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Bitcoin 2022 Conference Full Recap

Did you miss out on this significant Bitcoin event of the year? Do not fear - this article offers a comprehensive Bitcoin 2022 conference recap! We'll cover all Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights throughout the entire four-day event.

For readers seeking a full Bitcoin 2022 conference recap – look no further! There are so many Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights to explore across the duration of the event! From the most successful “Industry Day” for the Bitcoin ecosystem in history to the world’s first Bitcoin music festival. Even for those attending the event, with so much content and activities co-occurring, the chances are that they, too, would like a Bitcoin 2022 conference recap! As such, we’re condensing as many Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights into one article as possible.

In this article, we will provide a full Bitcoin 2022 conference recap. Plus, we’ll explore the various Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights over each day of the event. This includes exploring “Industry Day”, “Pitch Day”, the “Main Conference” event, and “Sound Money Fest”! With so many Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights to choose from, we include a selection of content from each day. Also, we cover a Bitcoin 2022 conference recap of announcements made throughout the event. 

Before delving into our Bitcoin 2022 conference recap, let’s first answer the question, “what is the Bitcoin conference?”. For a primer on how the underlying technology of Bitcoin works, check out our Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals course. Moralis Academy is the number one place to kickstart your blockchain and Web3 education today! 

Bitcoin Conference Overview

The Bitcoin conference is the largest Bitcoin event held annually in the world. Accordingly, the conference offers an interactive and engaging space for Bitcoin enthusiasts to network, collaborate, and discover the latest updates in the industry. Each year the event has grown larger with thousands of attendees and crypto-related brands. Held at Miami Beach Convention Centre, those attending can enjoy more than 500,000 square feet of Bitcoin celebratory activities. Plus, the event is notorious for presenting industry-leading announcements, and the Bitcoin 2022 conference did not disappoint! 

Blog - Bitcoin 2022 Conference Logo

The Bitcoin 2022 conference is part of a much larger project, Bitcoin Week 2022. The overall aim is to propel society towards “hyperbitcoinization” through demonstration, education, and innovation around Bitcoin. That being said, out of the 50+ events that took place, the four-day Bitcoin 2022 conference was the biggest by far! 

Bitcoin 2022 Conference Highlights

Unlike previous years, Bitcoin 2022 was split over four days introducing two new novel aspects to the conference. To kick off the event, Bitcoin 2022 held Industry Day exclusively for Industry Pass holders catering to the more enterprising Bitcoin enthusiasts. Then, after two days of jam-packed content, keynotes, and speakers, Bitcoin 2022 closed with Sound Money Fest. Sound Money Fest is the world’s first Bitcoin music festival available as a single-event pass alongside being included within the general admission pass.

Blog - Bitcoin 2022 Conference Highlights and Recap

Throughout the four-day conference, events, chats, keynotes, and presentations were going on simultaneously in nine areas within the convention center. These areas are the “Genesis stage”, “Enterprise stage”, “Nakamoto stage”, “Nakamoto [Main] stage”, “Satoshi stage”, “Mining stage”, and “Open Source stage”. Plus, events were also happening at “The Deep Triangle” and “The Deep Sessions”.

In addition, the Bitcoin 2022 conference was an ideal place for leaders in the industry to make announcements. Historically, big brands in the crypto realm have launched new products or given conference attendees an exclusive update regarding product or business updates. After exploring the Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights below, we’ll recap some of the announcements not to be missed!

Bitcoin 2022 Conference Recap: Industry Day 

Branded as “the best Bitcoin B2B opportunity of 2022”, Industry Day opened Bitcoin 2022 exclusively for networking opportunities between startups and investors. In addition, legacy financial operatives could seek out information on how to incorporate Bitcoin and blockchain into existing business models. The entire first day of Bitcoin 2022 was primarily laying the foundations of the technology and educating newcomers to the industry. Industry Day also hosted “Pitch Day” in the afternoon, which we’ll discuss in detail below. 

Blog - Bitcoin 2022 Conference Recap

Renowned computer scientist, cryptographer, and founder of bitGold (a digital currency project in 1998 that didn’t take off), Nick Szabo helped launch the Bitcoin 2022 conference during Industry Day. Accordingly, Szabo gave a keynote presentation aptly discussing “pioneers of the years before Bitcoin”. Szabo was one of the hundreds of speakers and thousands of global industry leaders sharing insights at Bitcoin 2022.

Industry Day kickstarted the event with a buzz of innovation, valuable networking, and excitement for the future potential of Bitcoin. With more than 4,000 companies present, Industry Day was intricately designed for startups to institutions to connect with venture capitalists (VCs), investors, and top executives in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Enterprising Bitcoin enthusiasts enjoyed numerous events covering regulations, institutional-grade custody, and Bitcoin mining-centric keynotes. In addition, some content included examining the current financial infrastructure, how to incorporate Bitcoin, plus a designated developer stage.

For developers wanting to learn more about the differences between various blockchains, save our “Polkadot vs Cardano” article for later!

Pitch Day

For startups hoping to get a leg up in the crypto industry, Pitch Day was a golden opportunity. Potentially offering a breakthrough of a lifetime, Bitcoin 2022 hosted a platform for next-gen Bitcoin startups. Putting products and services to the test in front of 15 judges, Pitch Day intertwined with the activities throughout Industry Day. 

Blog - Bitcoin 2022 Conference Recap Pitch Day

The level of success and investments following this particular part of Bitcoin 2022 appears to be unknown across social media and other media outlets. Moreover, it is difficult to find out which startups were present at Pitch Day. However, according to Thriller Bitcoin, two startups selected for Pitch Day were Lightning Escrow and Stacker News. Lightning Escrow facilitates decentralized peer-to-peer exchange of any asset with no intermediaries. Stacker News operates similarly to “Hacker News” but pays its contributors and audience in Bitcoin. 

Founder of BTC Media, David Bailey, gave an enlivening and motivating welcome address to the thousands of attendees at Industry Day and Pitch Day. Judges of Bitcoin 2022 Pitch Day included the head of corporate development for Cash App (developed by Block, formerly Square), Rohit Dave, and Cassie Clifton, host of the “What’s Halvening” podcast.

Industry Day and Pitch Day took place the day before the main conference event commenced. This is so the investors and entrepreneurs would have ample time to network and connect with like-minded people throughout the day. Those with Bitcoin Whale Passes had exclusive, tailored meet and greet opportunities with high net worth individuals, VCs, and industry leaders. Holders of General Admissions Passes joined the Bitcoin 2022 conference the following day. 

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Bitcoin 2022 Conference: Highlights of the Main Event 

The Bitcoin 2022 Main Conference two-day event offered end-to-end, back-to-back content, including keynote speakers, fireside chats, announcements, and more! Readers who would like to watch some of the events can do so on YouTube, with official videos of each event on the Bitcoin Magazine channel. With hundreds of events taking place, it’s difficult to cover them all in one article! As such, we’ll provide a brief overview of some of the content from the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

Pomp and Novogratz: Fireside Chat

Crypto influencers and investment managers Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and Mike Novogratz welcomed the Bitcoin 2022 Main Conference event. Starting the fireside series at the Nakamoto [Main] stage early in the morning, attendees got to hear Novogratz’s Bitcoin history and the current social narrative around money.

The Future is Bright: Michael Saylor and Cathie Wood

Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, and Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, shared their opinions on the latest industry stance. Particularly, they discussed the future surrounding the political macroeconomic and regulatory environment while highlighting the excessive printing in existing capital markets. In addition, both Wood and Saylor shared their love and knowledge of Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain.

Jordan Peterson: Fireside Chat

Globally renowned professor, psychologist, and author Dr. Jordan Peterson made his debut appearance at the Bitcoin 2022 conference. With an engaging and thought-provoking Q&A session, Dr. Peterspm shared his thoughts on the challenges and repercussions of introducing a new global monetary system.

Fix the Money to Leave the World: Eric Weinstein

Theil Capital CEO, Eric Weinstein, was joined by the Israeli-American physicist, colleague, and friend, Professor Avi Loeb. In a philosophical-based discussion, Weinstein and Loeb debated quantum physics, life in space, and the anthropology of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 2022 Conference Recap: Sound Money Fest

The final day of Bitcoin 2022 celebrated the event with the world’s first Bitcoin music festival, Sound Money Fest. As one of many popular Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights, event attendees could choose a one-day pass to Sound Money Fest. Plus, this included access to the conference hall. Alternatively, Sound Money Fest was included in both Industry Day and General Admission tickets.

Sound Money Fest comprised three stages (the Nakamoto [Main] stage, Satoshi stage, and Genesis stage). Plus, all artists present had some form of skin in the game – be it crypto investments or their own music non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Some of the artists at Sound Money Fest included Steve Aoki, San Holo, and Deadmau5. Plus, Hannibal Buress closed the show on the Genesis stage. 

Blog - Sound Money Fest Book Launch - Bitcoin 2022 Conference Highlights

The Fiat Standard Book Launch

In March 2018, Saifedean Ammous released his first book, The Bitcoin Standard. Available in over 20 languages, The Bitcoin Standard explores the history of money and suggests a decentralized alternative to central banking. A hugely successful author and crypto advocate, Ammous launched his latest book, The Fiat Standard, at the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

As one of the top Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights on the last day of the event, Ammous’ book release occurred in the Bitcoin 2022 official store or the Bitcoin Bazaar marketplace. Shortly before midday, Ammous launched his new book before offering a sale and the opportunity to have a book signed in the store.

Bitcoin 2022 Conference Announcements Recap

Typical of every Bitcoin Conference is the industry announcements throughout the event. Furthermore, Bitcoin 2022 did certainly not disappoint with multiple industry announcements each day! For readers who were unable to attend the event but want the latest industry updates, we’ve got your back! Below, we’ll break down a Bitcoin 2022 conference recap of announcements.

Trezor Announcement

Leading hardware wallet brand Trezor announced a new partnership that would help onboard the following billion crypto users. According to company research, two reasons prevent mass adoption. The first is when to time the market, and the second is keeping assets safe. As such, a partnership with Swan Bitcoin International will allow users, regardless of technical ability, to automate payments to invest in Bitcoin. Moreover, it will use calculations based on individual budgets and will send funds straight to the hardware wallet! Announcement

Chase Perkins, founder and CEO of, gave the Bitcoin 2022 conference audience an insight into the project’s latest developments. Launching soon will be the Impervious Web3 browser – branded “your portal to the P2P internet. Running on top of the Bitcoin layer-2 solution, Lightning Network, Impervious revolutionizes peer-to-peer internet. By operating from lightning node to lightning node, there is no third-party intermediary for creating calls and documents. Plus, all activity is encrypted, and calls cost an average of less than 15 sats (under $0.01). The announcement included a live web call displaying and explaining how the technology works.

Curve Announcement

Founder and CEO of Curve, Shachar Bailick, announced an update to its product line to propel the crypto project into the mainstream masses. By introducing the physical Curve card, users can manage all financial activity from one app and card. As such, the Curve card acts as a debit card, credit card, loyalty card, and receipt storage, all in one place! Plus, the card offers a savvy feature for users who accidentally pay on the wrong card. They can simply go into the app and transfer funds from one card account to another. Also, the card is available virtually through Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay+. Alternatively, users wearing smartwatches can transact and manage funds using an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin device.

Blockstream and Tesla Announcement

Presented by Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Back, the successful private mining corporation announced a monumental partnership. In 2021, Blockstream partnered with Block to develop the world’s first solar and battery-powered Bitcoin mining rig. With plans to introduce multiple mining rig sites across the US, Blockstream has onboarded a new partner to assist in achieving this goal. Tesla Solar PV and Megapack will offer solar battery pack solutions, providing energy completely off-grid. Also, in cooperation with Block, the project will include a publicly accessible dashboard. This will offer full transparency regarding the financial operations and real-time mining parameters (e.g., hashrate, mining difficulty, etc.).

Robinhood Announcement

The chief product officer at Robinhood, Aparna Chennapragada, gave an exciting presentation about the retail investor app – Robinhood. Launched during Bitcoin 2022, the Bitcoin in-app wallet is now available. With over two million people on the waiting list, Robinhood users can seamlessly send and receive Bitcoin with other wallets. Another exciting announcement from Robinhood showing the company’s progression is the integration of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Coming soon, Robinhood users can interact with the Bitcoin blockchain via Lightning Network using the mobile app. As a result, this will drastically increase the transactions per second (TPS) and lower the overall transactional costs.

Blog - Strike Announcement Bitcoin 2022 Conference Highlights

Strike Announcement

Another project announcement was from the innovative payments company – Strike. CEO Jack Mallers educated the audience about the lack of innovation in the payments industry in over 50 years! Accordingly, Strike incorporates Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries between consumers and merchants. As a result, transaction confirmation takes seconds. Plus, merchants pay less than a third in fees compared to legacy payments providers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that large commerce and e-commerce investors are partnering with Strike. Partners include e-commerce giant Shopify, offering the option to pay using Lightning Network on any Shopify-powered online store. In addition, Blackhawk Network is one of Strike’s newest partners. 

Bitcoin 2022 Conference Recap – Summary

We hope you find our Bitcoin 2022 conference recap useful and inspiring. The largest Bitcoin event in the world is a unique opportunity for networking, meeting like-minded people, and education around this cutting-edge technology. Plus, as adoption and blockchain innovations continue each year, so too does the number of attendees, companies, and investments made at each annual Bitcoin conference. For crypto startup projects wanting to get ahead of the game, Industry Day and Pitch Day are the best places to be!

Blog - Bitcoin 2022 Bull

With so much content and activities available during the event, it is challenging to summarize the Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights. Introducing the world’s first Bitcoin music festival (Sound Money Fest) is definitely a highlight! Also, welcoming over 2,000 businesses to Industry Day, which is more than any other year, is arguably another highlight. Bitcoin 2022 was a platform for numerous brand announcements, a book launch, and insightful discussions between industry leaders. What are your favorite Bitcoin 2022 conference highlights?

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April 14, 2022

Written by IvanOnTech
April 14, 2022
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