Fundamentals Plan

This plan provides the essential knowledge to start with blockchain, get to know key fundamentals and upskill into Web3 from another industry, or learn the foundations of Web3 programming, business, and entrepreneurship. Suitable for Beginners.

Pathway Features

Knowledge you will Gain


Understand the Basics of Blockchain


Learn all About Cryptocurrency


Take a deep dive into Fintech


Understand Bitcoin and Ethereum


Develop beautiful and lightweight UI components


Improve the UX of your Dapp

Pathway Features

What's included

Web3 Fundamentals Plans Courses

Build a DEX Using JavaScript

Programming for Beginners
Picture of By Zsolt Nagy

By Zsolt Nagy

Learn Javascript from SCRATCH by building real-world projects. No programming experience knowledge required.

Learndash course

Build a Wallet On Ethereum

Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101
Picture of By Filip Martinsson

By Filip Martinsson

Learn how to program money! This course will teach you everything you need to build and deploy Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Learndash course

Ethereum Fundamentals

Ethereum 101
Picture of By Ivan Liljeqvist

By Ivan Liljeqvist

Learn the fundamentals of the Ethereum Blockchain. Understand how it works, why it's different from Bitcoin, and what Smart Contracts are.

Learndash course

Bitcoin Monetary Revolution

Bitcoin Monetary Revolution
Picture of By Anil Patel

By Anil Patel

As Carl Sagan said: "You have to know the past to understand the present." Learn the history of money, and what Bitcoin (and Crypto) means for the future.

Learndash course

Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

Blockchain & Bitcoin 101
Picture of By Ivan Liljevist

By Ivan Liljevist

Ivan taught this course to business leaders worldwide before starting the Academy. Everything you need to gain a solid foundation of Crypto and Web3 is here.

Learndash course

Crypto for Beginners

Picture of By Mitchell Eger

By Mitchell Eger

New to Crypto? This is where to start. Learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins, how to buy, sell, trade, and store them.

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Bull Run Ready Plan

This plan will prepare you to leverage the upcoming bull run in 2023-24. Get ready for the technology leap and global adoption coming.

EVM, Rust, and Gaming

This plan has everything you would need from front-end, back-end to EVM chain/non-EVM chain like Solana, DeFi courses. Creating NFT based games using Unity and Moralis as tech stack. This is the ultimate Academy combo.