Many investors understand the significance of having an exit plan if they partake on any investment in hopes of large capital gains. The objective is relatively the same: never needing to back to work! However, could crypto be an exit plan towards financial freedom? The blockchain education platform Ivan on Tech Academy has numerous blockchain courses for anyone looking to learn more about crypto. However, this article takes an in-depth look into what many are afraid to ask. Can crypto be an exit plan towards financial freedom?

What is Financial Freedom?

As an investor, one can often wonder, what is the right exit plan? What is the goal? At least from a low and middle-class perspective, in my opinion, the end-goal should be financial freedom!

But what really is financial freedom? And most importantly, how does a graduate investor who just gained new money through investments, get there?

Great, undisputable authors such as Robert KiyosakiWarren BuffettBill Gates, all teach us from how to look at wealth in the ELITES’ perspectives, revealing secrets on how a simple Savings account would be a middle-class common mistake rather than putting your money to work for you as the rich-class would counter.

Successful investors have come forth with bits and pieces of financial information that we never were taught in schools throughout time. 

Robert Kiyosaki brought the psychology of money and the importance of utilizing the mind to help investors graduate from the common form of thinking and development to rich class awareness.

Dan Pena, the trillion-dollar man, got his day view during the late 80 crises and brought personal experiences of determination and consistency while having patience in a dying economy.

Mark Cuban discovered the world of computer tech and identified it as an inevitable part of the 21st century and made billions during the .com era. 

Opportunities for Wealth Accumulation

Opportunities for great accumulation of wealth emerge during times of crisis. Identify it. Brace it. And be as greedy investing as others coil in fear. This is where new multi-millionaires and billionaires are born, where the low/middle-class investor can have the golden opportunity of graduating to rich class.

Financial freedom for rich-class graduates who crossed over from middle-class boundaries and use capital-gains from their investments to maintain and grow wealth, quickly adapts a common vehicle of wealth perseverance in their long journey: THE FAMOUS +5% RULE OF THUMB

The 5% Thumb Rule

THE 5% THUMB RULE in relation to finance is often viewed by top investors as one, if not the most important part of a long formula to financial freedom. $650k DEPOSIT=$50K APY (MINIMUM)

Although different return rates exists, depending in the financial institution investors select to manage their financial needs, The principal idea behind this first stage of the formula helps investors ‘formulate an exit plan to maintain main capital and accrue interest to serve as an annual budget.

According to the formula above, the more millions that go into work, the larger the APY (annual percentage yield), the larger the investors’ salary cap.

Being a multi-millionaire and having different investment options facilitates the following steps to accomplishing true financial freedom. Investor’s APY creates a revolving cash-flow/income and is in this area where future expenses should be considered and carefully implemented. 

Some services include but not limited to: Lawyers and financial advisors’ fees, living expenses, and or anything an investor can identify that relates to his/her goal of true financial freedom.

Clearly, the road to financial freedom does not stop there. 

There is more.

Financial Freedom and Self-Dependence

In a deep-search study in hopes of finding more than just our common answers to the meaning of true financial freedom, one finds that it is not what people once had in mind. 

Financial freedom is far more complex to understand and apply than your average investor would want to believe. 

After three years of reading books by the greatest investors of our time and pursuing countless interviews with economic scholars and professors from different countries, I have noticed that although many used different vehicles of investments towards financial wealth and share different views and resources, they all seem to have something disturbingly in- common.

No one shared must-know knowledge that is much needed in our journey to financial freedom.

I discovered that to acquire FINANCIAL FREEDOM truly and utterly understand the true nature of its meaning, there’s no doubt that the rich-class investor must embark into the legal field to change citizen status to that of CREDITOR, and then, continue tax-free projects and investments that merits a new form of wealth that further enhances investors’ goals to FINANCIAL FREEDOM and SELF-DEPENDENCY. 

The Legal Field

It is no longer a secret that many cases of ownership in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA can fail. Ownership fails if a property owner falls delinquent in annual property taxes, permits, business taxes, and the list runs on.

This is also true if an investor owns an auto-vehicle (registration renewal, license renewables), or businesses, wages, or practically anything of value that generates back a positive return. 

Somehow, some way, or in some sort of form and fashion, the owner is essentially bounded to the government and will always run the risk of losing ownership.

A question struck me at once. How can the investor be the owner of anything only to disown it at not paying taxes?  

In the case of a home purchase. The buyer receives a bill of sale of purchase, records of title issuance are reported, archived and issued to respective counties of residence; however, if buyer/investor fails to pay and become delinquent , the investors’ assets will be subjected to a lien for non-payment, therefore forcing buyer/investor to sell asset in order to accommodate lien.  

Even-though avenues exists to prevent liens and foreclosures, I can not assert if it is entirely disregarded when it comes to defaulting in property taxes. 

Can the government lien investors’ PRIMARY home to non-payment? Certainly, albeit, I found articles to support that exempt owner from any lien if the property in question is owners’ primary home. Then again….Is this financial freedom? Not when an investor must pay for an asset or property, they already own…right? Not sure. It appears confusing. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I dug deeper.

The Uniform Commercial Code

By having legal experience and being part of the Osterback vs Dept. of Corrections civil rights litigation, I acquired comprehensive knowledge of the court system and their different jurisdictions and how to apply case research tactics during my research. 


Many books, court cases, and legal formalities later, I discovered hidden knowledge that investors must become familiar with and essential to an investor’s journey. ELITES call it, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).


Ucc-1 and Ucc-3 are international vehicles (forms) of many forms illustrated in the UCC filings that play an especially important part in separating contract separation agreement, known to investors as the certificate of live birth, which to no ones’ surprise, is not your simple regular birth certificate.

There are two, but only the certificate of live birth is the original, valid document that is accepted.

The UCC filing terminates financial relationships between investors and their government, who plays a hidden role as a third-party trust. 

These international instruments serves to immediately notify 3rd party associations/agencies/institutions/vendors of ownership, reinstatement to anything the investor righteously own…including yourself. 

The process herein frees the Debtors’ obligation to the government, in which case refers to the rich class investors who pays government taxes and follow state and/or federal guidelines, from handling their financial trust. 

Furthermore, not only does it grants the investor complete ownership, it also changes investors’ status to that of DEBTOR to CREDITOR; now solely responsible for all accrued debts and securities created from the moment the certificate of live birth was created into existence to present. Usually the date government agencies finalize investors’ social security and certificate of birth shortly after a person is born at hospital.

No more social security. Medicaid. No student aid from any type or kind of state or federal government agencies. In other words, investors become completely dependent and fall under a different jurisdiction altogether. One that leads to a road of sovereignty.  

After investor files accordingly through their proper venue and finally to the dept of state and governments’ registrar is updated with investors’ diligent process, investor will have true ownership of all deemed valuable to him/her.

No more taxes and running the risk of losing ownership due to debts governments have accumulated and pegged on investors’ behalf throughout the years. One of many benefits from investors’ new status quo.

 An official group to have followed the UCC process were THE NATIVE AMERICANS through the Indian civil rights act of 1968.

Once you enter this field and understand the complex rules and regulations of the UCC process filing(s), you will not only accomplish but understand true self-independence.

Agricultural Wealth 

After a successful entry into financial freedom, the investor will have the financial sector at work by applying their own methods towards regenerating income using the +5% rule of thumb.

Moreover, investors will also have covered the legal sector any investor must know and understand as a particularly important second step to establishing financial freedom and protecting your assets.

Food, water, medical care is few of many concerns that can be molded to a different type of wealth considering investors’ goal to financial freedom.

It is a proven fact that capitals(annuities) over time depreciate. A good example of this is the U.S. dollar in uncertain present times.

The idea of modifying investors’ investment towards farming, healthcare, and education is an important factor any investor should consider and arguably apply in their exit plan for themselves.

During a recession or grand depression, as the one we are currently experiencing, having achieved agricultural wealth by managing your own meat production, dairy products , and by implementing private health doctors and tutors designed within investors’ annual budget gives true meaning to financial freedom.

The concept entertains studies from different countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina where having money sometimes comes irrelevant when the merchandise for investors to purchase is not to be found in the markets. Today many countries are experiencing an economic collapse which can impact investors’ portfolio if not careful. 

High prices for meat and dairy products will rise from all-time highs due to inflation. More poverty. Deaths.

Civil unrest and not being able to travel safely towards a store can quickly make any investor grateful for strategizing a plan consisting of a different type of wealth. 

Financial Freedom

A financial global transfer of wealth looms near.

 Only one percent of the world is participating in capital gain opportunities and new start-ups.

Moderate investors to aggressive investors to institutional investors of all ages have at this point organized their portfolios, designing strategic investment opportunities according to their goals in what they perceive to be financial freedom. The question is:

  1. Does investor have the right exit plan in place?
  2. Does it follow the course towards investors ‘goal?
  3. Is it designed for true financial freedom?
  4. Does it exercise self-sufficiency?
  5. Does investor have a blue-print trust or will for future generations?

Financial freedom is often misinterpreted and applied to the idea of receiving capital-gain income from either real-state, mutual funds, bonds, commodities-market and living care-free. 

The reality that investors must recognize the burden of dealing with permits and taxes and fines from their governments their entire lives if investor does not exercise and tend to their status as a citizen/national internationally and how to operate under common law as defined in the United States’ constitution.

Another catalyst that sets forth difficulties in acquiring an investors‘ financial freedom is the implementation of the fedcoin

After researching and learning the fedcoin’s functionality and objectives, it can only be perceived to investors as a major threat to their financial freedom, considering governments will adopt their own national digital currency which exposes unlimited data of all transactions running through the ledger.  

Anonymous spending, a well-known benefit cash had always offered an investor, is now close to extinction. The same applies to investors’ privacies. 

No longer can an individual purchase anything without flashing and being accounted for in the fed’s ledger.

Every transaction will be monitored, decided upon, and executed once government confirms and validates the persons’ transaction. It is a nightmare in the brinks of adoption.

The question resurfaces… it persists: do you have the right exit plan to achieve financial freedom?