Along with diving into the details of Apiens APN Coin, we’ll also show you how to find similar tokens with Moralis Money. However, if you’re eager to try out the #1 on-chain trading indicator immediately, you can do so entirely for free using the interactive widget down below. Apply a pre-made filter, or create a custom query to only get the coins you’re interested in: 

Nevertheless, with no further ado, let’s explore APN Coin!

What is Apiens? 

Before we dive into APN Coin, let’s start by exploring the ins and outs of the Apiens ecosystem in general. So, what is Apiens? 

The Apiens founders believe that everything is getting connected to the internet. As such, they suggest that it’s time that someone connects the fashion industry and the world of NFTs. For this reason, they built Apiens, a community-focused meta-fashion start-up. 

Apiens is focused on launching blockchain-integrated clothing (BIC). In fact, their vision is to become the world’s number-one NFT community and be a synonym for BIC. Moreover, Apiens’ mission is to become the most people-friendly community and bring BIC to the masses by the end of 2023.

From a long-term perspective, their goal is to create a sustainable business that supports the development of the Apiens ecosystem while generating revenue. And this is how Apiens plan on bringing long-term value creation for all holders and contributors. 

Apiens’ Gen 1 NFT collection launched early in 2022, where 4229 apes were minted onto the blockchain. According to their philosophy, NFTs need to be much more than just a profile picture. As such, Apiens allow holders to make their NFTs work for them through a staking program. 

In return for staking their NFTs, they get a list of benefits. This includes royalty shares on secondary sales on OpenSea, royalty and profit shares on future Gen 2 sales and launches, NFT airdrops, exclusive access to partners’ ecosystems, and more. 

Also, one of the most recent additions to the Apiens ecosystem is APN Coin. If you’d want to explore this token further, join us in the next section as we answer the question, what is the Apiens token? 

APN Coin Explained - What is the Apiens Token? 

APN Coin was minted only ten days ago, on May 13th, and it’s the utility token of the Apiens ecosystem. A central function of APN Coin is to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem and power the community by serving as a reward for Apiens holders.

Over the past week, APN Coin increased by about 70% and is currently trading at $0.000005. What’s more, APN Coin has a max and total supply of 100 billion with a $197,350 trading volume in the last 24 hours. The token has an all-time high of $0.00001845, an all-time low of $0.000002362, and a market cap of $453k. 

Should You Ape Into Apiens APN Coin? 

Now, with a better understanding of Apiens and APN Coin, you might be asking yourself, should I buy the Apiens token? 

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straightforward answer to this question. With these new coins, it can be challenging to make accurate crypto predictions, and whether or not you purchase APN Coin should be dependent on your altcoin trading strategy

This is why you should continue doing your own research and monitor the coin’s market activity closely yourself. 

Luckily, we can assist in this endeavor! 

Moralis Money’s Token Page - Monitor APN Coin Market Activity in Real-Time 

The best and easiest way to monitor a token’s market activity is to use Moralis Money’s token page. This is what it looks like for APN Coin: 

As you can see, this page features a bunch of alpha metrics. This includes changes in liquidity, number of holders, buyers, experienced buyers, etc. What’s more, you can change the timeframe for each metric to see how APN Coin has been performing both in the short and long term: 

In addition to this, you can also scroll down in the interactive widget above to get more information and details about how APN Coin is performing. This includes trading charts, Bubblemaps, etc.: 

Now, if you like what you see and want to buy the token yourself, let’s look at how you can acquire APN Coin in the next section! 

How to Buy APN Coin - 3-Step Breakdown On Purchasing Apiens Token

You can easily buy APN Coin in three straightforward steps: 

  • Step 1: Set Up a Web3 Wallet - To purchase and store cryptocurrencies, you need a Web3 wallet. As such, if you haven’t already, this is the first step in buying Apiens tokens. There are multiple wallets to choose from, but the most prominent example is MetaMask.
  • Step 2: Get ETH - With a wallet at your disposal, you additionally need to add some ETH to your wallet. You’ll need this to pay for the Apiens token. Here you can either send ETH from another wallet, buy some directly through MetaMask, or use a centralized exchange like Coinbase.
  • Step 3: Buy APN Coin - With a wallet and funds ready, all that remains is buying the tokens. To do so, fetch the APN Coin contract address from a token explorer like Etherscan. From there, head over to Uniswap, find the token using its address, and swap some ETH for APN Coin.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with APN Coin and how to both monitor and buy this token, let’s now take a closer look at how you can discover similar coins using Moralis Money!

How to Find a Token Similar to APN Coin - Moralis Money Deep Dive 

Among the top crypto analysis tools, Moralis Money stands out as the premier on-chain trading indicator. With Moralis Money, you can now find the next 1000x crypto across multiple blockchain networks before sites like CoinGecko, crypto whales, and the masses. 

Moralis Money leverages on-chain data to give users true market alpha. And with a few clicks, anyone can generate a list of altcoin gems with similar market data metrics to APN Coin. As such, it has never been easier to find the latest crypto coins

Just take a look at some Twitter testimonials of happy customers using Moralis Money to make some serious altcoin gains: 

Moralis Money

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With that said, let’s dive deeper into this premier trading indicator and look closer at the benefits of Moralis Money before showing you how to find the next APN Coin!

The Benefits of Moralis Money 

The Moralis Money team built this on-chain analysis tool to help you combat the three challenges 99% of traders struggle with: 

  • The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) - The crypto market is booming, and you’ll frequently hear stories about successful traders making huge gains. Major opportunities are great; however, it also makes people trade emotionally as they struggle with FOMO. As a response, they make investment decisions based on hype, which can quickly become problematic. 

    To help you combat FOMO, we built Token Explorer. With Token Explorer, you can now find new crypto coins before everyone else. As such, you don’t need to FOMO into buying your next token! 
  • Time Constraints - Opportunities come and go quickly in the crypto industry, and keeping track of the important coins is generally a full-time job. Most people can’t allocate all their time to crypto, which is partly why they aren’t becoming successful. 

    To help you keep track of exciting coins, we built Token Alerts. With Token Alerts, you can effortlessly set up email notifications to get alerted whenever a new opportunity emerges. As such, you can efficiently monitor the market without going full-time crypto. 
  • Scams - The last challenge is cryptocurrency scams. In a rapidly moving market where time is of the essence, people sometimes struggle to differentiate between scams and real opportunities. As such, it’s common for people to fall for rug pulls and exit scams. 

    To deal with cryptocurrency scams, we developed the Token Shield feature. With Token Shield, you get a security evaluation of each coin. As such, you’ll never again have to fall for unnecessary scams. 

Nevertheless, let’s explore these three features further to see how they work, starting with Token Explorer and how this tool can help you find tokens with similar market data to APN Coin! 

Find Coins Similar To Apiens Token with Token Explorer 

If you want tokens with similar market data to APN Coin, you’ll definitely want to check out the Token Explorer feature. With this tool, you can combine various search parameters to find precisely the tokens you’re after. 

As such, with APN Coin being a relatively new coin, let’s start by adding the Coin Age metric. This will allow us to find tokens minted within the past 14 days:

We also know from the introduction that APN Coin has a buzzing Twitter community. So, let’s combine the Coin Age metric with the Social Media Metrics filter. In doing so, we’ll only get coins with a community consisting of a certain amount of Twitter followers: 

To top things off, we can combine the filters above with the Buyers filter to only get coins gaining traction from other crypto traders: 

That’s it! It is easy to find new coins when working with Moralis Money!

Set Up Real-Time Notifications with Token Alerts 

Once you are done creating a custom filter for finding tokens similar to APN Coin, you can use the Token Alerts feature to set up email notifications. In doing so, you’ll get real-time alerts whenever a new token emerges based on the filter in question. Let’s show you how it works! 

First, go ahead and save your custom filter. To do so, hit the ”Save Query” button, name your filter, and click ”Save Query”: 

Next, go back to the Moralis Money home screen, scroll down, hit the bell button for your newly saved filter, and add the required information: 

From here, you’ll now receive email notifications when a new token emerges based on your preferences. Consequently, you can save a lot of time and capitalize on opportunities without having to go full-time in crypto! 

How to Dodge Scams with Token Shield 

With the Token Shield feature, you’ll never again have to fall for cryptocurrency scams. Token Shield provides a comprehensive security evaluation of each token. You just need to look at the shield symbol for each coin: 

The number attached to each shield symbol is a coin’s DEXT score. The DEXT score is a metric to measure the confidence of a project, with 99 being the maximin score. The closer to 99, the lower the probability that the coin is a scam. 

If you’d like to learn more about the DEXT score in general and how it’s calculated, then click one of the shield symbols, and you’ll be redirected to the following page: 

Summary - What is the Apiens Token? 

Today’s article explored the ins and outs of APN Coin. In doing so, you learned that it’s the Apiens ecosystem’s native utility token. As such, it’s used for transactions and to reward Apiens holders. 

Moreover, the token is currently topping Moralis Money’s ”New Coins with Social Activity” chart. As such, it’s a hot token on social media. However, you shouldn't buy a token just based on hype. Instead, use Moralis Money to also monitor the Apiens token’s market activity. 

Also, if you want to start trading like a Pro, consider subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan. As of now, you can get the Pro plan at a discount. So, take the opportunity today, and we’ll make sure to honor the price for as long as you stay subscribed! 

Furthermore, do you have some free time and want to start earning crypto passive income? Then why not dive into crypto affiliate marketing? With the Moralis Money affiliate program, you can set up your affiliate marketing side hustle quickly. And you’ll earn a 30% monthly recurring commission on all brought-in revenue.