchain. Moreover, the project is currently being used in cutting-edge technological developments across an array of industries. Many partnerships suggest big things could lay ahead for the Ontology blockchain. But, what features actually exist within the Ontology blockchain ecosystem? How do the Ontology Gas token and Ontology token generate a passive income, and why has Ontology seen so much recent success?

Digital identity has been one of the hottest buzzwords in 2020. What’s more, even governments around the world are starting to wake up to the notion of a verified digital identity, and digital identity solutions are already a reality for a growing number of people. Decentralized digital identities can very well hold the keys to everything from personal data ownership to boosting access to financial services. Blockchain-based or not, digital identity appears to be here to stay. Nevertheless, blockchain technology suits itself remarkably well for constructing resilient digital identity solutions. However, what is digital identity, and why do we need it?

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