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Everyone is talking about Web2 vs Web3 these days. But what are they debating? Moreover, what do the terms “Web2” and “Web3” mean? For starters, if we agree that Web2 represents the current state of the internet, we can think of Web3 as its next iteration. But the explanation goes deeper than that. This article will explore their definitions, differences, and many exciting and new Web3 developments.

Many who are not fully emerged into the blockchain realm often ask themselves, “what is Web3?” and “what is Web3 doing to gain considerable attention?”. Web3 is a collective of decentralized internet applications operating on public blockchain networks. Decentralization is an essential component of the Web3 movement. Also, the public blockchains underpinning most Web3 networks are permissionless, meaning that anyone can participate. Furthermore, these public blockchains are censorship-resistant. Accordingly, nobody can block anyone else or restrict their access to the network. Additionally, Web3 services feature integrated payments systems that facilitate payments from a web browser using a cryptocurrency wallet. Primarily, this is thanks to a highly collaborative development community and high-quality tools such as JavaScript and Web3.js.

The internet is an amazing invention that has become intertwined in billions of people’s everyday lives. Everything between banking, learning, watching movies, and connecting people are done using the internet. It’s impossible to deny how the internet has become one of the most important inventions for society, but yet, it isn’t entirely perfect. Specifically, one of the problems with the current state of the internet is that it is centralized. This means that all the information on the internet is available through large server farms that hold this data. Centralization, in turn, brings troubles such as censorship, and servers that can go offline. To eschew the notion of a centralized web, another solution was created. Specifically, one solution looking to move beyond the centralized web is that of the InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS.