In this article, we dive deep into exploring the top Web3 schools available. We will look at the background of each organization and the different courses available. Plus, we consider the best Web3 courses for different readers with varying blockchain aspirations. Also, we look at reasons why enrolling in a Web3 school may be beneficial and some things to consider before enrollment.  

What are Web3 Schools?

Web3 schools are the latest in coding-specific educational organizations catering to the evolving Web3 landscape. Not to be confused with W3Schools (an online educational platform for Web2 programming), Web3 schools provide resources to learn development incorporating blockchains, smart contracts, and other decentralized operations. Moreover, some Web3 schools offer courses that appeal to non-programming students seeking an education in blockchain.

Web3 educational organizations allow students to learn programming remotely in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Further, different Web3 schools cater to students requiring flexibility with their studies or who prefer a more intensive learning period. In line with the Web3 ethos of decentralization, autonomy, community, and collaboration, Web3 schools are available to anybody with an internet connection. Plus, many Web3 education platforms offer free courses, resources, and tutorials alongside paid-for materials.

Why Study Online Web3 Courses?

Now that we understand what Web3 schools are, let’s explore a few reasons why one may choose to enroll. A Web3 education is not rocket science. Anyone with the time and commitment can gain a “career-pivoting” level of education in crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. Web3 schools make this journey easy and convenient. What’s more, some schools offer free to low-cost education. Often, students find that investing in their education offers the most rewarding return on investment, and Web3 is no different.

Learning Web3 technologies doesn’t solely apply to developers or existing developers familiar with programming concepts. However, it does depend on the Web3 school as to whether or not non-programming courses are available. Throughout the Web3 industry, there is great demand for people with knowledge and understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchains operate. This applies to numerous roles such as customer service, marketing, design, legal and human resources (HR). As such, enrolling in a Web3 school is a great way to future-proof your existing career skills as the world moves increasingly online.

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Enrolling in the right Web3 course could be a catalyst to financial freedom and independence. Not only will such knowledge be highly in-demand, but truly understanding the foundational concepts and origin of blockchain technology will expand students’ awareness of their investment habits. Specifically, gaining an education on the fundamentals of the traditional finance industry and the difference between currency and money will educate students about navigating asset markets profitably, regardless of existing trends.

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Popular Web3 Schools

As a relatively new and rapidly evolving industry, Web3 schools are a niche sector in the educational realm. To be precise, there are currently three reputable Web3-specific education platforms. There are also many other places online where people can learn about Web3 and blockchain programming (e.g., Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Zero to Mastery, etc.). However, these platforms do not specialize in Web3 development, and they also provide courses on irrelevant industries of Web2-specific programming.

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Conversely, the following Web3 schools only offer courses that can advance students’ Web3 knowledge and capabilities. Furthermore, each platform offers different types of learning styles. There are courses available for Web2 developers looking to transition their skills. Also, there are courses for coding enthusiasts looking to learn Web3 programming skills from scratch. For readers wanting to learn about the Web3 industry not involved with programming, there are plenty of courses as well.

Web3 University 

Launched at the end of 2021, Web3 University is an online-first educational space offering free courses to anyone aspiring to become a blockchain developer. With industry-leading partners including OpenSea, Polygon, Alchemy, and Flow Blockchain, Web3 University quickly grew. Accordingly, Web3 University prides itself on over 100,000 students enrolling in just a few months! With a promise to always offer free education, the site requires students to sign-up with an email address. For a Web3 novice, the recommended beginner course is “The Road to Web3”. This is a completely free, self-paced 10-week course that covers the foundations of blockchain and Web3 development. For example, students discover how to write, deploy, and interact with smart contracts. Also, students can create their own non-fungible token (NFT) assets and decentralized applications (dapps).  

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With over 26,000 followers on Twitter, Web3 University is considered one of the top online Web3 schools. The platform offers a selection of three comprehensive lessons or “tracks”: “The Road to Web3”, “Create Your First Smart Contract”, and “How to Build Your First NFT”. In addition, the platform offers access to a range of developer-centric articles on industry trends and tips for Web3 development. Plus, there is a selection of industry resources covering tools, communities, and layer-2 development. Web3 University also has an active Discord community where students can discuss their ideas and progress.

If you’re considering a developer-based career in blockchain, Web3 University could be a great foundation offering step-by-step tuition. However, the content is more aimed at existing developers with knowledge of programming and web infrastructural components. Although Web3 University is a reputable blockchain education platform, it’s not ideal for people completely unfamiliar with coding. Also, Web3 University does not yet offer courses that apply to people seeking a Web3 education for a non-programming role.

Dapp University

Founded in 2018 by Gregory McCubbin, Dapp University features as one of the top Web3 schools. Dapp University offers educational content across its website and YouTube channel, exceeding half a million subscribers. Further, the Dapp University channel has collectively garnered over 25 million views across hundreds of videos. Accordingly, McCubbin offers free playlists of step-by-step tutorials for various Web3 development opportunities. This includes creating smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and dapps such as crypto exchanges or NFT marketplaces. Viewers keen to take their blockchain development knowledge to the next level can sign up for the free intensive boot camp at Dapp University. Students will receive exclusive emails with video tutorials from McCubbin, which won’t be publicly posted on YouTube. 

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Dapp University also provides an initial coin offering (ICO) solution for individuals or businesses keen to launch their own token. Various solution packages are available, including a consultation and the design and development of a custom token. Plus, McCubbin offers website creation, ICO smart contract development, and KYC (know your customer) integration for user registration packages. The majority of McCubbin’s project samples are available as repositories on GitHub. Programming languages include HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Solidity.

Dapp University promises to be accessible to anyone, with or without existing programming knowledge. That said, for people with no coding experience at all, it might be difficult determining the best place to start. There is a plethora of valuable video-based educational material on developing programming skills in the Web3 industry. However, Dapp University doesn’t focus on how to transition expertise or gain employment within Web3.

Moralis Academy

As the longest-standing Web3-specific education platform, Moralis Academy (formerly Ivan on Tech Academy) was founded in 2017. With zero experience required, Moralis Academy is the ideal online space to learn Web3 programming and all things Web3. Also, Moralis Academy is the only Web3 school that offers a range of courses appealing to programming and non-programming students. For example, students can learn JavaScript from scratch, how to safely create a cryptocurrency exchange account, or set up a Web3 wallet. Also, students can discover how to interact with popular Ethereum dapps following video-guided tuition from industry experts in the “Master DeFi in 2022” course. 

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As such, students can learn how to maximize opportunities in DeFi as traders and investors. Furthermore, Moralis Academy helps students achieve their goals by offering a study guide, a personalized study path specific to personal career aspirations, and even a personal tutor. Beyond programming, Moralis Academy teaches students how to set up a Web3 business as an entrepreneur. Plus, Moralis offers valuable information for a variety of roles within Web3 careers in tech and non-tech-based roles (HR, marketing, customer service). Popular courses include the “Blockchain & Bitcoin 101” and “Bitcoin Monetary Revolution” courses. All courses require students to engage and interact with the student community forum. This exclusive welcoming space allows people to meet and interact with like-minded people worldwide. 

Of course, anyone wanting to become a Web3 developer can do so at Moralis Academy. As touched on briefly, courses available cater to students with no coding experience and existing Web2 developers. The courses are not free, but there is a range of membership and payment options. In addition, Moralis Academy offers a wide range of free Moralis Projects tutorials, blog posts, YouTube videos, and community hackathon events. 

Web3 Schools: Considerations Before Enrollment

Before you decide to enroll in one of the aforementioned Web3 schools, carefully consider the pros and cons. Ideally, it would be best if you performed background research of an online educational platform to establish its sense of credibility. Web3 schools offer valuable in-demand skills and knowledge that can assist in future-proofing a career. Moreover, with remote-first learning, Web3 schools offer online courses that are accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time with an internet connection. However, be sure to double-check any time constraints on contractual obligations when signing up for a course. It is worth knowing ahead of time how long you will have access to a course. This may influence the timing of the decision to enroll.

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If you’re committed to Web3 education, be proactive and organize time in the diary for learning. Perhaps you could treat yourself to some new study tools such as a Web3-dedicated notebook and pen? Studies show that only approximately 5% to 25% of people finish online courses. Actively do what you can to give yourself the best chance of bettering your education and career opportunities.

Ideally, you’ll want to research any Web3 school or academy to make sure the curriculum is suitable for what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re a graphic designer hoping to earn more or work more flexibly, a role in the Web3 industry is more likely to offer this than traditional Web2 industries. Finding the right Web3 school means anyone can transition into a Web3 career without the fear of an intimidatingly high technical barrier. 

Exploring Web3 Schools and Online Web3 Courses – Summary 

As awareness and acceptance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects continue, an educational niche of Web3 schools is emerging. Accordingly, Web3 schools promise to provide the relevant knowledge, skills, and information to those wanting to become valuable, in-demand Web3 professionals. Typically, this comes in the form of blockchain development and Web3 programming, as with Dapp University and Web3 University. These top Web3 schools offer free educational pathways for students to become successful blockchain developers. However, people wanting to get into blockchain development without prior knowledge of coding may struggle with the courses. Also, neither Dapp University nor Web3 University caters to non-programming careers within Web3.

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Moralis Academy, the longest-standing Web3 education suite, provides a vast range of courses for developers and non-developers. Also, the platform offers a course for students on how to make the most out of Moralis Academy. This includes following a study pathway comprising a list of courses that will give you the right tools you need to achieve your personal Web3 goals. For example, becoming a developer, setting up a business, working in Web3, or releasing your own token.

Also, Moralis offers a wide range of free educational resources. Check out the NFT coding community for the latest in NFT and metaverse development. Or, browse our free Moralis and Moralis Academy blogs with industry news updates, technological updates, and useful how-to guides. For example, why not see our “Rust & Solana” article or our “What’s Happening with Celcius Network?” article next?