Blockchain is more or less on everybody’s lips nowadays. Surveys show that both Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world want to implement blockchain technology as soon as possible.

Demand for Ethereum programmers will skyrocket in the coming years

As a result, the demand for blockchain developers, and particularly developers proficient in Ethereum programming, is expected to skyrocket. Nevertheless, the demand for Ethereum programmers is already outstripping the supply of competent developers.

Because of this, it is currently a gold rush for Ethereum programmers. Moreover, this will likely become even more obvious in the coming years, as numerous Ethereum-related sectors are projected to continue their strong growth.

One sector in particular that is growing rapidly is the Ethereum ”DeFi” sector. DeFi refers to decentralized financial tools and applications that are built on a blockchain. As such, DeFi is increasingly hailed as creating a new financial paradigm.

Additionally, the DeFi sector has seen massive investments during the last few years. Consequently, having the knowledge and know-how to build Dapps and smart contracts is essential for developers who want to tap into this growing sector.

As you may already know, Ivan on Tech Academy is the best way to learn more about crypto, blockchain, smart contracts and programming, because you actually learn everything from scratch. Ivan on Tech Academy is, therefore, invaluable for those looking to understand the Ethereum DeFi field.

Ivan on Tech Academy’s Ethereum Smart Contract Programming courses

First and foremost, Ivan on Tech Academy’s Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 course is a great entry-level path for understanding the world of decentralized finance. As such, enrolling in this course allows people to deeply understand Ethereum smart contracts, through actually building something real. 

However, although this course is an excellent starting point, many of those who have taken it want to delve even deeper into the Ethereum developer ecosystem. This is why we are now releasing the more advanced Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201 course.

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This long-awaited upgrade to Ivan on Tech Academy’s Ethereum Smart Contract Programming track of courses introduces numerous new areas. 

For example, the Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201 course takes a deep-dive into the Ethereum ecosystem and explores everything from Web3, Truffle, Unit Testing and Dapps to Ethereum Oracle development.

Furthermore, this massive update comes with hours of new content, homework and assignments for aspiring developers. Notably, this course also utilizes the latest professional techniques and technologies that real-life developers actually use themselves when building projects.

Understand advanced concepts like Ethereum Oracle development

Before the course is over, participants will even be able to build their own projects. Additionally, the course also provides advice and extra help to anyone who needs it. Consequently, participants do not need to worry over getting stuck and not being able to finish the course.

As previously mentioned, the course will even teach Ethereum Oracle development. Ethereum Oracle development is a central field in the growing DeFi field, and is therefore crucial to know for any DeFi developer. 

Being able to understand Ethereum Oracle development highlights how proficient participants will be after finishing the course. The knowledge and practical experience gained throughout this course will set participants on a course towards mastering the Ethereum ecosystem.

Understanding how to build something is a critical step towards truly understanding it. Moreover, knowing how to actually develop Dapps and comprehending advanced concepts such as Ethereum Oracle development will allow course participants to take part of the decentralized finance revolution.