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There are endless FANTASTIC benefits in crypto, here are a few perks 😍


Overdrive Your Earnings

Blockchain Developers earn
$127,000 to $153,000
per year on average.


Work From Anywhere

Most Blockchain Developer jobs are fully remote.


Be in Demand

Blockchain Developers are in massive demand.


Fundamental base programming knowledge
from JavaScript to Solidity


A deep understanding
of Blockchain Technology

Crucial insights into the principles of
Decentralized Finance


The expertise to build & deploy Smart-Contracts
and Dapps


Interview readiness,
expert career support
and guidance

Proficiency with essential Dapp building tools like
Moralis and Truffle


24/7 Personal Student Counselor for support
and motivation

A 35,000 strong
global student community
& a recognised certification

How To Plan My Blockchain Education?

It’s Flexible! you choose 🙏👏

We’ll personalize the education the way you prefer,
according to your schedules.
Here’s how most academy members prefer

Full-Time Study

6 Hours per day
6 Months Minimum

Part-Time Study

4 Hours per day
8 Months Minimum

Free-Time Study

1 Hour per day
1 Year Minimum

Key Courses in The Curriculum

We offer you 30+ in-depth courses at the Academy.
New courses are constantly being added, and for no additional cost
you’ll get them within your yearly plan.

Here are just a few...✌️

In order to understand the future of money, it’s necessary to understand the history of money.

This course is for everyone who is interested in being part of a blockchain business.

This course will give you the fundamental knowledge needed to dive deeper into the wonderful world of Decentralized Finance

Get started with technical analysis and learn how to 'read the story' of price action on your favourite crypto markets.

Do you want to learn programming from scratch in order to move on to programming smart contracts? Then this course is perfect for you!

Searching for a new job requires hard work, leaving your current role, looking for something new, and assessing all of the possible options can be overwhelming.

Industry Experts Who’ll Educate You

They’ll teach you all the good stuff and much more.

LinkedIn Compatible Certification

Jake Mai

Jake is part of the Developer Ecosystem team at RDX Works. As a community liaison, Jake educates and provides support for Scrypto developers. Prior to working at RDX Works, Jake was working in commercial real estate finance, underwriting and structuring bridge, construction, and institutional loans. He was first exposed to Scrypto at the APE (Alexandria Preview Event) in 2021 and began learning and developing with Scrypto mid-2022 where he placed 3rd in the Scrypto Lending Protocol Challenge and 2nd in the Scrypto Portfolio Management Challenge. Shortly thereafter, he began working for RDX Works as a Developer Community Liaison.

Phil Naumann

Phil Naumann began studying blockchain, cryptocurrency, and what would become Web3 back in 2013. During the past decade, Phil launched and operated dozens of different blockchain nodes before moving into DeFi. In 2020, Phil joined the IvanOnTech (now Moralis Academy) team as a researcher. Since then, Phil has advanced and is now leading the Moralis research team in producing thousands of pages of published report data covering the current state of blockchain and DeFi. Phil is also formally educated in public and permissionless technologies via the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Currently, Phil is also completing his master’s degree in cryptocurrency.

Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro

Yoseph Soenggoro is currently working at Moralis as the technical support lead. Yoseph has deep and extensive technical knowledge on various topics in web3 and has presented various topics on web3 development in multiple developer workshops, both online and in-person. He is also an active contributor to many of Moralis' open source repositories, which includes the Moralis documentation, Ethereum Boilerplate, Moralis SDKs, etc.


CoinTracking analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins, realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes and much more. With the prices for 22,412 coins and assets, you’ll always have a complete overview.

Taha Dhailey

I have been closely following the crypto space when ethereum was $7 USD, i am here not to create business as usual but to solve real-world problem through blockchain and crypto. I have background in IT, startups and management, loves to see products grow from initial stages. Touched quite a few programming languages during my career including GO and RUST. Have always loved training blockchain to the masses, previously worked with 12+ E-learning companies and trained over 1000+ students.

Samuel Rivello

Sam is a game developer and educator with over 20 years experience and has more than 10 years experience as a digital nomad. He has taught game design and development at American universities and led international corporate training programs. He is a published author at Adobe, O’Reilly, Packt, Udemy and more!

Daniel Herrera

I'm a firm believer in the power of decentralization and Web3. During my development career I wore a lot of dev-related hats including a Developer, Solutions Architect, and Product Manager. I'm in blockchain since 2017 and currently, besides helping at Moralis, I'm the lead developer of the Khronus Protocol. I'm proficient in Solidity, Python, JavaScript, and I'm playing around with Rust. I love building tools that people use.

David Pradell

David started developing games with Unity back in 2015 and that was also a year during which he got captivated by blockchain technology. Since then he has been engrossed by these two subjects trying to combine them. After years of successes and failures he is now a true veteran in the Web3 and GameFi space.

Juhani Ahokas

Juhani is a React frontend wizard. In early 2021, with a new found interest in crypto and web3 he found himself learning about these concepts through the Moralis Academy. Now through his tutorials he wishes to inspire all to join along and take a plunge into Web3 development. Happy Buidling.

Chris Bailey

Chris is a professional developer since 2001, after hearing about blockchain in 2017 he didn't waste a minute and used his decades of experience in front-end design to learn Web3 Programming. Since then he has been working in the space nonstop, and helped us create Moralis as it is right now.

Josh Cross

Josh Cross started his crypto journey while living in China and facing the problems of remittances. He jumped in big in 2017 and learned a lot of the painful lessons many new people face.

Dan Weinberger

Dan is a UN Supply Chain Expert with 15+ years of experience in the Supply Chain industry. He is the CEO of Morpheus.Network, a UN Supply Chain expert and the chair of the INATBA Supply Chain Working Group. He is also on the advisory committee for the Artificial Intelligence program at George Brown College. During his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, camping, and working out.

Sebastian Spitzer

Sebastian has a background in International Business, Marketing, and Innovation Management. He advises business models and evaluates business cases in industry 4.0 and supply chain digitization using DLT, AI, and IoT. Market analyses, trend scouting, and concept creation. Explore strategic partnerships and support the go-to-market strategy. He has been working as an Innovation Manager in 3 different verticals over the last 8 years. For the last 5 years, he has been active in the Automotive Industry and focused on Digital Innovation. As part of his work and because of his interest, he is scouting new technologies and start-ups. That is how he came in contact with Blockchain technologies and got to know Morpheus.Network as a solution provider. In his spare time, Sebastian likes to travel and wrench on cars.

Patrick Collins

Patrick is a Chainlink Developer Advocate & Software Engineer, and the Founder and CEO of Alpha Chain, working with blockchain and data infrastructure services. He has previously worked for asset management firm Man Numeric as a software and support engineer. Patrick is well-versed in educating smart contract engineers, an avid open source contributor, and is passionate about helping developers succeed.

Aleš Ferlan​

Ales is an experienced developer with over a decade of experience in the computer software industry. He started his career by mastering Linux and discovering Cryptocurrencies in 2013. However, it wasn't until the bull market of 2017 when he saw the industry's full potential and got involved in the space in depth. He has a deep understanding of specifics about Polkadot, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Amos Thomas

Amos Thomas was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, and after emigrating to the United States, he graduated with a degree in Information Technology from the Western New England University. Today, he’s a proud member of the Trace Alliance “Starfleet” Task Force and an IT Specialist at the Massachusetts Library System.

Grant Hawkins

Grant is a long-time privacy advocate working in Southeast Asia. He has worked on blockchain issues for 5 years, and privacy-rights issues for nearly a decade. His focus is evaluating the effectiveness of different Private cryptocurrencies. Follow Grant on twitter@granawkins

Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy started as a Backend Web Developer in 2006, but turned to Frontend development some years later. Zsolt has spent the last ten years working with JavaScript. As a team lead, tech lead, and engineering manager, he has conducted hundreds of tech interviews and has hired multiple world class engineers. Besides coding in JavaScript, Zsolt is also a mentor and bootcamp instructor at various coding schools. His tech blog on focuses on developing maintainable web applications.

Mitch Eger

Mitch Eger entered the Cryptocurrency market back in 2017 when the market was booming and he has never left since that. He loves making videos and educating others about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, and does that with an easy and fun approach.


Years of corporate HR experience, managing recruitment, training, development, talent management and employer branding. Active in the crypto space since 2017 and might also be recognized as Bitcoin Liz on Twitter and YouTube.


On completion of a course, you’ll receive a verifiable certificate
which is recognized widely in the industry.
It’ll come handy when you apply for jobs in the crypto world.

We’ve certified over 35,000 students and counting rapidly.
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  • Get hired faster thanks to our extensive
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    student community over 35,000 strong

  • 100% flexible schedule - learn when YOU want

  • Learn from established innovators and leading
    experts active in the industry right now

“The people that we educate actually go out and they build things in the industry and they push the industry forward,”said Ivan.

“And you got to have education in this space, because without it, you don’t have educated people that can change the industry and change the world.”

Blockchain can claim another believer in Franklin Templeton (BEN) CEO Jenny Johnson, whose fund manages more than $1.5 trillion in assets.

“The tokenization and blockchain are going to be hugely disruptive to the financial services industry,” she says.

Success Stories

Head of blockchain at Ericsson

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Giovanni changed his career path and became Head of Blockchain at Ericsson.

Blockchain Developer

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Juliana had no programming experience. After the Academy, she landed a full time job.

Ambassador, SUKU

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Kevin went full-time crypto as a 23 year old. He describes the Academy as life changing, giving him the confidence to pursue his new career.

Head of marketing, IntoTheBlock

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Daniel leveraged his education from Ivan on Tech Academy to become Head of Marketing at IntoTheBlock, an intelligence company using machine learning to provide crypto asset insights.

Director of Sales, Brave Software

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Carlos changed his career path from High School Teacher to Director of Sales at Brave Software after joining the Academy.

Founder and CEO of Wordproof

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After enrolling in the Academy, Sebastian started his own company Wordproof.

Account Manager

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The Academy gave Gareth the confidence and in-depth understanding of crypto needed to go full-time crypto at the Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx after spending 15 years in sales.

Ethereum Developer

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Ivan was working in a coffee shop before starting the Academy. After taking our courses for 6 months, he landed a job as an Ethereum Developer.

Web3 Developer

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Christoffer Denkert

Christoffer enjoyed fast-track learning at Moralis Academy. He believes the “Blockchain Business Masterclass” course helped him greatly in his current venture.


Pay 50% less forever! $697 instead of $1404 each year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You don’t need to be a programmer or have any programming knowledge to succeed on our courses. We teach you everything you need to know, starting with basic HTML and Javascript.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of these languages, you will move into programming for blockchain specifically. You’ll also have your Personal Study Counselor and fellow students on the forums to help you along the way.

We all get stuck sometimes, it’s totally normal. What’s important is having the right support to help you progress. That’s why our Professional Plan includes a Personal Study Counselor, who will help you set your learning goals and create your own personalized Study Plan.

They’ll be there to help and support you every step of the way, especially if you get stuck!

As a student, you’ll also have access to the Academy’s vibrant forum community. Fellow learners and our Support Team are always on hand to help you out there too.

Yes, you can access the course materials and content anywhere and at any time. All you need is an internet connection.

It’s the perfect time to get involved! As of 2021, the DeFi industry is already speculated to be worth around $100 billion, and it’s rapidly evolving. That means there’s still huge opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs – right now.

Additionally, DeFi has not yet hit the mainstream. When it does, demand for Dapp and Blockchain developers will be massive – even bigger than it is today. Getting qualified now will give you a huge advantage.

Absolutely! While we do recommend six hours a day for the fastest results, you can study as and when you like.

Your Personal Student Counselor will work with you on your Personal Study Plan to optimize your learning, and help ensure you’re getting the most out of the courses and your time.

As long as your computer can run a browser, you can learn using the Academy’s online resources. For programming however, you will need a system that runs on macOS, Windows, or Linux, in order to use recommended coding software.

Specs aren’t that important. Slower or older computers may take a bit longer to render code, but that’s all.

You won’t have to pay any additional costs. The tools and software we recommend are free to use, and all course materials and content are included in your Academy subscription.

Blockchain Developers are in huge demand, with salaries averaging $100,000+ per year.

After completing our recommended Blockchain Dev courses, you’ll be interview ready for Junior Blockchain Dev positions. However, the knowledge you’ll gain at the Academy will open many other doors too.

Previous students have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, sales directors for crypto companies, and blockchain consultants.

Simply having detailed DeFi and Blockchain knowledge can boost your career options across many disciplines.

You don’t need any qualifications to complete our courses. We’ll teach you everything you need to know – starting with the basics of programming right through to advanced Smart Contract deployment.

  Got more questions? Reach out to our team

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