Blockchain certification is becoming increasingly popular among professionals looking to gain employment in the Web3 industry. As one of the fastest-growing tech fields, blockchain specialists are in high demand. Some of the biggest companies in the world seek professionals with blockchain education to help them expand and integrate Web3 technologies. Plus, blockchain is already helping to optimize various sectors. Also, blockchain developer certification helps you to stand out when applying for Web3 development roles, making it a desirable quality for most candidates.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of blockchain education. We’ll explore some of the different areas of study within the Web3 space. Plus, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to achieve blockchain certification. Also, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of blockchain developer certification and how it can enhance your career prospects.

Why Blockchain Certification is Important

Despite the ongoing crypto bear market, the Web3 industry continues to thrive. Major companies sector-wide continue to integrate blockchain, while banks and financial institutions express growing interest in crypto payment mechanisms. The rapid expansion of the Web3 industry is creating various roles for blockchain specialists. 

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Blockchain certification shows employers that your understanding of Web3 is derived from a reputable source, and it’s not something that you’ve assembled from reading Twitter posts and watching YouTube. Naturally, as a developer, blockchain developer certification shows employers that you have taken the time to learn the nuances of the craft. Below, we take a look at some of the different specialisms under the blockchain umbrella and some of the career maps that correspond with these areas of study. 

Smart Contracts

If you want to build your own decentralized applications (dapps), you’re going to need to learn how to build and deploy smart contracts securely on one or more of the leading blockchain networks. Ethereum is the most popular smart contract blockchain and is home to a significant portion of the dapp market. Solidity is the programming language of choice for Ethereum smart contract developers. However, there are several other blockchains and layer-2 networks to choose from if you want to become a smart contract developer.

For example, some Ethereum developers are building on Polygon, the Ethereum layer-2 network. Not only does Polygon inherit the security of the Ethereum blockchain, but it also provides a near-identical development experience with considerably lower fees and faster transaction times.

Furthermore, many smart contract developers are opting for the Solana blockchain and the Rust programming language. Writing smart contracts on Solana using Rust can save developers a lot of time and resources, allowing them to ship their products quickly and with minimal friction.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been among the biggest drivers of crypto adoption in recent years. These unique assets are essential in crypto gaming and metaverse applications and have become common marketing tools for big-name brands and companies industry-wide. Also, NFTs facilitate virtual property ownership and have revolutionized artist royalty models.

Although many of the NFTs available today are tokenized images on the blockchain, the technology underpinning NFTs has extensive utility beyond art and collectibles. Nonetheless, if you’re pursuing a career in Web3 gaming, you’ll need to be familiar with NFTs and how they facilitate the verifiable ownership of in-game items and rare assets.

Moreover, many traditional gaming platforms and prominent businesses are recruiting NFT specialists for various novel applications. If you’re a gamer, designer, artist, or collector, learning about NFTs could help you position yourself for a career as an NFT developer in the various emerging markets where they feature.


Cyber security has been a priority for businesses since the dawn of the internet. However, blockchain security is paramount to any company that integrates Web3 functionalities. Becoming a blockchain security specialist can open up all kinds of doors in your career. Wherever there are blockchain and Web3 specialists, you can be sure that blockchain security specialists are not far behind.

For example, any emerging crypto, NFT, or DeFi application requires a robust security framework. Likewise, any banks, payment providers, or government agencies that venture onto Web3 will require security experts to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible. As such, gaining blockchain and smart contract security certification increases your chances of accessing life-changing job opportunities in Web3.

Even if you don’t have formal blockchain education, a background in data security will likely give you an advantage in the Web3 security job market. What’s more, the demand for blockchain and smart contract security experts is rising quickly, so there are plenty of opportunities available once you achieve certification in this area of the industry.

If you want to help secure the next generation of Web3 apps, check out the Ethereum Smart Contract Security course at Moralis Academy. In this course, we teach students about some of the most famous exploits in blockchain history and how the community overcame them. Also, we explore software design principles, risk management, and how to build upgradeable smart contracts. Join our community of over 60,000 students and kickstart your Web3 education today with Moralis Academy!

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is helping to revolutionize supply chain management by removing the need for trust between parties and helping to automate business practices. If you have a background in logistics or supply chain management, blockchain certification could give you an unfair advantage in the job market.

In the post-pandemic world we live in today, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize supply lines and reduce waste. Blockchain specialists play a crucial role in optimizing supply chain management. Some of the biggest companies sector-wide are already using blockchain to increase efficiency, transparency, and provenance. This includes Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, and more. As such, many logistics and supply chain specialists are seeking blockchain certification to help them excel in their careers and future-proof their skill sets.

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One of the prominent narratives in Web3 is that blockchain threatens to disrupt the legacy financial ecosystem. However, the reality is that traditional finance and Web3 are highly interoperable. Some of the biggest names in finance and technology (FinTech) are integrating crypto and blockchain features. Plus, many leading payment providers are recruiting blockchain specialists to help deliver Web3 services to customers.

If you work in traditional finance, blockchain certification could help you become your company’s go-to person for all things Web3. FinTech companies are among the biggest drivers of blockchain adoption as they can put crypto services in the hands of millions of users. 

Learning about the benefits of blockchain and how traditional finance can coexist with Web3 will help you to future-proof your career. Also, it could help you to stay up to date with the shifting regulatory landscape in blockchain and assist you in developing and implementing effective compliance strategies.

Blockchain Developer Certification

As a Web2 developer, you likely possess many of the desired qualities of a Web3 developer. If you don’t know much about Web3 but want to learn how to apply your existing skill set, blockchain developer certification is a natural choice. There’s often a lot of crossover between traditional development roles and the many opportunities that exist for Web3 developers. Depending on the requirements of the position, you may be required to learn just the basic concepts of blockchain or take more of a comprehensive approach.

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Nonetheless, anyone with a development background has a clear advantage when it comes to working in Web3, so it’s worth taking the plunge and getting blockchain developer certification if you want to broaden your horizons as a Web2 developer. Moreover, blockchain developer certification shows employers that you can learn quickly and deal with any blockchain integrations they require.

Non-Developer Roles

It’s not only developers who stand to benefit from blockchain education. Just like any other industry, there are plenty of non-developer roles available in Web3. This includes human resources, marketing, sales, content creation, SEO, finance, and customer service. If you work in a role where your skills are transferable to multiple industries, blockchain certification could help you to stand out when applying for similar roles in Web3.

Furthermore, several typical roles in traditional organizations are only recently becoming acknowledged among Web3 companies. For example, the product manager role is common sector-wide, but until recently, you didn’t find many product managers among Web3 companies. Nonetheless, as Web3 companies expand and mature, they naturally create more roles to become more efficient. When this happens, opportunities arise for anyone who excels in these universal fields.

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If you’re a currency trader or someone involved with investing in stocks or bonds, it doesn’t take much to transfer your skills into cryptocurrency trading. Once you understand how blockchains and smart contracts work and learn how the crypto markets differ from traditional markets, you can apply many of the principals of legacy trading to your crypto trades.

Also, if you’re into algorithmic trading, the crypto market is open around the clock, making it the ideal setting to implement and optimize your trading strategies. On the other hand, if you’re new to investing and want to learn how to interpret market sentiment, there are plenty of high-quality courses available that can teach you what you need to know quickly.

Why Pay for Blockchain Education?

So, you may be wondering why you would pay for blockchain certification when there’s so much information available online for free. The internet is a wonderful resource for learning. There are many skills and techniques that can be learned by watching a few YouTube videos or reading relevant articles. However, the Web3 landscape is in a constant state of flux, and information that’s relevant today may not be tomorrow. 

There are plenty of ways to stay up-to-date for free in crypto. However, when it comes to education, it’s often challenging to know if free content is up to date or if it comes from reputable sources. Furthermore, accessing bits of educational content from multiple sources can make it challenging to be consistent with your learning.

When you enroll for blockchain certification at Moralis Academy, you have all the information you need in one place. Our team of industry-leading experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Plus, the Morlalis Academy community is full of passionate individuals who love to see their fellow students succeed. Accessing the highest quality blockchain education gives you everything you need in one place. Also, at Morlais Academy, we update our courses regularly, so you can be confident that all the information you receive is up to date.

Moreover, blockchain developer certification from a reputable blockchain academy shows employers that you’ve taken the time to ensure your understanding of Web3 is based on the highest-quality information. While anyone can piece together a reasonable understanding of Web3 from free online content, the growing competition among blockchain professionals suggests blockchain education is becoming increasingly important for anyone looking to work in the industry.

Why You Should Get Blockchain Certified – Summary 

Blockchain certification shows employers that you have a firm understanding of Web3 and have what it takes to work in the industry. Whether you work in customer services or want to transition from a Web2 developer into Web3, anyone who needs to brush up on their blockchain education can do so effectively by becoming blockchain certified. There has never been a better time to learn a new skill. Also, as a Web2 developer, blockchain developer certification could open up many new opportunities for career development.

Moreover, blockchain certification increases your career prospects by positioning you to work in one of the most groundbreaking industries since the birth of the internet. Blockchain specialists are in extremely high demand sector-wide, so blockchain education allows you to get in at the ground level while the industry is still young.

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