In this article, we dive deep into the best blockchain courses for businesses available at Moralis Academy. Furthermore, we break down the list of courses that cater to beginners with no experience and entrepreneurs with some existing knowledge of Web3. Also, we look at some of the best blockchain courses for businesses within the supply chain management industry. Before that, let’s explore why businesses are beginning to look at introducing blockchain into their existing business model.

Why Are Businesses Using Blockchain?

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that uses a decentralized network of computers to verify, manage, and store digital transactions. This could be financial payments or data transactions. Traditional payment and transaction networks operate from a centralized authoritative party. As a result, such networks are vulnerable to both gatekeeper and single point of failure restrictions.

Conversely, decentralized networks can be fully open source and permissionless, operating via a global community collaboratively active 24/7. Also, instead of relying on human trust as with legacy infrastructure, blockchains operate using mathematics, cryptography, and computer science. Another favorable quality of blockchain is immutability. Every transaction is cryptographically entwined with the previous and following transaction in the network. Thus, blockchain offers the most highly secure record-keeping technology for businesses at present.

Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses at Moralis Academy

By offering near-instant transaction confirmation at a fraction of the cost of traditional services, blockchain is typically a profitable and time-saving solution. This technology can benefit any business that operates a payment or data transaction service. Ergo, blockchain benefits businesses from independent freelancers to large-scale corporations in nearly any industry.

Businesses can use aspects of blockchain in their business model in many different ways. For example, this could include creating a branded decentralized application (dapp) or cryptocurrency asset. Or, businesses can tokenize off-chain goods and services with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In addition, businesses may opt to incorporate blockchain in the backend of their business to optimize accounting and data management. Overall, blockchain business solutions seek to improve the time and cost inefficiencies of legacy financial infrastructure. Plus, introducing blockchain on the customer side of a business could prove a beneficial PR move. This would indicate to customers that a business is forward-thinking, adaptive, and favors the longevity of a brand. Also, accepting cryptocurrencies breaks any local currency barriers for international customers.

Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses: Basics 

If you’re a business owner with no technical expertise or experience, the following courses are a great place to start. These courses offer a valuable educational foundation for further learning about the value, application, and future of Web3. Plus, discover the best blockchain courses for businesses to understand on a non-technical level how Web3 technologies benefit businesses sector-wide.

Bitcoin Monetary Revolution 

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of blockchain, it is ideal to be familiar with its origin. The “Bitcoin Monetary Revolution” course is the best blockchain course for business owners with zero knowledge of blockchain, crypto, Web3, and decentralized technologies. This course walks students through the entire history of money, from bartering to gold, to cash, to digital transfers. Moreover, this course provides valuable insights into existing practices within the traditional finance industry, such as fractional-reserve banking. 

At the end of the course, students will be familiar with the key differences between currency and money. Also, students will understand on a deeper level the value propositions of Bitcoin and its ground-breaking underlying technology. The “Bitcoin Monetary Revolution” course is perfect for beginners. Students learn the properties of deflationary assets, how to hedge against inflation, and gain a solid foundation for future Web3 learning.

Blockchain & Bitcoin 101

The “Blockchain & Bitcoin 101” course was once the presentation given to business leaders worldwide by Moralis CEO, Ivan Liljeqvist, before founding Moralis Academy. As such, this is one of the best blockchain courses for businesses to grasp the technical basics of how blockchain works. Furthermore, catering to non-programming, non-technical Web3 enthusiasts, this course explores the foundational elements of blockchain networks. For example, students learn about Bitcoin mining, consensus mechanisms, and the differences between hard and soft forks.

Blockchain & Bitcoin 101 course is ideal for businesses looking for the best blockchain course!

As one of the best blockchain courses for businesses, the knowledge gained allows students to explore previously unimaginable decentralized opportunities. Plus, this course lays the perfect technical foundation for learning more about how different aspects of the blockchain industry work. If you’re an entrepreneur, developer, professional, or investor seeking a Web3 education, start with our “Blockchain & Bitcoin 101” course.

Ethereum 101

The “Ethereum 101” course is a perfect follow-up to the “Blockchain & Bitcoin 101” course. Accordingly, students can confidently identify the differences in the infrastructure and operations of the two industry-leading networks after completing both courses. Although prior knowledge of blockchain is not a prerequisite, it will enhance the capacity for learning with a baseline knowledge of blockchain operations. Moreover, the “Ethereum 101” course builds on the familiarity with blockchain infrastructure, introducing smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps).

Blog - Ethereum Fundamentals Course

Students understand how smart contracts, dapps, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) artistically intertwine after completion. Also, students will be familiar with different Ethereum token standards, gas, gwei, and the framework for the Web3 token economy. For non-technical business owners considering the idea of creating a token, dapp, or non-fungible token (NFT) asset into a business model, be sure to check out the “Ethereum 101” course first. 

Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses: Intermediate 

If you’re a business owner with an understanding of how blockchain works, these courses are a great next step. Accordingly, these courses are ideal for owners or managers looking to expand their knowledge base on how to integrate blockchain into their own business models. However, to make the most out of the following best blockchain courses for businesses, it is ideal to have a basic understanding of how blockchain operates. Thus, for business owners unsure, see our previous “Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses: Basics” section.

Blockchain Business Masterclass

For readers with some knowledge of Web3 technologies wanting to understand how blockchain can work for their individual business model, the “Blockchain Business Masterclass” course is a great place to start. As one of the best blockchain courses for businesses, students learn step by step how centralized IT systems operate. The course covers the backend, frontend, and full-stack operations and responsibilities. Then, students discover various methodologies for introducing decentralized aspects into these existing frameworks. Although this course is more technically heavy than the introductory courses, it does not require any programming knowledge or experience.

Blog - Blockchain Business Masterclass

The aim of the course is to provide students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to orchestrate, manage, and maximize blockchain development opportunities. This includes understanding how to work with developers, manage a team, deadlines, sales, and efficient communications. As such, this is an ideal course for business owners hoping to transition from Web3 enthusiasts to active Web3 participants.

Blockchain for Enterprise

Next on our list of “Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses” list is our “Blockchain for Enterprise” course. Whether you’re an enterprise employee or hoping to gain enterprise employment with Web3, this course can be an excellent springboard for doing so. It is ideal for students to be familiar with the basic concepts around blockchain. This includes value propositions, operational infrastructure, and potential utility and use cases. However, it is not necessary to have any programming skills. 

Blog - Blockchain for Enterprise Course (Baseline & Unibright)

The “Blockchain for Enterprise” course looks at how world-leading companies (think Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc.) use Baseline Protocol with Unibright. At the end of the course, students will be able to create their own enterprise dapps using the same technology. Upon completion, students will have gained highly in-demand niche skills, ideal for a career in blockchain development. Nevertheless, the course is a valuable option for business owners and management teams. Further, this course creates the opportunity for businesses to save the cost of hiring a developer if they can easily carry out the same tasks themselves.

Master Fintech Business

Our “Master Fintech Business” course is one of the best blockchain courses for businesses hoping to expand operations into financial technologies (fintech). Moreover, the course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to create and launch their own fintech business. This applies to entrepreneurs who have no experience with programming. Plus, this course explores regulatory procedures with open banking around the world applying to business owners regardless of geographic location. In this course, students learn about the six pillars of finance and the old and new technologies of the fintech space.

Blog - Master Fintech Business Course

The Moralis Academy “Master Fintech Business” course is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking interoperable partnerships and development with fintech companies. Further, the course provides an exhaustive list of tips for students to set up their own business. This includes designing a business model, listing jobs, prototyping, and funding management. 

Industry-Specific Blockchain Courses for Businesses

The following are the best blockchain courses for businesses with operations in supply chain management. Further, the courses provide insights into the multitude of blockchain benefits and a deep dive into industry-leading decentralized supply chain solutions. 

Supply Chains in Blockchain 

For businesses looking to optimize efficiencies in supply chain management, look no further. In this “Supply Chains in Blockchain” course, Moralis Academy offers valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges of integrating blockchain supply chain solutions. Here, students learn about the various types of cutting-edge supply chain technologies and the importance of interoperability. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). 

Blog - Supply Chains in Blockchain Course (Morpheus Network)

In particular, the course explores one of the world-leading blockchain supply chain solutions, Morpheus Network. Further, students get to explore a demo and existing use cases of the project. Moreover, the “Supply Chains in Blockchain” course is ideal for employees in supply chain management hoping to enhance existing operations. Also, the course is perfect for people hoping to achieve a career in Web3, with great international demand and remote-working opportunities.

OriginTrail 101

If you’re in supply chain management, some of the best relevant blockchain courses include the “OriginTrail 101” and “102” courses. In the “OriginTrail 101” course, students learn about how one of the top enterprise blockchain projects is being used in supply chain logistics for Fortune 500 companies. As such, students learn of industry use cases spanning fashion, food, and manufacturing, among others.

Blog - OriginTrail 101 Course

At the beginning of the course, students become familiar with the OriginTrail ecosystem and operational infrastructure. This includes exploring the native TRAC asset and its tokenomic design. Also, students learn about the significance of data integrity and the differences between blockchain interoperability and interconnectivity. This course is perfect for anyone in the supply chain industry hoping to optimize operations with Web3. Plus, the “OriginTrail 101” course lays a perfect foundation for continuing blockchain and supply chain education with the “OriginTrail 102” course.

OriginTrail 102

Ideal for graduates of the “OriginTrail 101” course, the Moralis Academy “OriginTrail 102” takes practical blockchain education to the next level. In this exciting course, students expand their existing understanding of the OriginTrail knowledge economy. In addition, students discover how easy it is to set up an OriginTrail node and connect to the OriginTrail decentralized network (ODN). Moreover, by the end of the course, students will be confident in publishing and viewing datasets on the network. 

Blog - OriginTrail Node Set up

As one of the best blockchain courses for businesses in supply chain management, our “OriginTrail 102” can save you valuable time and development costs. In turn, entrepreneurs and management teams can drastically improve operational efficiencies by investing in education rather than external developers. That said, for larger-scale projects, it’s always worth seeking third-party auditing and preventative security measures.

Exploring the Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses – Summary

No matter the industry you work in, your level of expertise, or your existing Web3 knowledge, Moralis Academy has the right course for you. We offer the best blockchain courses for businesses big and small, with varying levels of technical awareness. Also, Moralis Academy is a great place to learn how to start integrating blockchain into existing centralized IT systems today! We offer valuable educational courses so businesses can minimize their outgoings on blockchain consulting, advice, and information. Instead, business owners themselves can gain in-demand knowledge that will save costs around blockchain development in the long run.

Blog - Blockchain Business Courses with Moralis

Start with one of our “Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses: Basics” courses if you have no idea how blockchain works or why it exists. Or, if you’re familiar with blockchain but want to learn more about how it can benefit your personal business, see our “Best Blockchain Courses for Businesses: Intermediate” selection. Finally, for businesses involved with supply chains, see our “​​Industry-Specific Blockchain Courses for Businesses” section. Here, you’ll discover the world-leading blockchain projects facilitating decentralized supply chain management solutions.

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