Moralis Web3 Streams

Learn how to use Streams API to monitor assets and listen real-time events notification from various addresses.

About the Course

Need on-chain data and analytics as they happen? Learn how to set up and customize the Moralis Streams API to monitor on-chain events and assets in real-time.

What you will learn:

Blockchain, Programming, Ethereum

Your instructor


Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro

Yoseph Soenggoro is currently working at Moralis as the technical support lead. Yoseph has deep and extensive technical knowledge on various topics in web3 and has presented various topics on web3 development in multiple developer workshops, both online and in-person. He is also an active contributor to many of Moralis' open source repositories, which includes the Moralis documentation, Ethereum Boilerplate, Moralis SDKs, etc.