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Celsius Network (Celsius), one of the leading cryptocurrency lending platforms, announced to its users the suspension of all transfers and withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions”. Furthermore, Celsius came extremely close to liquidating its open debt positions amidst a further decline in market value. To learn more about what happened to Celsius Network, read on!

At a time when interest rates around the world are near an all-time low, and some even negative, how is it that some apps can offer double-figure APR? The Celsius Network app is challenging the traditional financial sector with its competitive interest rates and simple user experience. Moreover, holders of the CEL token can gain exclusive loyalty rewards including lower interest rates for borrowing, and higher interest rates for depositing. These are valid reasons for people to get excited about the app, and bullish signals for the future price action of the CEL token. Following a recent pump in the price for CEL and much community discussion, we wanted to bring you this deep dive into an up-and-coming crypto app with hundreds of thousands of users.

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