During the Crypto Black Friday event, some of the biggest retailers offer limited-time discounts and deals for all kinds of purchases made using crypto. The Bitcoin Black Friday event precedes marks the start of the festive shopping period, encouraging consumers to use cryptocurrency payments and support the adoption of Web3 in the run up to Christmas. During this period, shoppers can take advantage of the various Black Friday crypto deals on offer. Some of the biggest retailers and brands are participating by offering promotional offers for crypto payments and gift cards. Also, you’ll find some of the best deals available from the biggest Web3 education platform online.

In this article, we’re going to explore the various Black Friday crypto deals available in 2022. We’ll discuss the most prominent retailers and merchants participating and look at some of the offers and discounts available for cryptocurrency users. Additionally, we’ll look at the broader meaning of Bitcoin Black Friday and explore what it means for the Web3 industry at large.

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What is Crypto Black Friday?

Before we explore Crypto Black Friday, let’s take a look at what inspires the event more broadly. Black Friday is a retail event that marks the beginning of the US's festive shopping period after Thanksgiving. Shoppers flock to their favorite stores and online retailers to grab limited-time discounts and promotional offers on various products and services. The trend has spread to many parts of the world and often lasts for several days, including “Cyber Monday”, the electronics and technology part of the festive sales. 

In the past, shoppers have queued outside stores for hours in all weather conditions, often camping overnight to be the first through the door on Black Friday. Although this still occurs, online shopping allows customers to grab bargains at some of the biggest retailers without standing outside in the cold.

During Crypto Black Friday, some of the biggest crypto projects join in on the action and offer short-term promotions and marketing campaigns. Also, industry-leading blockchain research teams and education platforms offer Black Friday crypto deals and discounts. Not only do these offers help to drive sales, but they also help to support the adoption of crypto payments and encourage Web3 adoption.

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Bitcoin Black Friday 2022

During Bitcoin Black Friday, the Bitcoin community offers incentives for shoppers to use Bitcoin for the purchase of goods and services. The event often includes discounts for anyone who pays using Bitcoin, with well-known merchants and retailers participating globally. The range of goods and services available during the Bitcoin Black Friday event is broad and varied, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, and all kinds of gifts and merchandise. Furthermore, many expect record spending for Bitcoin purchases this year.

Blog - Bitcoin Black Friday

Bitcoin Black Friday is an opportunity for the Bitcoin community to come together and drive Bitcoin toward its intended utility; a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Crypto payments are essential to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, so the Bitcoin Black Friday event is one of the biggest opportunities of the year for the Bitcoin ecosystem to increase transaction volumes on the number-one blockchain.

Investors often focus on Bitcoin’s intraday price movements. However, many within the Bitcoin community consider Bitcoin’s social impact to be of far greater significance. Though Bitcoin's price fluctuations could affect shoppers during Bitcoin Black Friday, the event allows the Bitcoin community to showcase the growing infrastructure that underpins the decentralized web. Moreover, the Bitcoin Black Friday event is the ideal opportunity for shoppers to support the Web3 movement and help to spur mainstream crypto adoption.

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Black Friday Crypto Deals

So, which retailers offer Black Friday crypto deals? Firstly, you can get 50% off all courses at Moralis Academy this Black Friday. Plus, you can pay with crypto or fiat. Also, a growing number of merchants accept crypto payments in various forms. This trend is reflected in the increasing number of merchants and retailers participating in various Black Friday crypto deals. They offer a range of goods and services at discounted rates when you pay for them using crypto. Furthermore, many participating retailers extend their Black Friday crypto deals for multiple days, often beyond Cyber Monday.

Blog - Black Friday Crypto Deals

Big-name retailers are jumping on the bandwagon this year to celebrate the success of the crypto industry and promote the adoption of crypto payments. While some retailers accept crypto payments directly, others require customers to purchase gift cards using crypto to take advantage of any Black Friday crypto deals. One of the biggest participants this year is Amazon. Amazon users can claim 2% off purchases using a gift card, which can be bought using crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Also, GameStop customers get 3% off purchases using crypto gift cards.

Furthermore, Home Depot customers can get 3% off using gift cards, which can be purchased using crypto up to $750. If Home Depot doesn’t have what you need for your next home renovation or DIY project, you can get 5% off at the Lowe’s chain of stores. You can use Lowe's gift cards for online purchases with over 50 cryptocurrencies. Lastly, you can use gift cards at IKEA stores and online during Crypto Black Friday. Like many other retailers, IKEA allows customers to purchase crypto gift cards and save 3%.

Independent Stores

Several smaller chains and independent retailers accept crypto gift cards and direct crypto payments. Though the major retailers we discuss above play a significant role in promoting crypto adoption, it’s important to mention that many smaller retailers and merchants around the world accept crypto and encourage crypto payments year-round. With that in mind, if you make any purchases over this period, you could save money by paying with crypto or crypto gift cards.

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Bitcoin Deals

When looking for Bitcoin and crypto deals, you’ll likely find several big-name crypto companies offering discounts on subscriptions, Bitcoin artwork and merchandise, hardware wallets, event tickets, electronics, clothing, and more. While crypto gift cards provide a convenient solution for major retailers to accept crypto payments, you’ll find plenty of deals within the blockchain industry that allow you to pay with cryptocurrencies directly.

Blog - Crypto Black Friday

Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger is offering customers up to $30 worth of BTC during the Crypto Black Friday event. Ledger’s competitor, Trezor, is also offering up to 30% off hardware wallets and accessories. Bitcoin clothing manufacturer MtSox is running a 25% discount on Bitcoin socks, which you can register on-chain. Plus, you can get 21% off tickets to The Bitcoin Conference until Cyber Monday. Additionally, you can get up to 60% off and one month free on TradingView subscriptions. With so many Bitcoin Black Friday deals available, you’ll find an array of offers to suit different budgets.

Moreover, it’s important to be extra vigilant during this crypto spending bonanza. It’s essential to conduct your own research before making any crypto payments for goods and services. Also, watch out for phishing scams and emails from fake crypto companies looking to steal your funds.

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Crypto Black Friday Deals - Summary

There are more ways than ever before to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What was once considered an investment asset is now realizing its potential as a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system and alternative to fiat currencies. While many expect Crypto Black Friday to trigger a surge of online purchases, the event signifies more than a festive gold rush. The various Black Friday crypto deals this year from major retailers show how far the industry has come in terms of adoption.

Nonetheless, many investors see Bitcoin Black Friday as a catalyst for the next bull market. An increase in crypto trading volume will likely cause market volatility. However, it remains to be seen if it will cause a long-term trend reversal. Moreover, Bitcoin Black Friday is the biggest global annual event for crypto payment providers. So, if you want to support the Web3 ecosystem and promote crypto adoption, you might consider some of the Black Friday crypto deals available over the coming days! Whether you use direct blockchain payments or crypto gift cards, you can help to establish crypto as a tenable mainstream payment mechanism for future generations.

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