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Blockchain interoperability or cross-chain technologies allow for different blockchain networks to communicate with each other without friction. But, do we really need interoperable blockchain networks, and why is cross-chain communication so crucial to the industry? To discover all this and more, read on!

To say that blockchain interest has been warming up in the last few years would be an understatement. Rather, thousands of high-profile companies all around the world are already putting their money where their mouths are and are investing in blockchain technology. Nevertheless, the blockchain industry still has some growing pains to fully go mainstream. One of the largest challenges the blockchain industry needs to clear is achieving something known as blockchain interoperability. Put simply, different blockchains have a hard time talking to each other - something oftentimes referred to as ”cross-chain communication”.

Certain buzzwords are currently making names for themselves in the cryptosphere. Most notably, these include DeFi, NFTs, and oracles. These could conceivably be among the top trends that may act as catalysts for a potential 2020/2021 bull run. Another buzzword that is making the rounds, although perhaps does not receive as much attention as the previously mentioned terms, is blockchain interoperability.