If you’d like the answer to this question, join us as we show you two methods of finding the latest crypto coins with Moralis Money. However, before doing so, let’s explore the 100x potential of altcoins! 

100x Your Holdings with the Latest Crypto Coins 

Finding the latest crypto coins early is critical for altcoin gains. And with the right timing, you can easily 10x, 100x, or even 1000x your holdings! 

For instance, imagine finding MultiversX (EGLD) in 2020 when you could have bought the token for only $9.18. About a year later, EGLD was trading at the price of $524.58. As such, if you found this token early, you could have made an easy 5,800% return on your investment: 

Another example is MATIC. In the early days of the token, it was trading at only $0.003. A few years later, the price exploded and peaked at $2.9. Here, you could have made an impressive 96,400% profit: 

Easier said than done? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

We should know as our team of experienced traders found both EGLD and MATIC before they broke out. And so can you, but only if you start preparing now! 

So, how could our team of traders find these altcoin gems? Before we answer that question, let’s look at the three challenges stopping people from finding the latest crypto coins!

What’s Stopping People From Finding the Latest Crypto Coins? - FOMO, Time Constraints, and Cryptocurrency Scams 

Without the proper on-chain analysis tools and systems, 99% of crypto traders struggle with one of the following challenges: 

  1. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  2. Time Constraints
  3. Scams

Let’s dive into each challenge to see how they limit trades from finding the most promising and latest crypto coins, starting with FOMO. 

The Fear of Missing Out 

There’s no secret that people are making incredible gains from crypto trading. And most of us have probably heard of or read about someone making millions from crypto. The potential for huge profits is great, but it’s also a double-edged sword. 

Since there’s no lack of success stories, traders often suffer from FOMO. This makes them trade emotionally and purchase tokens based on hype. This isn’t a solid altcoin trading strategy, as it’s often too late at this point.  

Time Constraints 

The cryptocurrency market is continuously moving at a rapid pace, and keeping track of emerging altcoin gems is generally a full-time job. Going full-time crypto isn’t a luxury everyone can afford. As such, traders suffer from time constraints limiting their efforts to find the latest crypto coins. 

Cryptocurrency Scams 

Scams are something everyone needs to worry about, and any market will always have bad-faith actors looking to scam people. What’s more, in a rapidly changing market, it can be challenging to differentiate between scams and real opportunities. Consequently, many traders fall for rug pulls and exit scams. 

Luckily, with a tool like Moralis Money, you can now efficiently deal with the three challenges above and find the latest crypto coins. So, how does it work? Well, for the answer, join us in the next section as we explore the ins and outs of the ultimate on-chain trading indicator

Moralis Money - An Overview of the Premier On-Chain Trading Indicator 

To combat the issues of FOMO, time constraints, and scams, all professional cryptocurrency traders leverage on-chain analysis tools like Moralis Money. In doing so, they can better time their trades and maximize their profits as they’ll be able to find tokens before they pump

So, how is this possible, you might ask?

Moralis Money leverages real-time, irrefutable, on-chain data to give users true market alpha. Never has it been easier to find altcoin gems, make accurate market predictions, and find the latest crypto coins!

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the Twitter testimonials below of happy Moralis Money customers already leveraging this ultimate on-chain trading tool to make money: 

If you’re eager to get going and want to find the latest crypto coins immediately, try Moralis Money using the interactive widget below. Apply a pre-made filter, or create a custom query from scratch to find the coins you want: 

Also, you should know that until Bitcoin hits $40k, you can now get the Moralis Money Pro plan at a discount. This will give you more narrow timeframes (updates daily, hourly, and every ten minutes) for all metrics, access to Token Alerts, the ability to save up to ten search queries, and much more. 

So, take this opportunity to subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan today, and we’ll honor the price for as long as you stay subscribed! 

Nevertheless, to better understand how this tool helps users overcome FOMO, time constraints, and scams, let’s explore the three core features of Moralis Money!

Moralis Money Features: Token Explorer, Token Alerts, and Token Shield

Moralis Money has three central features, each designed to tackle one of the challenges described earlier in the article. So, let’s dive into these three features to get a better understanding of how they bring value to you as a user. 

  • Token Explorer: The first feature is Token Explore, and with this tool, you can easily find the next 1000x crypto. This feature allows you to combine various search parameters to find exactly the tokens you’re after. As such, you don’t need to fall for the hype and won’t need to FOMO into buying tokens ever again.

    For instance, by launching Token Explorer and adding the Coin Age and Experienced Buyers metrics, you can seamlessly find freshly minted coins that other experienced buyers are purchasing: 

From here, you can combine the metrics above with any other parameters to narrow your searches even further! 

  • Token Alerts: With the Token Alerts feature, you can set up real-time email notifications based on your custom filters. To do so, start by saving a custom query. Next, go to the Moralis Money home page, locate the filter in question, hit the bell button, and add the required information: 

In return, you’ll now receive email alerts whenever the latest crypto coins emerge based on your preferences. As such, you can save an abundance of time and act on the latest crypto coins even when you aren’t in front of your screen. 

Moralis Money

Stay ahead of the markets with real-time, on-chain data insights. Inform your trades with true market alpha!

  • Token Shield: Lastly, with Token Shield, you can protect yourself from scams. Just look for the shield symbol on each coin, and you’ll get a comprehensive security evaluation: 

Now, with an overview of the three core features of Moralis Money, let’s take a closer look at how you can use this tool to find the latest crypto coins.

How to Find the Latest Crypto Coins with Moralis Money

With Moralis Money, you have two options for finding the latest crypto coins: Token Explorer and the ”New Real-Time Coins” tab. Both are great sources for finding the latest crypto coins, which is why we’ll take the following section to cover them both, starting with Token Explorer!

Token Explorer: How to Find the Latest Crypto Coins 

If you want to use Token Explore to find the latest crypto coins, all you need to do is apply the Coin Age metric. As such, let’s apply the Coin Age filter to find new coins minted within the past day: 

As you can see, it’s easy to generate a list of the latest crypto coins when working with Moralis Money! 

However, with Token Explorer, you can even take it to the next step and find new coins with a positive influx of liquidity, gaining traction from other buyers. To do so, let’s combine the Coin Age metric with the Liquidity and Buyers filters:

However, these are just two examples; add any other filters to make your query unique so you can target precisely the tokens you’re after! 

Note: if you want to use the narrower timeframes where you get market data from the past day, hour, or even ten minutes, then you’ll want to check out the Moralis Money Pro plan. Until Bitcoin hits $40k, you can sign up for the Pro plan at a discounted price. So, take the opportunity and subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan today!

New Real-Time Coins Tab: Finding the Latest Crypto Coins 

The second option for finding the latest crypto coins is to use the ”New Real-Time Coins” tab. This is the most straightforward option, and you can find new coins with the click of a button. All you have to do is open Moralis Money, and you’ll find this tab at the top of the user interface: 

Clicking this tab takes you to the following page:

Here, you get a real-time live feed of the latest crypto coins. As you can see in the image above, you get a list of newly minted coins, some of which were created only minutes ago. For each coin, you also get the address, market cap, liquidity, and price, if such data points exist. 

Nevertheless, on this tab, you can truly find the latest and freshest crypto coins on the market. 

What’s more, at the top right, you can also toggle between various networks. The featured blockchains include Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and others. As such, with Moralis Money, you can easily find new crypto coins before everyone else on multiple networks.

Maximize Your Value with the Moralis Money Pro Plan

Now that you know how to find the latest crypto coins, you should also know that you can maximize the value of Moralis Money with the Pro plan. 

With the Moralis Money Pro plan, you get access to the Token Alerts feature, can save up to ten search queries, and more. In addition to this, you get more narrow timeframes for all search parameters. As such, with the Pro plan, you can query market data on a daily, hourly, and ten-minute basis. 

So, by subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan, you get true market alpha. And can easily find the latest crypto coins that are most promising for the future! 

Also, did you know you can get the Pro plan at a discount? Before Bitcoin hits $40k, you can now subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan at a lower price. So, take this opportunity now, and we’ll honor today's price for as long as you stay with us!

Summary - How to Find the Latest Crypto Coins

In this tutorial, we showed you how to find the latest crypto coins using Moralis Money. In doing so, we covered two alternatives:

  1. The Token Explore feature
  2. The ”New Real-Time Coins” tab

Both are great options for finding new and fresh crypto coins. As such, with these tools, you could have maximized your gains by finding coins like Wagmi Coin, RFD Coin, etc., before everyone else. So, to not miss any more opportunities, make sure to try out Moralis Money straight away. 

Also, if you want to maximize the value of Moralis Money, consider subscribing to the Pro plan. By going pro, you access more narrow timeframes for all metrics, giving market data from the past day, hour, and even ten minutes. In addition to this, you can access Token Alerts, save up to ten custom filters, and much more. 

If this sounds interesting, you should also know that the Pro plan is available at a discount. So, take this opportunity and subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan today

Lastly, before we conclude this article, did you know there’s more than one way of making money with crypto? In addition to trading and finding the latest crypto coins, you can also join the premier Web3 affiliate program offered by Moralis Money for free. 

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